Most Common Sandals Butler Requests: Prepare to be ‘WOWED’

Your desire for a tropical Caribbean vacation has led you straight to Sandals, and now that you have your heart set on a romantic all-inclusive experience with the Caribbean luxury resort, you’re likely considering which suite to book.

Many things have come up in your search to make your stay as comfortable as possible, but on top of that list may very well be the Sandals Elite Butler Service. Now, if you’ve traveled to other high-end resorts, you may be familiar with the expectations of this kind of service, but if you’re not, it would serve you well to know ahead of time all the ways butlers can help enhance your vacation, giving you a luxury experience that will sweep you off your feet!

If Sandals Elite Butler service is new to you, imagine interacting with someone who knows in some instances what you want before you do, and going ahead of your request to get it done. This person knows all of this, because of experience in the field, and is trained to be on hand for anything you need, by way of a personal phone through which service is always available. With a goal to exceed expectations, you can be assured that you’ll be in good hands with your professionally trained butler!

For the purposes of this post, we asked around at the various Sandals all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean to find out about some of the most common Sandals Butler requests, and overall, just how far your butler will go to make you smile during your time in paradise.

Sandals Elite Butler Service

First things first; all butlers at Sandals are professionally trained, which means you’re guaranteed the highest level of service. One of your first encounters with your butler will be upon arrival, at which point you’re likely to be given lemongrass-scented hand towels which are particularly refreshing after a long flight. After that you may be offered arrival drinks/cocktails, at which point you’re free to explore the resort. Some guests leave it up to their butler to get their luggage into their rooms while they head poolside to soak in some sun!

Afraid your butler will disturb the intimacy of your Sandals experience? Don’t worry, your butler will know when to be out of sight, and is right there when his/her service is required. Need something sorted out right away? Summon the butler with your (mobile) butler phone whenever you please.

Most common butler requests at Sandals

The main purpose of butlers at Sandals is to make your stay more relaxing, comfortable, and enjoyable. A question you may be asked by your butler on arrival is, “What can I get you when we get to your suite?” Some guests request champagne, snacks, or just to have their luggage unpacked. Read on for some of the other common requests that butlers are used to getting, which will help take your Sandals experience to a new level.

Enjoy a romantic breakfast in bed

What’s better than breakfast in bed after a long and enjoyable night out, or in? Your Sandals butler will be able to bring your breakfast favorites right to your suite if you request it – all you’ll need to do is to fill the resort in on your preferences, and your meal will be served to your specifications.

Don’t worry about a thing with pool / beach side service

Let your butler reserve your favorite cabana at the beach or at the pool, first thing in the morning. A great spot guaranteed! You can also request your favorite (alcoholic) drinks and food by the pool or beach, and sometimes your butler will even bring you things you didn’t even know you needed, like a poolside shrimp cocktail, before you even ask!

Have everything booked for you

Booking excursions seems pretty straight forward, until the point where you’re back and forth with the reservation’s agent sharing your dietary restrictions for lunch, adjusting dates or times, or confirming transportation. Your personal butler can book excursions on your behalf, as well as spa appointments, golf tee times, restaurant reservations and other off property trips. When you arrive, you’ll also be able to request that your butler escort you to dinner, or various locations on property, like the spa.

Room service deluxe

Sandals has top notch service all around when it comes to room service, but things receive a magical touch when butlers come into the mix. Your butler will ensure that your room is properly serviced by housekeeping, and that your minibar and liquors are stocked as per your request. Don’t be afraid to make requests that will make your stay that more comfortable.

Butler ‘Wows’

The ‘Wow’ factor is important for Sandals butlers, and every day butlers work in this aspect to create the most memorable experiences for guests. ‘Wows’ in rooms include rose petals sprinkled over your bed for a touch of romance, and lunch served by your butler. As one Sandals butler put it, speaking about the services provided to guests, “butlers perform ‘Wows’ in rooms for guests for special occasions or just because. If they request a bubble bath or a romantic setup, we’ll make it happen.”

Romantic dinner set up - wherever you want

Sandals is all about romance, so it’s no surprise that butlers have it all figured out in this category how to blow you away. Your Sandals butler can help put together a romantic in-room dinner comprising of a select menu. Beach side dinner set ups are also an option. Whatever you need to make that impression or surprise your other half, your butler will work with you to make it happen. Your butler will even have direct interactions with chefs and other resort personnel, just to ensure that whatever you order, or request is just the way you’d like.

What you’ll love about your Sandals butler

Sandals butlers are often the most personable of staff at the resort, and those who make it to the ranks of butler, do so because of their passion to help and make people happy. During your Sandals vacation, you’ll notice that the butlers pay attention to detail in a way that guests are never left disappointed. In fact, most butlers at Sandals go home with armloads of ‘thank you’ cards and tips every week from guests who are over-the-moon happy with the service provided throughout the duration of their vacation.

‘Pure Magic’

All in all, the Sandals Butler Elite Service is pure magic, and if you’re planning on upgrading to include this service, expect surprises… maybe even singing (if you’re lucky enough to have a multi-talented butler!). The goal is for your entire experience at Sandals to be more than you dreamed of, which 10 times out of 10, it will be. Believe us, the Sandals butler suites are worth the splurge - as it will elevate your romantic experience to the next level - especially if you’re on your honeymoon or celebrating your anniversary!

For more examples and butler stories, visit Sandals Elite Butler Service.

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