Disney Star Corbin Bleu and Wife Sasha Clements Honeymoon to Sandals Royal Caribbean's Over-the-Water Suites

October 04, 2017 - Sandals Resorts - Jamaica

You may remember Disney's hit movie, High School Musical? The Disney star Corbin Bleu and his wife recently celebrated their honeymoon with a one-year anniversary trip to Sandals Royal Caribbean's Over-the-Water Suites in Montego Bay, Jamaica. 

While some newlyweds opt for adventurous honeymoons, Bleu and Clements both agreed to put the phones away in their paradise of choice, the Sandals Royal Caribbean in Jamaica. The couple gave the scoop to The Knot on their romantic honeymoon getaway:

“They have a hammock that’s built in and there’s this back deck overlooking the ocean… All of the overwater suites come with butlers. They give you a phone and you’re able to turn your phones off. You use that phone and dial the one number on it for the food you want for the day. You want to go snorkeling? They’ll give you a ring.”

Sasha mentioned, “It was a great start to get into vacation mode. We were so tired after the craziness.”

Clements and Bleu also gave some insight on how to unplug: “Make a checklist before you go. That was one thing as we were packing and were putting everything together,” Bleu says. “Sasha almost forgot her Kindle, and all she wanted to do was sit on the beach and read. Make sure you bring everything you wanted to bring.”

Then, ditch the phones once you’re there. “Unplugging is so important. We decided to not look at our phones, and it was awesome,” Clements chimes in. “We read so much. Spent so much time with each other.” She pauses, “We’re on our phones so much than we realize each day, so unplugging was the best decision we made.”

Finally, relaxation doesn’t necessarily mean being sedentary the entire time. “I found this to be awesome, but work out!” Bleu suggests. “I know it’s still vacation, but we would wake up early and go to the gym. And then, we didn’t feel guilty about the rest.” Some of the activities included practicing yoga, interval training, and running on the treadmill. Of course, they also spent quality time at the spa.

The couple enjoyed their stay at Sandals, allowing themselves to do just a bit of everything - whether it was unplugging and spending quality time, or getting their workout in. 

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