Romantic Seclusion At Sandals South Coast

This is the magical Jamaica that enthralled pirates as readily as a siren's song. And a place where the moon often rises before the sun sets, and where fishermen string their nets like silver necklaces across the mysterious Black River. Far to the north, tourists are crowding into bars and attractions. but here you can be alone with your thoughts, free to move at a slower pace in a place so beautiful... you may think you're dreaming. This sleepy paradise is just beginning to awaken, inviting you to discover its charms in a world where what's old is what's new.

Discover the Best of Jamaica

Discover the Untouched South Coast

The Jamaica that captivated Columbus still remains, pristine and perfect, along Jamaica's South Coast. This is the old Jamaica of gracious charm that inspired writers and artists. A place where the people have a friendly warmth that welcomes you and where you can move at a slower pace. So discover the undiscovered and discover yourself.

More Activities At Sandals South Coast

At sea or on land, we'll match your inclination for adventure as often as you wish, because everything is included in your vacation, even scuba diving. Swim, sail, snorkel, or just relax by the pool. Do some yoga or get in a workout at the state-of-the-art fitness center..or hit the court for a game of tennis. You really can do it all, because it's all included.