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Destination Wedding FAQs

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! We are delighted to host your special day at Sandals Resorts. Here you’ll find our most frequently asked questions about weddings at Sandals.

  • What are the wedding sites on property?

    Most of our resorts offer a beach, a garden and a gazebo location. The location is chosen at the time of your on-resort consultation. Visit our website to view samples of our wedding locations.

  • What flavors are available for the wedding cake?

    You will have a choice of vanilla, chocolate, Caribbean fruit, and red velvet.

  • When will I receive my marriage certificate?

    Your marriage certificate will be sent by the following, depending on the island, Jamaica: 6‐8 weeks, Antigua: 4‐6 weeks, Bahamas: 8‐10 weeks, Saint Lucia: 6-8 weeks, Grenada 2-3 weeks, Barbados 2-4 weeks, Curacao 4-6 weeks

  • What is the best way to travel with a wedding dress?

    Any arrangement for transportation of a wedding dress should be discussed directly with your airline carrier.

  • Is there Tuxedo rental available in the island?

    Unfortunately, we do not offer tuxedo rentals on resort; however some resorts have contact information for local formalwear providers (varies by island). Keep in mind, due to the Caribbean climates, you may want to consider a lightweight alternative for the groom.

  • Who will assist me with my wedding once I arrive?

    The Resort Wedding Team will be anxious to meet you and will be instrumental in making your dream day a reality.

  • Can I mail the government fee?

    All fees can be mailed as long as the wedding confirmation number is placed with the payment. Keep in mind that 50% of the fee must be received 7 days from the date you booked the wedding to avoid booking cancellation and the entire balance is due 60 days prior to arrival. Government fees are not included: $95 USD for weddings in Jamaica, $288 USD for weddings in Antigua, $310 USD for weddings in the Bahamas, $270 USD for weddings in Saint Lucia, $180 USD in Grenada, $325 USD in Barbados, and $500 USD in Curaçao (for Legal), $400 USD in Curaçao (for Symbolic).                        

    *Symbolic only available in Curacao

  • When do I finalize my wedding details?

    Details should be finalized 60 days prior to arrival; your Wedding Planner will guide you through this process.

  • What are “Standard Inclusions”

    • 1 Photographer
    • Editing and Post Production of purchased images
    • Slideshow set to music with up to 40 purchased images
    • Purchased image proofs delivered on property
    • Digital delivery of final images
  • Will we be able to select and correspond with our wedding photographer before our arrival?

    Due to the nature of our on-property operations it is not possible to choose your photographer or correspond with him/her prior to your arrival on property. Your pre-wedding planner will be addressing all your queries prior to your arrival. Once on site, you will   have the opportunity to meet and get to know your assigned photographer during your wedding consultation. All your questions, concerns and requests will be addressed at that point.

  • When will we view our wedding photos?

    The on-property Wedding Coordinator will work with you and the Photoshop to schedule a viewing appointment at a time convenient to you, usually the day after the wedding.

  • How many images are in the slideshow and what is the format of delivery?

    Your included slideshow is comprised of up to 40 images (It can be less depending on how many you purchased) and set to music selected by our editing team. Within ten (10) business days of your photo viewing session on property you will receive a high resolution (1080p) MP4 file.

  • Do we have input on the layout of our photo album before it is produced and shipped?

    A link will be sent to you for approval and you will have the opportunity to request changes and edits at that point. The finished book or books will not be sent for production until your final edits have been made and you send your approval.

  • How long does it take to receive the link to my finished Photobook or Album?

    The standard design timeline for a wedding or vacation photo book package with basic edits is 2-3 weeks excluding weekends, holidays and image edit special request.

    • August to March - 2 to 3 weeks (standard)
    • April to July - 4 to 6 weeks (peak season)
  • Is my wedding legal in the country where I reside?

    Yes, the marriage is a legally binding marriage. You should inquire with your local government regarding name change procedures, etc.

  • Can I get married at a different resort than where I am staying?

    It is required that you get married at the same resort where you are staying. The only exception is when using the Frank Warren Chapel at Sandals Montego Bay, which you can use if you are a guest at Sandals Royal Caribbean.

  • Is there a fee for the use of a personal wedding planner?

    In line with our Luxury Included® philosophy, every couple has their own personal Wedding Entourage, including a wedding planning team, as part of the complimentary wedding inclusions.

  • What are the different types of ceremonies I can choose from for my wedding?

    A non-denominational minister presides over our wedding ceremonies, but if you wish to inquire about having a non-religious ceremony or religious ceremony (an additional cost may apply) please consult with your wedding planner. Symbolic ceremony only available in Curacao (at an additional cost).

  • Are there any special inclusions for weddings with a group of rooms?

    Sandals offers a number of exclusive Bells and Whistles for wedding parties that book five rooms or more. Please contact our Groups Department at 1-800-327-1991 Ext. 46172 or visit our inclusions section to view more information.

  • Can I bring down my own wedding décor items and favors?

    Yes you can, however we would not recommend this as there are custom laws that will require you to pay taxes and duties on these items or they might be confiscated if they are deemed as commercial items. If you decide to take items down with you please note that there is an applicable setup fee. Please speak with your wedding planner for full details.

  • Are medical or blood tests required to get married?

    No, the islands of Jamaica, Antigua, Bahamas, Saint Lucia, Grenada, Barbados, and Curacao do not require a medical or blood test to be performed.

  • How do we decide which Image package we should purchase?

    A. The best way to estimate it is to carefully consider the following:

    1. The size of your wedding party
    2. The scope of photography coverage needed for the day (e.g. First Look session, spa coverage, getting ready shots, family and group portraits)
    3. The order of events for the day and specific requests (compare length of time with photography time booked in your package)


  • How many images will be taken at my wedding?

    The number of images taken at your wedding will vary significantly depending on multiple factors: The size and scope of the event, the number of guests, more than one photographer, pre–ceremony and spa shots and the number of hours of coverage requested. A simple wedding with just a bride and groom in attendance and two hours of coverage will normally result in somewhere between 150-250 images.

  • How long is our wedding photographer assigned to our wedding?

    Packages for 25, 50 & 75 images come with two (2) hours of continuous coverage. Packages for 100+ images come with three (3) hours of continuous coverage. Additional hours can be purchased according to your needs.

  • Can our family and friends who traveled with us also purchase wedding photos?

    Yes, they can. Just have them visit the photo shop after you have completed your viewing.

  • What is the difference between post production and “photoshopping”?

    Post production: Finished images go through full Adobe Lightroom post production which includes color & exposure correction, cropping & straightening, addition of filters & effects and cleaning.

    Photoshopping: Adobe Photoshop is used to make significant changes to images to include photo manipulation. For example: Removal of bra straps from an image, removal of a distracting element in the background of a picture, removal of seaweed on a beach shot, etc. Guests receive 8 free images Photoshopped once their package includes a book. Any additional images to be photoshopped will attract a charge of $15 per image.