Discover Lively Up Coffee at Sandals & Beaches Resorts

April 25, 2012 - Sandals Resorts - Dining

Sandals Resorts & Beaches Resorts are proud to serve Lively Up Coffee at all of our locations throughout the Caribbean. Click to watch the video below to join Sandals Resorts Culinary Ambassador Chef Walter Staib discover where Lively Up Coffee comes from, and just how it travels from Jamaica's famous Blue Mountains to your coffee mug.

Chef Staib travels to Jamaica to visit Richard Sharp high up in the Blue Mountains at Clifton Mount Estate. Since the 18th Century, here beans have been planted, picked, pulped, dried, cupped and roasted to perfection. Sandals Resorts & Beaches Resorts guests can enjoy this perfect cup of Lively Up Coffee at all of our locations, and visit our gift shop to purchase their own Lively Up Coffee to bring a taste of Jamaica's Blue Mountains home to their family & friends.

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