Cable Beach In Nassau: Picture Perfect and Unforgettable

Just before landing in The Bahamas for the vacation of a lifetime you’ll catch a glimpse of the island’s mesmerizing beaches framed with gorgeous white sand and fringed with greenery. This will be your first inkling that your vacation in this territory that boasts hundreds of islands and cays truly will be something special. If you’re lucky, one of the beaches you’ll spot will be Cable Beach which is one of the best beaches in Nassau.

Of the many gorgeous beaches in The Bahamas, Cable Beach is known and loved for its easy access, calm seas, clear turquoise waters, and peaceful ambiance. This beach is big enough (2.5 miles) that you can choose a lively spot for socializing, or somewhere more on the quiet end where you can just appreciate the sound of the waves crashing on the shore while unwinding with good company.

Whatever type of beach experience you’re looking for, it won’t be hard for Cable Beach to make it a reality.

Your dream getaway – Cable Beach

When the topic of beaches in Nassau comes up Cable Beach is often one of the first mentioned. This beach is known and loved for its mesmerizing turquoise waters and irresistibly soft sands, and it is one of the more popular beaches in The Bahamas.

This beach is located on New Providence Island where the capital Nassau is located and about a 12-minute drive from the airport and a 14-minute drive in the opposite direction to downtown. Cable Beach is free to access and the perfect backdrop for your vacation photos.

Here’s why:

There's always a place to sit

Cable Beach is spacious and there’s always somewhere you can set up for a chill day on the beach. Whether you decide to rent out a beach chair (or use one provided by your resort) or lay out your beach towel to soak in some rays, you’ll always be able to find a comfortable space to spend your beach day.

Insider tip: From Cable Beach, guests of Sandals Royal Bahamian have access to a private offshore island that they can get to via a ferry. On this island there are two private beaches with great snorkeling right off the shore, a Beach Club with swimming pool, a swim-up bar, a whirlpool, and a seafood restaurant. You’ll also find over-the-water hammocks, private cabanas, and a Zen Garden with a fire pit all of which are perfect for a couple’s day out. The ferry comes around every 15 minutes and is included.

Some of the best resorts are located on Cable Beach

If convenience is important to you when planning a beach day then Cable Beach might be just what you’re looking for. As this beach is in the ‘hotel district of Nassau’ it is not hard to find restaurants, bars, lounges and resorts near the beach. Cable Beach is particularly well known for its amazing dining opportunities and it’s worth taking some time to try one of the restaurants in this area while in The Bahamas. Not sure what to order? Here are 32 popular foods and drinks to try in The Bahamas that won’t be hard to find in Nassau.

Picture: Sandals' Gordon's on the Pier restaurant is located right on Nassau's Cable Beach. The best part? For guests of Sandals Royal Bahamian this restaurant is always included, always unlimited - even the drinks!

Cable Beach is a safe beach

Cable Beach’s shallow and calm waters make it a top choice for families vacationing in The Bahamas. Not only are the waters here safe for children, but they’re also a good starting point for newbie snorkelers or beach goers who want to try some new water sports. Family-friendly, safe and fun, just about anyone can find something to do that they like on Cable Beach.

Insider tip: Cable Beach is one of the 10 best snorkeling spots in Nassau. If you’ll be snorkeling for the first time, here are some snorkeling tips for beginners. Guests of Sandals have free access to clean, top-of-the-line snorkeling gear.

It’s just a short drive from other Nassau must-sees

Cable Beach is located midway along the north coast of the island, which is perfect as it’s far away enough from the cruise port to be not overrun by other travelers, but still easy enough to get to from other attractions and points of interest.

Cable beach is located on a 14-minute drive from Nassau’s historic city center, where you’ll find the Queen’s Staircase, Fort Charlotte and the Pirate’s of Nassau museum.

Insider tip: Before heading out to Cable Beach, get yourself some cold Pirate Republic beers at a liquor store nearby. It’s Nassau’s local craft beer and a favorite amongst locals and visitors!

Calling it a day after some time in the sun? Guests of Sandals Royal Bahamian can enjoy a wonderful dinner over the Cable Beach waters at ‘Gordon’s on the Pier’, one of the 11 restaurants located on property at this all-inclusive resort. Afterwards there’s time to have a drink and enjoy some live music. Not a guest at Sandals? End the day with a drink at the Sky Bar and enjoy the view!

Things to do at Cable Beach

There’s a lot to love about Cable Beach, and one of those things is that there’s always something to get up to. From finding a great restaurant to enjoy authentic Bahamian cuisine, to simply dipping into one of the bluest waters you’ve ever seen, your beach day on Cable Beach is sure to be memorable. And, while you’re planning your Cable Beach getaway, you can also get familiar with some of the things The Bahamas is known for.

Water sports at Cable Beach includes windsurfing, kayaking, and paddle boarding. If you want you can also ride around in a water trike or rent out a jet ski. Snorkeling is another option at Cable Beach and some of the marine life you just might come across are green sea turtles which love swimming near shore.

Insider tip: If you’re staying at a Sandals Royal Bahamian on Cable Beach you can enjoy an ocean of water sports and professional instructions for free. It’s included in your stay!

The best time to visit Cable Beach

Cable Beach is fun to visit year round. Peak season is from mid-December until April, but you’ll find that the best beach weather in The Bahamas will be from March until June when it gets a bit warmer. In March and April you’ll find the average daytime temperature to be around 82 °F (or 28 °C). By the time May comes around the corner there’ll be an uplift to 86 °F (or 30 °C).

Enjoy Cable Beach in Nassau!

Picture: All-inclusive resort Sandals Royal Bahamian is located on Cable Beach and offers its guests access to an exotic private island just off the shore.

A day at Cable Beach is one of the must-do’s when you travel to Nassau. Get active and participate in the water sports this beach offers, or just lounge around on the soft white sand: whatever you do, you’ll be blown away by the turquoise color of the water when the sun is shining!

Want to enjoy unlimited free cocktails while lounging on this beach? In this area you’ll find some of the best all-inclusive resorts in The Bahamas.

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