Top 5 Reasons to Visit Saint Lucia

Some describe Saint Lucia as the most beautiful island in the Caribbean. Whether this is true or not, you will have to decide for yourself.

But one thing is clear: a visit to St. Lucia is unforgettable. Whether you're looking for a relaxing vacation in the sun or an exciting opportunity to experience a new culture, St. Lucia has it all.

These are the Top 5 Reasons Anyone Should Visit St. Lucia

Stunning Landscapes

If you are planning on visiting St. Lucia, prepare for some seriously stunning landscapes.

The most famous views of the island feature the two volcanic plugs called the Pitons. Covered in lush vegetation, the two sharp hills loom over the ocean, offering the perfect opportunity for beautiful photography, as well as excellent hiking. The Gros Piton is the larger of the two plugs and those looking for an active day can take a tour along the nature trail that runs up the hill.

Besides these two iconic St. Lucia landmarks, the Pigeon Island National Park is another place to take in the spectacular nature of the island, along with a little history, since the park features Fort Rodney ruins as an extra attraction.

For something a little different, hike up to the Sault Falls and enjoy swimming in the fresh spring water, or hike the Tet Paul Nature Trail, which offers excellent viewpoints across the island.

Endless Blue Waters

The Caribbean has its fair share of beautiful beaches, and Saint Lucia is no exception. If you are wondering how big is St. Lucia’s selection of beaches, don’t worry, there are plenty of options for any traveler.

One of the most popular sandy getaways on the island is Reduit Beach, dotted with restaurants offering stunning sunset views with your favorite cocktail in-hand. For even more romance, Marigot Bay offers a small and more secluded getaway.

Pigeon Island National Park, which we mentioned earlier, also boasts some lovely white sands and blue waters, along with the likes of Sugar Beach. To discover the underwater world, snorkeling and diving opportunities are plentiful at Anse Chastanet Beach.

If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind experience, then head to Grande Anse to see baby turtles hatching and heading into the blue waters for the first. Another popular option is to enjoy the Jalousie Beach at the foot of the Petit Piton, which offers breathtaking views.

Festivals and Entertainment

Throughout the year, Saint Lucia tourism offers a variety of opportunities to catch a local festival and partake in the local entertainment. One of the biggest celebrations is the St. Lucia Carnival in June, during which the capital city of Castries becomes a whirlwind of colorful decoration, street parties and celebration.

The main course of this festival is the Mardi-Gras style party on Carnival Tuesday, which features a parade, soca dancing in the street and an all-around joyful atmosphere. Other popular festivals for when you visit Saint Lucia include the St. Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival, the St. Lucia Food and Rum festival in October or the Festival of Lights and Renewal in December, when locals hold a lantern making competition.

And don’t worry, if you can’t make it for a festival in particular, locals host Friday Night Street Parties all year round.

Exotic Tours

One of the highlights of St. Lucia tourism is the Soufriere drive-in volcano. The world’s only volcano that you can actually drive into, this is also one of the most popular tours on St. Lucia. Despite the strong smell of sulfur, the novelty of the spot and the breathtaking views will be entirely worth it. Plus, visitors can enjoy bathing in the hot springs and mud baths nearby the volcano.

Another exciting tour is the aerial tram through the rainforest, with spectacular views, as well as lovely surrounding nature. If you are looking for a thrilling experience, then the Treetop Adventure Park might just be the perfect spot, offering cool suspension bridges among tropical trees. And if you’d like to pick up some St. Lucia facts, then check out the chocolate tour, where you will learn the process of chocolate making from bean to bar.

Delicious Cuisine

No St. Lucia visit is complete without tasting the plentiful and delicious food that this small Caribbean island has to offer. Fresh fish and seafood abundant, so you can enjoy a luxurious lobster dinner on the beach, or try some grilled mahi mahi, snapper and tuna.

Try accompanying your meal with local flavors by tasting conch fritters or lambi in spicy Caribbean sauce. For a real St. Lucia treat, tickle your taste buds with green figs and salt fish, callaloo soup or breadfruit.

Last but certainly not least, discover the varieties of world-class rums in the many presentations that the islanders have to offer.

Visit St. Lucia & Have A Wonderful Vacation

Saint Lucia, the small and picturesque island in the Caribbean is one of the top choices for destination weddings, anniversaries at all-inclusive resorts and celebrations.

It's surprise when you look at the wealth of activities available on the island, with the stunning backdrop of green mountains, blue waters and white sandy beaches.

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