Want to Travel From Montego Bay To Negril In Jamaica? Here’s How!

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The possibilities for things to do in Jamaica are endless. To make the most out of a vacation on this island, it is important to figure out the things you want to do most, whether that’s lounging on the beach, going on exciting excursions, or spending time at the swim-up bar at one of the all-inclusive resorts in Jamaica. After you decide what you want to work into your vacation agenda, you should think about how you’ll get between towns and attractions.

Negril and Montego Bay are around 50 miles (80 km) away from each other, and both of these incredibly popular areas are known for their amazing beaches, laid-back lifestyle, and fun attractions. If most of the activities you want to enjoy are in Montego Bay (Mobay) on the north coast and Negril on the west coast, there are several ways you can get between these two towns, including hopping on a public or private bus, taking a short non-stop flight, or hailing a taxi.

In this post, we’ll share everything you need to know about getting from Montego Bay to Negril!

Expert tip: The mode of transport you choose to get from Montego Bay to Negril should depend on your budget, the amount of time you have, and the sort of experience you’re looking for while in Jamaica. While you decide, you may also want to look into the best time to visit Jamaica.

Transportation options from Montego Bay to Negril

Planning on spending time in both Montego Bay and Negril while in Jamaica? If so, it will be worth looking into the best transportation options to get yourself between these Jamaican towns. Here are the best ways to go about it, including traveling by plane, taxi, and by bus:

Traveling by plane


● The fastest way to get from Montego Bay to Negril
● Travel time: 15 minutes
● Travel cost (one way): $350+ USD per person

Plane Over Jamaica Window

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You can take a plane to get from Montego Bay to Negril, Jamaica. This mode of transportation is pricier compared to the other options but can be worth it if getting there quickly is important to you.

Travel time: How long is a plane trip from Montego Bay to Negril?

Once you hop on the plane and take off, it’ll take around 15 minutes to get from Montego Bay to Negril in Jamaica. Your flight will leave from the Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay (MBJ) and you’ll arrive at the Negril Aerodrome (NEG).

Cost: How much is a plane trip from Montego Bay to Negril?

Expect to pay around $350 USD or more for a plane ride between Montego Bay and Negril (one way). Round trip, this journey could cost around $700 USD per person.

Traveling by taxi


● The most popular way to get from Montego Bay to Negril
● Travel time: 1 roughly hour and 20 minutes
● Travel cost (one way): $120-$200 USD

Negril Jamaica Taxi Travel

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There are many benefits to traveling around Jamaica via taxi when headed to Negril. While traveling by taxi can get expensive on Caribbean islands like Jamaica, this option tends to provide a greater level of comfort than taking the bus. Traveling by taxi can seriously cut down your travel time from Montego Bay to Negril as well!

Note: Airport transfers are included for Sandals Resorts and Beaches Resorts guests. All you have to do is arrive at the airport and the resort takes care of the rest!

Travel time: How long is a taxi ride from Montego Bay to Negril?

Taking a taxi is the fastest way to get from Montego Bay to Negril in Jamaica without flying. It will take around 1 hour and 20 minutes to get from Montego Bay to Negril by taxi.

Cost: How much is a taxi from Montego Bay to Negril?

Taxi prices in Jamaica vary depending on where you’ll be traveling to. Generally, you can expect to pay anything from $120 to $200 USD to get to some of the popular towns and attractions in Jamaica in a taxi. Keep in mind that fares can depend on travel time to the destination, traffic, and other factors. As most taxis are air-conditioned, you can comfortably make your way to your destination with no stops along the way and no need to share your cab with anyone else either.

Traveling by car


● Travel time: 1hr 15m - 1h45m
● Travel cost (one way): USD$30-50 per day (not inclusive of gas and tolls)

Negril Jamaica Car Travel

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If you want to get out and explore Jamaica on your own, renting a car can be the perfect way to do it! This is also a great option to get you from Montego Bay to Negril in Jamaica as you can travel comfortably and on your own time.

Travel time: How long is a car ride from Montego Bay to Negril?

