How A Couple’s Vacation Can Rekindle Your Relationship

Every relationship can use a pick-me-up sometimes.

With busy everyday life, work, family, the whirlwind of to-do lists and maybe even kids, sometimes that spark is just hard to find. A couple’s vacation may just be the answer to give a boost to the excitement and romance, so here are some ideas on how to rekindle a broken or boring relationship.

Look for a Romantic Getaway

Whether you only have a couple of days in your busy agenda or you can take a week or two off, a romantic getaway may be one of the great ways to rekindle a relationship. Ideally, it should just be the two of you, no friends or family, and hopefully, if you have kids, they can stay at home as well. If you only have a short time for your getaway, then a weekend at a romantic all-inclusive resort or lodge can be a good option.

That said, a relationship that’s not in a great place probably needs time to heal and get to the level of comfort where romance starts happening again. Try looking for something that’s at least a few days long, hopefully a week or two.

Find Things That You Both Love Doing

It’s important to consider both sides when picking the right place. Often, relationships lose that romantic spark because of little hurts and offenses that can go unnoticed on a day-to-day basis.

So when planning a vacation, take care to plan together, looking for things that you both love and will enjoy. Some options might include a drive across the coast, a lovely European getaway, and of course, what could be more romantic than a luxurious vacation on the beach in the Caribbean?

Picture a lush white-sand beach in Barbados with azure blue waters and rum runner cocktail in hand. Decide whether you are more after relaxation or an adrenaline-filled active getaway – those can be very romantic as well.

And if you can’t leave the kids at home, then make sure to find places where baby-sitting services or a kid’s club is available, so that you can still have that time alone.

Indulge in a Luxurious Vacation

Rekindling your relationship may lie in your and your partner’s inner emotions, but a little luxury and comfort won’t hurt. A luxury vacation will immerse both you in a sense of wellness and well-being, making it easier to focus on yourselves, rather than any discomforts. One idea might be a luxurious view from your room, looking over the green hills of Saint Lucia dipping into the bright blue Caribbean Sea or the stunning landscapes of Antigua.

The décor and facilities of your hotel are also important – little things like rainfall showers, Jacuzzi or bathtub, king-size bed, romantic restaurants, and a private beach, can all enhance your couple’s vacation experience.

Explore a New Place Together

Relaxation and luxury are two pieces of the puzzle, but exploration and learning are just as important. Sometimes we forget how exciting relationships were when they started out and need that jolt of energy and adrenaline. Exploring a new place, learning something unexpected, even getting lost in a new destination can be a great way to rediscover one another.

The Caribbean is the perfect place to discover something new together. For example, head on to the Dunn’s River or Mayfield Falls in Jamaica, hike up the Gros Piton in Saint Lucia for a challenge and spectacular views, or for something more laid back, take a cruise around the Bahamas and discover the many islands that comprise the country.

Disconnect from the Rest

One of the reasons it’s so hard to keep up with a relationship in today’s world is that there is always something else happening and we don’t have the time to focus on our partners. Choosing to disconnect will give you the time to spend and reflect on your relationship together and pay close attention to each other’s needs.

While it might be impossible to disconnect entirely for a whole week, you can carve out no-phone or no-internet times. For example, disconnecting from dinner to after breakfast might give you the time to really spend time with one another.

Make Time for Intimacy

Last but not least, rekindling your relationship means making time for intimacy. It can be challenging to get back to the place of comfort an excitement with another person after a while, but the romantic atmosphere of a couple’s getaway should help you get back there. Try a romantic dinner overlooking the ocean with a spectacular view over the beach from your table, or simply just some time alone with no distractions might do the trick.

A romantic getaway can be the perfect space to start healing anything that's broken in your relationship and rekindling the romance. Being in a different place with new surroundings takes away the annoyances of everyday life and will give you a blank slate to work on as a couple.

Plus, a place like a Caribbean island is the perfect romantic setting for luxury, romance and adventure.

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