Sandals Gourmet Cuisine Satisfies Even the Most Serious Foodies

May 01, 2012 - Sandals Resorts - Dining

When you think of Jamaican cuisine, many colors, textures and tastes come to mind: spicy, sweet, tangy – but above all, fresh.

At Sandals, we know that our guests travel to a destination to experience a taste of the islands.  From luxury accommodations to weekly street parties, we offer an authentic island experience.  And a huge part of that experience is the cuisine. 

So we were thrilled when Canadian writer and self-proclaimed “foodie” Allison Tibaldi recently visited Sandals Whitehouse, on Jamaica’s pristine south coast, to learn about Jamaican cuisine. Growing up next to Jamaican neighbors, Allison has had a longstanding love affair with the tastes of Jamaica.  And she was happily surprised to find those authentic tastes & smells during her stay.  She writes:

"I was finally able to marry the ease of the all-inclusive getaway with my foodie proclivities at Sandals Whitehouse. To be frank, my expectations were low, colored by my past experiences of bland buffets and low-end cocktails that these resorts usually serve. So I was pleasantly surprised to have the opportunity to experience the traditional taste of the island at Sandals Whitehouse. "

Her favorites included the traditional Jamaican dish ackee & saltfish and the high-quality, aged sipping rums from El Dorado available to enhance your culinary experience. 

The culinary journey at Sandals starts with our partnerships with local farmers and fisherman to offer the freshest ingredients and culminates with the expertise of our culinary ambassador, Chef Walter Staib, who spent years studying the techniques and history of Jamaican cooking and works to share that expertise with guests each day, in the form of delicious meals.   

You can read Alison’s full story here and watch the video below to see Chef Staib in action at Sandals Whitehouse and learn how to make one of the resort’s signature dishes at home.


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