The Caribbean As Your Witness: Locally Inspired Destination Weddings

Every wedding deserves the royal treatment.

Welcome to a realm where décor, ceremony venues, and reception setups are not just beautiful but inspired by the allure of various destinations. Embark on a journey with us as we explore five distinctive destination wedding inspirations curated under different themes: Curaçao Desert Blooms, Azure Tides, Paradise Bloom, Bahamian Seashells, and Blissful Beach. Each theme unfolds a unique setting, encapsulating the essence of its location while ensuring a timeless and enchanting experience. From the desert's rustic charm to the vibrant hues of Caribbean seas, each inspiration promises an unforgettable celebration.

Inspired by: Curaçao Desert Blooms

The terrain

Situated on 3,000 square-acres of Santa Barbara Estate, Sandals Royal Curaçao emphasizes the island’s natural beauty where desert meets ocean.

Along Dos Awa Beach

Set upon Dos Awa Beach, the earthy tones of this inspiration play into the soft sands. Incorporating a wooden structure and chairs — all adorned in white, billowing fabric, cream florals, and greenery — this chic, rustic look sets the scene for an intimate ceremony.

For Mother Earth

Tying in the unique flora of the desert, potted cacti and succulents make up the decor landscape. Due to their longevity, these bits of greenery are environmentally friendly and can be reused time and time again!

Timeless textures

Marked by a long captain’s table, this desert-worthy reception features a soft sage table runner, an array of succulents, and rattan place mats. An elegant color palette of green, plum, wood, and cream tones further set the dreamy scene.

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Inspired by: Azure Tides

Intimate appeal

Hosted on Barefoot Cay Island — a private stretch of land at Sandals Royal Bahamian — this look is inspired by Azure Tides and features lime and turquoise decor elements that play up the hues of the Caribbean Sea. Embracing the laidback spirit of the islands, guests are invited to kick off their shoes and enjoy the very best of the beach.

Locally Inspired Destination Weddings 2

Inspired by: Paradise Bloom

A touch of tradition

Want to keep things simple and chic on the big day? This look inspired by Paradise Bloom presents a fresh green and white color palette with a modern-day tropical twist.

Classically chic at the beach

Framed by two egg vases and a structure draped in white fabric that catches the sea breeze, this ceremony embraces the classics. To accent the space, white cymbidium orchids and monstera leaves compliment an arrangement of gold fanfare chairs.

Loco for the coco

When cocktail hour calls, the fun is just beginning! Nestled into the Gatsu Gatsu lawn, this cocktail hour highlights the beauty of Curaçao at golden hour. To encapsulate the island mindset, guests can sip on fresh coconut water or head to the bar for tropical-inspired cocktails.

Keep calm & party on

With warm string lights and white lanterns overhead, plus rectangular tablescapes surrounding an uplit dance floor, this Welcome Garden celebration turns up the volume as the lights go down.

Locally Inspired Destination Weddings 3

Inspired by: Bahamian Seashells

The sound of the sea

Known for stunning, silk-sand beaches, brightly colored towns, and vibrant culture, The Bahamas are a wonder of the Caribbean. With more than 2,000 beaches spanning the 700 islands of the archipelago, a plethora of beautiful, exotic shells – including the conch – line each shore.

For a true taste of the tropics, this inspiration features a ceremonial seating arrangement in the shape of a conch shell and unique elements, such as sand dollars. Tying in the bright, lively nature of the islands, every aspect of the big day is adorned with bright purple, fuschia and orange flowers.

Available exclusively at Sandals Royal Bahamian, couples can also bring in a conch blower to signal good luck and fertility during the ceremony and opt for a conch salad bar and conch fritters to introduce the island’s national dish at the reception.

Locally Inspired Destination Weddings 4

Inspired by: Blissful Beach

Ethereal elegance

For a wispy, whimsical wedding design inspired by bohemian style, the Blissful Beach Wedding fuses sophistication with eccentricity. This inspiration features natural pampas grass, soft white and blush tones, and golden accents to create a brilliant contrast against marble blue waters.

For breathtaking views of sea by day and by night, a triangular ceremony structure and cozy bistro lighting further manifest an ethereal scene on the sands of Dos Awa Beach.

Locally Inspired Destination Weddings 5

Unveil the magic of the Caribbean at your wedding

These five captivating themes merely scratch the surface of what awaits you at Sandals, and our dedicated weddings team is eager to craft your perfect day. Reach out to us at 1-877-SANDALS to embark on your journey toward an unforgettable, tailor-made celebration that reflects your love amidst the charm of the Caribbean.

Your dream wedding awaits—let's bring it to life together.

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