“Rasta” Restoration Complete thanks to Sandals and ATL

February 11, 2015 - Sandals Resorts - Jamaica

Think of the best birthday gift you’ve ever gotten. Now imagine having that same gift in pristine condition more than 30 years later – unbelievable, right? Well, Sandals Resorts is in the business of making the unimaginable a reality, and this time they called on some assistance from ATL Automotive to go above and beyond! Sandals and ATL recently undertook the “Rasta” restoration of Bob Marley’s famed matte-blue 1977 Land Rover – just in time for the icon’s 70th birthday. The Land Rover was completely restored from clutch to chassis, complete with an interior custom-designed by Bob Marley’s first born daughter and internationally acclaimed fashion designer, Cedella.

With a true Rasta touch and stamp of approval from the Marley clan, this “rasta-ration” was the perfect gift to one of Jamaica’s greatest icons and a true return to glory for one of the most famous vehicles in automotive history. Reuniting the Marley family with the same vehicle they rode around in as children was a true One Love moment – and when it comes to love, nobody does it quite like Sandals.

Take a look at the entire “rasta-ration” process below from start to finish in an exclusive documentary!

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