LIKE Sandals on Facebook & We Will Fire Our CEO

August 08, 2013 - Sandals Resorts - CEO

Sandals Resorts' CEO Adam Stewart is turning up the heat with a personal “250,000 Likes” Facebook Challenge. If Sandals Resorts fanscan generate a total of 250,000 “Likes” for the Sandals Resorts Facebook page, we will FIRE the CEO…literally!  Adam has pledged to thank Sandals fans and demonstrate his loyalty by ZIPLINING THROUGH FIRE!

In just over a year’s time, the Sandals Resorts Facebook has generated approximately 155,000 Likes, engaging fans with all things Sandals, from memorable stories and picturesque moments, to the latest news and Caribbean cocktail recipes.  But now we want to share the good timeswith even more people.  For those of you that have been to Sandals, you know what we are talking about, so please help us spread the word and help us get more likes.

What is causing this CEO, father and adventure enthusiast to engage upon this daredevil feat?  Because, in his own words, “for Sandals, anything is possible!”  Adam embodies everything the company is about and what he strives to provide to guests, expressing “Sandals represents fun, getting out there, and having the best time of your life…”

So in true Sandals fashion, Adam Stewart is ready to take on a challenge and take things to the next level.  That means if you can help Sandals Resorts reach 250,000 Likes, Adam will soar 1,000 feet high above the Jamaican forest and zipline through a ring of fire!   Please help us FIRE THE CEO and when we reach our goal, stay tuned on Facebook for the video of his death-defying stunt.

Don’t believe us? Click below and hear it from the CEO himself.

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