If you’ll be driving from Montego Bay to Negril, keep in mind that the driving distance between these locations is about 80km. It can take anywhere from 1hr 15m to 1h 45m to get there depending on traffic. If you’re planning on renting a car for this journey while in Jamaica, it’s worth noting that parking can be a bit of a challenge in Negril. The car rental option will work best if there’s parking available at your resort or attraction.

Cost: How much does it cost to get from Montego Bay to Negril by car?

The price of a car rental in Jamaica largely depends on which company you decide to go with and the type of vehicle you wish to rent. Generally, you can expect to spend $30-50 USD per day to rent a car in Jamaica. You’ll also need to factor in the cost of gas and tolls when determining the overall cost to get from Montego Bay to Negril by car.

Traveling by bus


● Least expensive way to get from Montego Bay to Negril
● Travel time: 1.5 to 2 hours
● Travel cost (one way): $4-$15 USD

Negril Jamaica Bus Travel

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In Jamaica, you can get from Montego Bay to Negril via bus. This mode of transport is the cheapest way to get between these two locations. You’ll be able to choose between taking a public bus or the Knutsford Express, a private transportation line that includes operations between Montego Bay and Negril. Both of these options are available from the Montego Bay Airport and are air-conditioned.

Travel time: How long is a bus trip from Montego Bay to Negril?

A bus trip from Montego Bay to Negril will likely take about 2 hours if you travel using the public bus. Choosing a private option like the Knutsford Express will allow you to shave off at least half an hour from your travel time. It usually takes around 1.5 hours to get from Montego Bay to Negril by way of the Knutsford Express.

Cost: How much is a bus trip from Montego Bay to Negril?

The price you'll pay to get from Montego Bay to Negril in Jamaica will vary depending on whether you take a public or express bus. Traveling via a public bus will cost about $4 USD, while it’ll cost around $15 USD to get from Montego Bay to Negril on the Knutsford Express.

Expert tip: Trying to decide between staying in Negril versus Montego Bay? We can help you decide which is the best Jamaica vacation destination for you!

Bonus chapter: Traveling by car or taxi? Try these great stops along the way!

If you'll be traveling from Montego Bay to Negril by car or taxi, chances are you might want to stop along the way to stretch your legs or admire the views. Here are some of the best places to take a pause and even have some fun along your journey!

dolphin cove jamaica

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1. Dolphin Cove (Lucea) - If you’ll be taking a road trip from Montego Bay to Negril, you should definitely include Dolphin Cove as one of your stops along the way. Dolphin Cove is located in Lucea (pronounced Lucy), a coastal town. A Dolphin Cove adventure will grant you the opportunity to swim with dolphins and interact with them in a variety of ways depending on your chosen program.

2. Bigga’s Jerk Chicken on Green Island - If you drive yourself from Montego Bay to Negril, you can take advantage of cool stops along the way like Bigga’s Jerk Chicken on Green Island. This is the ideal spot to quickly grab something to eat, and it is located between Lucea and Negril. Bigga’s is popular with locals and visitors alike. It is highly recommended that you order water with your meal, especially if you try the super-hot pepper sauce!

3. Calico Jack’s Pirate Shack - This restaurant is located on Half Moon Beach, around 35 minutes north of Negril. Many people stop here to grab drinks or something to eat on their way to Montego Bay from Negril. Calico Jack’s Pirate Shack makes for a great island adventure because it is literally located on its own island not too far from the coastline. To get there, you’ll have to take a ferry (which costs around $5 USD round trip). If you’re there on a Sunday, you can enjoy some groovy tunes from a live band as you indulge in a delicious island lunch.

Expert tip: The history of piracy runs very deep in the Caribbean, and in Jamaica especially. You can learn more about the real-life pirates of the Caribbean like Calico Jack while you’re on the island.

Things to do once you’re in Negril

If you're either in Negril or on your way there, you’ll find lots of fun exciting things to do in the city. Check out some of these popular attractions in Negril listed below!

