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Search Results For: Rio

Aug 15 2013

Elite Traveler Sets Their Sights on Your Jamaican Villas

Sandals Resorts - Private Villas by Sandals & Beaches

Exploring new destinations is a part of every vacation, but truly immersing yourself in the beauty of an island’s people, surroundings and culture can only be found with a certain kind of escape. Elite Traveler magazine took a liking to an especially authentic vacation experience known as Your Jamaican Villas.

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Jan 08 2013

Rio Chico Villa named ?Unforgettable? by Huffington Post

Sandals Resorts - Private Villas by Sandals & Beaches

Hidden on the north coast of Ocho Rios, Jamaica, Huffington Post travel writer, Irene Levine, discovered the charm of Rio Chico?s 14-acre private tropical paradise, naming this breathtaking estate a top-rated destination for ?unforgettable villa vacations.?

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