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Scuba Diving AT Sandals Resorts

Only Sandals includes unlimited diving and the Caribbean's most comprehensive resort diving program. Even if you've never dived before, our introductory resort program will have you experiencing a whole new underwater world by the very next day – with all the instruction and equipment needed for dives up to 40 feet. If you're already a scuba enthusiast, you can enjoy up to two dives daily. And you have the option of choosing many other unforgettable dive experiences, such as private dives or night dives. Only Sandals takes adventure to such depths of excitement.


Sandals has been named
by PADI amongst the Top 5 Diving Operations in North and South America, having PADI Certified
over 50K guests.

The Caribbean's Most Comprehensive Scuba program

Sandals' highly experienced PADI® certified staff works in partnership with DAN® to bring you unparalleled dive experiences at exotic sites. Whether you're a novice or expert, you will enjoy everything from spectacular reefs and shipwrecks to drop-offs and underwater caves.

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New to Diving

Dive into a new adventure

If you're not certified and would like to scuba for the first time, we offer a resort program that once passed, will allow one tank dive (of approx. 40 ft) per day during your stay at any Sandals Resorts.

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Certified Divers

Experience two dives a day

PADI-certified staff; first-rate, custom-built boats; partnership with DAN; and thrilling slate of dive sites all add up to an amazing diving experience.

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Unlimited Scuba Diving Experience

Top-of-the-Line Equipment

Scuba diving at Sandals truly offers you the very best of the best in equipment, staff and unbelievable dive sites-all included!

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The Sandals Fleet

The Sandals fleet of specially designed, Twin Diesel Newton Boats, provides you with everything you need for a spectacular diving experience.

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The Caribbean's most beautiful Dive Sites

Sandals Diving Destinations in the Caribbean