Relax at Seven Mile Beach

If you search for the best beaches in Jamaica, you’re likely to find Seven Mile Beach at the top of that list. With glistening white sand and calm waters, Seven Mile Beach certainly is a must-see attraction while in Jamaica. The water on this beach is shallow for a good distance, making it great for families. Plus, there are lots of activities to get into on the beach as well including swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, and kayaking. You might even be able to ride jet skis or hop on a banana boat while you’re there!

Although the name of this beach might suggest differently, Seven Mile Beach is actually only four miles long. The other three miles of beach space are attributed to Bloody Bay, another beach worth spending some time on while in Jamaica. Both Seven Mile Beach and Bloody Bay Beach are public beaches.

Expert tip: If you want to spend lots of time on Seven Mile Beach while in Jamaica, it might be worth your while to get familiar with the best all-inclusive resorts on Seven Mile Beach.

Try snorkeling at Negril Reef

It is no surprise that the Caribbean, with its warm and enticing crystal clear waters, is a wonderful place to snorkel. In Jamaica, you can let your desire for the ultimate snorkeling adventure lead to the Negril Reef, which is about two miles off the coast of Seven Mile Beach. This reef is thriving, vibrant, and promises a captivating experience for snorkelers.


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Negril Reef is particularly appealing because it is easily accessible via boat tours. It is also popular because of the various types of marine life you're likely to spot while there. During your snorkeling expedition at Negril Reef, look out for species like sergeant majors, groupers, small jellyfish, and stingrays. You’re also likely to see a variety of sponges and an array of tropical fish!

Check out the Blue Hole Mineral Spring

A Jamaican adventure is hardly complete without a visit to the Blue Hole Mineral Spring. Seeing this stand-out attraction is one of the best things to do in Negril. You’ll have an opportunity to dip into and explore the lush surroundings of a natural blue hole filled with mineral water.

It’ll take about 25 minutes to drive from Negril to the Blue Hole Mineral Spring. Once you get there, you’ll be truly mesmerized by the turquoise waters of this 22-foot blue hole which makes for a spectacular natural swimming pool. Some visitors choose to jump right into the water from the ledge, while others climb down the ladder and glide in. The waters of this blue hole are said to have healing properties, so you can consider it a day of self-care where you calm your mind, relieve muscle aches and pains, and give your skin a treat. It costs $10 USD per person to access the Blue Hole Mineral Spring.

Visit Rick’s Café

Rick’s Café in Negril Jamaica is more than just a restaurant - it’s an experience! While in Jamaica, having a sunset experience at Ricks Café with the perfect company is a must. The oceanic views from this cliffside Jamaican locale are simply stunning and are part of its allure. Even before the sun goes down, you’ll be able to enjoy the relaxed ambiance, lively bar setting, tasty food, and a bit of cliff jumping, if you're feeling particularly adventurous!

Ricks Cafe Montego Bay Jamaica

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Insider tip: Negril beaches and Montego Bay beaches are among the most beautiful in Jamaica. Staying at an all-inclusive resort in Negril or perhaps an all-inclusive resort in Montego Bay will help ensure you have first dibs on the best beachside spots!

Never a dull day in Montego Bay And Negril

There are so many great attractions to be found in Montego Bay and Negril. You can enjoy perfect beaches like Seven Mile Beach and Bloody Bay, sip cocktails at sunset at Rick’s Cafe, or even swim with dolphins in nearby Lucea. There is no need to limit yourself to discovering just one area of Jamaica! If you want to visit both Montego Bay and Negril while in Jamaica, you’ll need to get planning. One of the first steps should be selecting the perfect accommodation.

All-inclusive resorts work best for a Jamaica vacation because these resorts tend to provide a range of inclusions including food, (alcoholic) drinks, and entertainment. Sandals' all-inclusive resorts also provide free airport transfers that will get you from the airport to your resort in Montego Bay or Negril without the hassle. This is ideal if you don't want to spoil the relaxed ambiance of your tropical vacation.

The best thing about choosing an all-inclusive resort is that whether or not you decide to leave your resort at all, you’re still bound to have a fantastic island getaway!

Expert tip: If your vacation is all booked, read up on what to pack for a vacation in Jamaica and check out some cool Jamaica points of interest to start planning your vacation agenda.

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