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Sandals Montego Bay

WOW, Where do I even start. When we got of the bus from the airport we felt like we were at home. I had been married for right at 7 years and never taken a honeymoon. So this was like our honeymoon. The room was beautiful and the view from my room was worth a million dollars. We had everything taken care of for us, we had two great butlers. We met a lot of great people, who by the end of the week became friends. It was sad to leave your friends and family you made behind. It was the BEST vacation we have ever had and we can't wait to come back next time. I don't know if I ever want to go anywhere else but Sandals Montego Bay. I truly can't say anything bad about my trip, but that it was not long enough. Thank you Sandals Montego Bay for making my vacation feel like a fairy tale. A dream come true. ONE LOVE

Brandon & Terri K, Aurora, CO, USAVisited on September 2013