How to Experience Culture from an All-Inclusive Resort

Along with an abundance of exciting things to see and do while in the Caribbean, most people are interested in learning about the unique culture and history of the islands. When staying at an all-inclusive resort, you still have the opportunity to learn about the Caribbean culture of food, traditional dress, cultural customs, and more.

All you have to do is pay attention.

Caribbean Traditions

You might think that a resort vacation is shielded off from the culture of a place, but that's not true at all. In the Caribbean, you can gain knowledge about many facets the local culture and customs just by being here.

Take some of these Caribbean traditions as an example. While dining in an on-site restaurant, sipping on a cocktail by the pool, ordering room service, or having some other interaction with the staff, distinct traditions will emerge as part of everyday work habits.

Number one on that list is the unbeatable Caribbean kindness. While it may seem that the smiles and positive gestures are well-rehearsed, they actually come from the heart. In other words, every kind gesture made and word spoken is genuine. Caribbean locals maintain a positive and welcoming attitude that is unmistakable.

Even something as simple as checking in at an all-inclusive resort can give you a sense of how people interact in the local culture. You’ll learn that locals are hospitable by nature, and members of the entire resort staff will go out of their way to ensure you’re comfortable and feel at home, and they do so with genuine intentions.

Caribbean Traditional Clothing

You will have the chance to learn about the traditional clothing worn by Caribbean locals, again, just by paying attention.

As you eat in different on-site restaurants, visit various shops, walk along the beach, and spend time along the water, you will begin to notice a common thread in the way that the locals dress.

Bright colors stand out most. While some locals continue to dress in more traditional clothing, many of the younger generation have moved on to modern clothing.

Even so, the vibrant colors remain an important part of the Caribbean culture. For dresses, skirts, blouses, scarfs, and so on, bright red, orange, blue, and green are popular color choices.

Caribbean Culture Fact Sheet

Your attention to detail will be more useful if you have some knowledge of Caribbean culture before you visit. Gaining a better understanding of and appreciation for the Caribbean culture may make you feel more at ease while visiting different islands.

The Arts

Art is a huge part of the Caribbean culture. Especially since World War II ended, the arts have flourished. When visiting the Caribbean today, you will quickly identify numerous styles, all a beautiful representation of the same islands.


Rooted in Spain’s literary traditions, literature in the Caribbean is divided into Spanish, English, and French. Because of that, you may find books and other publications in different languages at the local all-inclusive resort where you stay.

What makes Caribbean literature unique is that it reflects the people’s perspective on life, nature, and their experiences. When looking for a particular book in a library, you will discover that literature in the Caribbean is first categorized by the island or region, followed by the author’s status.


Music is also important. In fact, much of the culture of Caribbean islands was shaped by multicultural music influences, primarily African.

When staying at an all-inclusive resort or hotel, you will likely hear varied types of music on the radio, television, in the elevator, and played by professionals in one of the on-site bars and lounges.

Theater, Television, and Film

Although you would need to go offsite to see something in the theater, this is another area where you would notice the impact just being in the Caribbean. Along with conventional drama, the thriving stage theater covers a vast range of genres, including musical folk theater, street theater, carnival theater, poetic theater, storytelling theater, children’s theater, church theater, and many others.

The Caribbean television and film industry is growing is actually growing at a rapid clip, and producers, directors, and celebrity actors often stay in luxurious all-inclusive resorts. If you’re in the right place at the right time, you could easily run into someone famous.

Tropical Influences

Even the tropical colors, textures, designs, and materials used at your all-inclusive resort would give you a snapshot of Caribbean culture. The lifestyle of the Caribbean people is a product of their tropical setting, including customs, architecture, music, attitudes, and more. This is definitely most prominent in the vibrant colors and tropical decor.

But, you could also just step outside and see the beauty that influences every aspect of Caribbean culture.

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