Farm To Table: Committed To Support Local Producers

Jamaica’s pristine white beaches and blue waters are beguiling – but there’s much more to this island.

Step in from the coast and you will discover just how green Jamaica is and why farming is such a booming industry here.

The Jamaican Blue Mountains

Picture: The Jamaican Blue Mountains.

90% of Sandals Resorts' produce needs in Jamaica is harvested and purchased from local farmers. That amounts to over 5.4million pounds of produce bought from local farmers every year.

Jamaican coffee fruit

Picture: Jamaican grown coffee.

The country’s rich and diverse soil means that practically every fruit and vegetable can grow here. It’s a blessing Sandals Resorts is thankful for – as the variety in produce means we can serve cuisine from the all around the world (part of the Global Gourmet offering we have at every Sandals resort).

Sandals Chefs Picking local vegetables

Since the 1980’s, the produce used in Sandals’ Jamaican kitchens comes largely from neighboring farms. Everything from the herbs and spices, the beets and bok choy, and Swiss Chard (don’t let its name fool you!) is grown here.

Sandals Chefs picking local lettuces

As well as the incredible diversity it provides, farm-to-table food sourcing ensures that the produce used throughout the resorts is of the highest quality. The short transit means it retains the best flavor and is as fresh as can be.

So, rest assured the delicious fruits you’ll find at breakfast - mandarin orange, watermelon, starfruit and honey bananas, haven’t traveled far.

Potosi Farm grown strawberries Jamaica

By using farm-to-table fruits and vegetables, Sandals Resorts is also supporting the local economy, and is encouraging the growth of small farmers, who are passionate about quality and looking after their land.

The recipes formulated by our talented chefs are designed to present local produce in the best light.


‘Local produce becomes the star of every dish we serve,’ says Josef Jungwirth, Corporate Executive Chef. ‘We pay tribute to our local farmers by displaying their names on every menu.’


When you stay at Sandals Resorts in Jamaica make sure you try its indigenous vegetables to experience the authentic flavors you just won’t find anywhere else.

Breadfruit, plantain, Jackfruit are incorporated to the menus as well as the Scotch Bonnet Pepper – used to add that famous Jamaican kick! Even the chocolate, used to make the desserts and pastries served throughout the day in Café de Paris is created using 100% Jamaican cocoa.

If you are travelling to Jamaica this Fall, you’re in luck. You’ll see more avocadoes, strawberries and naseberries on the menus - all of which are currently in season now.

Whichever Sandals Resort you choose to stay at, you’ll enjoy culinary experiences that are simply unmatched anywhere in the Caribbean. Find out a more about our 5-Star Global gourmet dining.

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