Local Photography partners

From the sublime – a private island photo shoot complete with sparkling wine and beach hut backdrops – to
the fairytale of sinking your toes into the white sand while holding your other half close, our photographers can capture
your special wedding moments amid the exotically supreme locales of the Caribbean. Plan the wedding photo shoot of
your dreams with a partner photographer that fits your unique style.

Daniel Marcion

The man behind the camera is young Daniel Marcion or "Mr. Belle Portwe", a Fashion, Fine Art & Wedding Photographer who began
his exploration into the world of photography to capture the most beautiful moments. He is determined to give everyone their "Belle
Portwe" (Known in local parlance Belle Portwe is translated literally into beautiful picture). His special love is portraiture as well as
fashion, but has pushed that love further into Wedding Belle, his wedding photography brand, where brides and grooms are
immortalized at their most glowing.
An exceptional and amazing artistic young Saint Lucian, Daniel's dedication to professionalism and putting out high quality work is
already developing a reputation that he strives every day to live up to. He captures his approach to his work in his own words: "My
work is who I am. It is an amazing feeling to capture people, nature, feelings and one's surroundings into a single frame, which then
tells a story of imagination, expression and life".

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