Local Photography partners

From the sublime – a private island photo shoot complete with sparkling wine and beach hut backdrops – to
the fairytale of sinking your toes into the white sand while holding your other half close, our photographers can capture
your special wedding moments amid the exotically supreme locales of the Caribbean. Plan the wedding photo shoot of
your dreams with a partner photographer that fits your unique style.

Mark Winder

"I see my role as a wedding photographer as so much more than creating a chronicle of the day's events," says Mark Winder. "My mission is to create the first chapter in the story of my clients' new life together." A self-described hopeless romantic, Mark Winder is inspired by romance and passion. He is committed to telling your unique love story through pictures and cinematography in a way that will capture the essence of your wedding joy and live in the hearts of your family for generations to come.

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Dante Carrer

Dante has always had a distinct passion for photography. Peruse the photos taken of Dante throughout his childhood and you'll notice some sort of camera in his hands. Dante's style is playful, natural and relaxed... much like his personality. His passion for the craft drives him to constantly learn, improve and evolve. He has photographed in over 15 countries and his work has been published both locally and around the globe. "Photography is poetry written in a fraction of a second."

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Disha Fraser

Disha is an artist who is dedicated to capturing meaningful moments. Intrigued by the magic of Polaroid, she discovered her passion for art and photography at an early age. With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Art and over five years of experience as a professional photographer, she has portrayed many love stories through her camera. Influenced by both traditional and artistic photography, Disha has developed a romantic style of her own.

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