Sandals Select Rewards FAQs

August 28, 2012 - Sandals Resorts - Sandals Select

We know that our members have burning questions about their rewards. Here are just a few of them:

Q: Is it possible to book several rooms under my membership and have all the points assigned to my account?

A: The Primary Member may earn points and nights for up to two (2) rooms within each calendar year in which they are not an occupant. The Primary Member must provide their membership number at the time of booking. We will not credit any account that requests credit for stays after the stay is taken. The Primary Member must be 100% financially responsible for said rooms and provide the following information: Proof that they paid for the room by submitting a copy of their credit card statement or cancelled check. A signed letter from the adult guests who stayed in the room with a copy of their Driver's License or the letter must be notarized.

Q: If I join today, will I be credited with points from all past stays?

A: Points may only be earned on past stays where those stays were completed within 120 days of the date of your enrollment. In addition, on second stays or higher -Sandals Select members have 12 months from the check out date of the resort in question to apply for adjustments and retroactive points.

Q: How do I update my Sandals Select Member information (address, phone number, e-mail, etc.)?

A: There are several ways to update your information and ensure that your records are current. You may access your account online and make appropriate corrections yourself; or you may email us at with any changes, or call 1-800-NOW-4SSG to speak to a Sandals Select agent.

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