6 Reasons To Visit The Pirates of Nassau Museum

If you’ve got a Caribbean vacation coming soon, we bet you’ll be looking for the most exciting adventures to enjoy while you’re there.

One thing you might not be thinking about is pirates, but there are plenty of fun pirate-themed experiences that travelers can take part in while in the Caribbean, but one of the best ones has to be the Pirates of Nassau Museum.

Located in Downtown Nassau, the Pirate Museum is a sight to behold, so get ready to shiver those timbers! The museum is perfect for families, and kids love the interactive exhibits and exhilarating sounds that are just waiting to be discovered within the museum’s walls.

Thinking about visiting the Pirates of Nassau Museum?

Here's six reasons why we think you should make the trip:

1. It’s Fun For The Entire Family

The Pirates of Nassau Museum is one of those museums that really will entertain the whole family. Whether your children are toddlers or a little older, they’ll find plenty to see and do at this unique Caribbean museum.

Forget dull school trips trailing around dusty old museums, because this one is far from that! The Pirate Museum is known for being exciting and fun, and many kids ask to go back time and time again. And not only will the little ones be entertained - it’s great fun for grown ups too!

2. Take A Break From The Pool

Lazy days by the pool and afternoons soaking up the sun on the beach are always great, but sometimes it’s good to get out and experience a little more in your chosen destination.

If you’re staying at a Nassau resort, you can easily get to the Pirates of Nassau Museum, either by hiring a car or taking a taxi. A good day out is a great way to make the most of your trip, and if you’ve got little ones it’s the perfect way to wear them out, too.

3. Experience Nassau’s History

Nassau played a massive role in the Golden Age of Piracy, which lasted from 1690 until 1720. At the peak of this era, Nassau attracted more pirates than anywhere else in the New World, with many pirate ships using the island as their base. This was largely down to the favorable conditions of the island of Nassau.

The shallow waters surrounding the island are inaccessible for large ships, but they’re just right for the smaller draft vessels that pirates typically used. Not only that: there were many merchant ships in the area, coming and going from Nassau harbor daily.

They were the perfect targets for groups of pirates, who plundered their way around the island at their leisure. Thankfully, these fearsome seamen have long since ceased to exist around Nassau, but their legacy remains, in spine-chilling stories of piracy and mayhem on the high seas!

4. The Exhibitions Are Fantastic

One of the best things about the Pirates of Nassau museum is the fact that it’s so interactive. This really gives visitors a chance to see and experience the Golden Age of Piracy in a totally unique way. Think of the museum as a great fusion of entertainment and learning, and you’ll begin to understand what an epic day out this is!

The experience begins with visitors boarding a dock, lit only by the light of the moon. The sounds of lapping water and rowdy celebrations of nearby pirates sets the scene for your entry into the scary yet exhilarating world of Nassau’s historic pirates.

5. You Can Board A Real Pirate Ship

If there’s one thing you need to do to get a real experience of pirate life, it is of course setting foot on a proper pirate ship. At the Pirates of Nassau Museum, visitors get the chance to get up close and personal with a wonderful replica of a historic pirate ship, named ‘Revenge’.

From the moment you step onto the wooden boards of the ship, you’ll be one step closer to the world of the pirates. Just make sure you don’t end up walking the plank!

6. It’s A Great Excuse To Talk Like a Pirate

So, you’ve boarded the pirate ship, you’ve learned about the most famous pirates in Nassau’s history and you’ve had a brief introduction to the Golden Age of Piracy and what it meant for Nassau and the rest of the Caribbean.

Now, you’ll want to get down to the real business and one of the best reasons to visit this museum dedicated to all things pirate: amuse yourself by talking like a pirate. Prepare your best phrases, from "shiver me timbers" to signal your shock, to insulting your nearest and dearest by calling them a "scurvy dog."

Visit The Pirates of Nassau Museum

Whether you’re looking for a fantastic day out, a great way to keep kids entertained or you simply want to discover more about an intriguing era of Caribbean culture and history, you’ve got to make your way to the Pirates of Nassau Museum.

Not only is this a wonderful museum to visit, it’s totally interactive and boasts some of the best pirate memorabilia on the islands, this museum is really enjoyable for children of all ages, and grown ups too. Just make sure you’re ready for a few days of pirate talk afterwards. Ahoy matey!

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