Share Your Love Story

April 05, 2013 - Sandals Resorts - Weddings & Honeymoons

Every couple has their own unique love story to share with the world, which is why Sandals Resorts has partnered with Amoro, the most romantic jeweler, to provide all of you lovebirds with a special way to tell your story and preserve memories for a lifetime. 

Amoro for Sandals has now introduced the Love Story Charm Bracelets, for you to customize with unique charms that tell your very own love story. You can select anything from a charm which represents your first kiss to a charm with a significant date such as your anniversary.  All of the charms combined create a remarkable bracelet you can look at in the years to come to remind you of all the special moments you and your sweetie shared together.

 In addition to traditional wedding charms, you can add a little taste of the Caribbean to your bracelet with some special Sandals inspired charms including flip-flops (one for each island), palm trees and so much more. The Love Story Charm Bracelet is the perfect way   to keep a little memento of your destination WeddingMoon® at Sandals Resorts as well as all the memories that have been created on your journey as a couple. 

To create your very own Love Story Charm Bracelet visit Don’t forget to take advantage of the great deals available for your very first purchase!


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