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The indescribable feeling of sitting around a table with your favorite people for a meal after getting married is hard to beat. Your reception dinner, and all the revelries in between, are wonderful ways to bond with your guests and offer a deeper look into your relationship.

For couples hosting a tropical wedding at Sandals, a culinary spread can be used as an excuse to delve into Caribbean flavors such as spices, seafood, and other island cuisine. Your menu is an opportunity to honor the destination while giving it your own flair. Through different flavors and native produce, your menu can capture the essence of the Caribbean.

The finest dining

Whether you’re heading to the bar for a cocktail or craving something especially delicious, you will discover that Sandals' restaurants and bars will satisfy your desires. There is something for everyone at every resort, with a host of diverse local and international dishes served just the way you like them. Every bar in the collection brings a unique ambience with respect to the art of mixology.

Delectable delights abound

Classics are always a great fallback but infusing your love story into whatever you serve will create a bigger impact on your guests.

The temperature in the Caribbean is often warm, so try finding dishes that help counteract the heat. Refreshing conch salads are a typical starter, just as are shrimp cocktails and iced oysters. Think of dishes with ambient temperatures like crispy grilled fish or soothing vegetable soups. Ultimately, it’s important to strive for balance. Another tip is to keep it light and fresh. Berries, melon, and coconuts are great as small bites and seafood is a popular entree.

Wedding cakes are the centerpiece of the culinary experience and it’s always a daunting task to choose a cake that pleases both you and your guests. These marvelous desserts are an interesting tradition since they double as food and décor. So, what should you consider when choosing your cake? The first question to ask is size. Look over your guest list and let your baker know so they can prepare a cake with the right number of tiers and size. Saving the top tier of the cake is a tradition as old as time and is another matter to consider when choosing your cake. Plus, other desserts being served throughout the reception may save you some cake, since it won’t be the only sweet thing on people’s plates.

Planning your wedding menu is one of the most important tasks to check off your to-do list, and there are so many options to consider, from plated dinners to buffet-style receptions. With the support of your dedicated Sandals Wedding Team, your wedding reception can be everything you envisioned and more!

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