Sandals Resorts Testimonials

Sandals Inn

This was our first visit ever to Jamaica.The warm temperatures were just what we needed (being from Pennsylvania). From the time we landed to the day we left, we were taken care of. The staff went above and beyond the call to make our stay at the Carlyle the best. Our room was great (on the third floor). Our butler, Nigy, made our stay one to remember, it being our 25th anniversary. The other two butlers, Danesha & Steven, were also great! The other staff, Lisa, Jevan, William, & Lij, were all great. We had so much fun and made so many friends there that we will be going back to the Carlyle. The reason why we picked the Sandals Carlyle was due to the size because my wife has trouble being around large crowds. The Sandals Montego Bay & the Royal Caribbean would have not worked for her, so the Carlyle worked very well for her. It was great to use the other two resorts for dining as well. We do agree that the public beach is somewhat loud at times, but the overall experience made it worthwhile. To sum it up, the price was worth the experience.

Timothy K, Tyrone, PA, USAVisited on July 2012