Mama Mia! Sandals Royal Caribbean Gets A Taste of Bella Napoli

July 31, 2012 - Sandals Resorts - Dining

The long anticipated pizzeria at Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort & Private Island is officially open for business. Bella Napoli is located next to the resort’s already famous Mariner Seaside Bar & Grill and is a stone’s throw away from the breathtaking view of the Caribbean Sea.  The wood-fired pizzas and al fresco dining will make you feel like you’re in a historic Italian Piazza.


With beautiful marble tables, umbrellas and seating capacity for between 45-50 persons, the casual ambiance of Bella Napoli at Sandals Royal Caribbean invites you to soak up the sights and sounds of the sea while attentive Sandals staff sees to your every need.  Or, you can stop in for a light-hearted conversation with the Chef and his team and watch as your made-to-order pizza emerges from a top-of-the-line Wood Stone oven; flavorful aroma included!


Chef Jermaine ‘Gino’ Tomlin is Bella Napoli’s resident pizza guru.  Chef Gino was trained in the art of pizza making by Italian Master Chef Ignazio Podda, and has successfully opened four pizzerias for Sandals Resorts.  Chef Gino emphasizes the importance of preparing made-to-order pizzas that consistently feature that sought-after freshness and great taste that true pizza aficionados know and love.


Our expertly prepared, made-to-order pizzas are some of the tastiest pies you’ll find west of Naples.  The menu at Bella Napoli features some of the most popular pizzas offered at throughout Sandals Resorts and Beaches Resorts like the Margherita, Calabrese and Hawaiian pizzas, as well as two new options created by Chef Gino to tantalize your taste buds:

  • The Jerk Chicken Pizza – with tomato slices, diced jerk chicken and mozzarella cheese
  • The Dolce (dessert) Pizza – with ripe banana and dark chocolate


Chef Gino continues to develop the menu at Bella Napoli and will expand its offerings to include bread sticks, gluten free pizza, and a whole wheat option for health conscious diners. 


Bella Napoli is open every day from 11am to 6pm and becomes the eighth restaurant option provided for guests at Sandals Royal Caribbean.  And with Sandals Exclusive “Stay at 1 – Play at 3” Exchange Program you can “Dine Around” at our two other neighboring Sandals resorts giving you now 19 restaurant options in Montego Bay, Jamaica with resort transfers included!


On your next visit to Sandals Royal Caribbean, be sure to stop by Bella Napoli for one of Chef Gino’s tasty gourmet pies and we’re sure you’ll walk out of there exclaiming…”BELLISSIMO!


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