The Most Popular Sports of the Caribbean

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The people of the Caribbean are known for their fun-loving and relaxed nature, but when it comes to sports, things get serious.

There are a whole host of different sports that are popular across the region, and there’s definitely so much more to Caribbean sports than watersports like windsurfing and waterskiing, even those are a blast. In fact, one of the most popular sports of the islands is cricket, which was first introduced by colonists as far back as the 15th Century.

Wondering which sports unite the Caribbean people, and which teams they’re likely to support?

These are the biggest sports in Caribbean culture:


"Football" is massive, no matter where you are in the world, and the Caribbean is no exception. You’ll find that it unites people across the islands, and no matter where you happen to be you’ll find a local willing to give you their opinion on the game. In fact, we’d go so far as to say it’s the most popular sport in the Caribbean.

People of the Caribbean tend to support Premier League teams, and you’ll find many of the biggest games showing at the beach bar at your all-inclusive resort. So, if you’re worried about missing out on the next Manchester United game while you’re away, you don’t need to fear.

Have a chat with staff to find out about the best sports bars in the area. Many resorts will also show football games within their own bars, too.


Did you know there’s a Rugby Union in the West Indies? You’ll find that many Caribbean islands with heavy British influences remain partial to a game of rugby.

The sport is played in Jamaica, Barbados, the Bahamas, St. Lucia and Trinidad and Tobago, to name just a few examples. If you happen to be traveling to one of these islands during the annual rugby season, make sure you check out a game. It’s a great day out and you’ll love the experience of watching the drama of rugby unfold against an exotic and beautiful backdrop.


It’ll probably come as no surprise that cricket is a big draw in the Caribbean. Of all the Caribbean islands games, cricket is one of the most popular amongst locals and travelers alike. This game is unique in that it unites people from all the Caribbean islands, who join together to support the national West Indies cricket team.

The Caribbean has produced some of the most famous cricketers in the world, who have grown up with cricket as a huge influence on their childhoods. As you travel around the region, you’ll likely see plenty of children enjoying games of cricket in the street. The Caribbean islands host many hundreds of games throughout the annual cricket season, which runs from May to December.


Want to catch a game of baseball? Caribbean people are second only to the Americans in their love for this fast-paced and exciting game. So, if you’re traveling to the islands soon on a last-minute vacation and you don’t want to miss out on your baseball fix, you could well be in luck.

The Dominican Republic is the region most famed for its love of baseball. In fact, the game’s been popular here since before the 1916 US occupation. The biggest two teams in the Dominican Republic can trace their roots back to 1911 - and possibly even earlier.

Those headed to the Dominican for sun, sand and stunning scenery can also experience great baseball games as part of the Caribbean Winter League. Keep an eye out for impressive skills from talented youngsters. Many of the best players in the world are originally from the Caribbean, so you might see a future star or two out on the field.


Plenty of the Caribbean’s top resorts also boast golf courses that will make your jaw drop. And that’s no coincidence. Golf has long been a popular pastime in the Caribbean.

Even the novice golfer will enjoy playing a round on the islands, because Caribbean golf courses boast the most incredible views which you definitely won’t want to miss out on.


While it may lack the fiercely competitive nature of some of the other Caribbean sports we’ve mentioned, sailing remains big business in the region. Of course, the islands are surrounded by some of the most scenic waters in the world, so it goes without saying that sailing is a great option if you want to try something adventurous during your Caribbean break.

Vacationers can easily rent boats from their all-inclusive resorts, you just may need to ask the staff about where to go.

Yacht racing takes place across the islands throughout the year, with many of the best sailing teams in the world traveling to the Caribbean for competitions. So, make sure you check out upcoming races in the region you’re traveling to. You could be in for a treat.

What Sports Will You Check Out During Your Caribbean Trip?

Making your way to the Caribbean soon? Make sure you look into the most popular sports in the region you’re traveling to. If you can catch a game of rugby, enjoy a day of cricket or play a round a golf, go for it.

You won’t be disappointed with the standard of sport in the Caribbean, and you’ll love the unforgettable atmosphere as you join in with the people of the Caribbean in supporting their local teams.

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