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Sandals Royal Caribbean

From the moment we arrived in Montego Bay we were treated like royalty by the Sandals crew. We were guided to the Sandals Lounge at the airport as our bags were loaded into the free transport bus. Airport club had all sort of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages as well as snacks. Bus crew handed out ice cold towels to cool us off. We had a club-level (concierge) ocean front suite (Kensington Cove) which made checking-in a breeze. We were escorted (bag-free - delivered directly to room) to the Club (which is a centralized concierge office stocked with all sorts of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and snacks and is available via key entry to all club guests 24/7). Best Bar Tender - Rohan at the pool bar. Delicious drinks, great personality, entertaining bottle tricks Best Waitress - Kemesha Grant - sweetest personality, beyond attentive, professional, kind Best Club Employee - Kirkland Smith - made our experience so much more special! The personal attention, above and beyond efforts to make our stay perfect, assistance with everything and anything possible. Best Play Maker (Activity Director) - Suave - so much fun, personable, entertaining... cannot imagine having so much energy. Goes out of his way to relate to the guests you would think you were the most special person there, and it's done for everyone. It takes a special individual to hold this position. From singing on stage, to getting right in the mix of pool volley ball, Suave will be a big part of your Sandals Royal experience. Foods - Duck & Lamb in Le Jardinier - the chefs are awesome if you ask for off the menu dishes they are almost always accomodating. Green Curry dishes at Royal Thai Excursions - Deep Sea fishing directly from Sandals - we caught two huge Mahi Mahi, brought fish back to the resort and were treated to the most AMAZING (included) dishes from OUR fish by Chef Anthony! They came to our table, felt out our tastes and prepared 3 totally different Mahi Mahi dishes for our sampling. FANTASTIC!!! Scuba is included so it's not an excursion but I urge you to take advantage. If you aren't certified they will set you up for $80 on the property... worth it! Overall this trip at Sandals Royal was one of my favorite experiences from the beaches, to the drinks, to the AMAZING STAFF. I will be back and strongly encourage you to give them a chance.

Karen V, Brooklyn, NY, USAVisited on August 2015