Have The Ultimate Saint Vincent Vacation With These Exciting Things To Do

It's not easy to imagine a more beautiful and adventure-packed vacation than what's possible in St Vincent & the Grenadines (SVG)! This territory consists of numerous diverse islands, some inhabited and others not, creating a vibrant and thrilling vacation prospect.

Saint Vincent Catamaran Overview

Sunny Saint Vincent is the largest island in Saint Vincent & the Grenadines. If you're planning a trip to this island or counting down the days until you arrive, you're probably wondering how to fill your time. Rest assured that the options for activities are abundant. Whether you want to island hop, go hiking or diving, explore national parks, discover beaches and waterfalls, or unwind at cozy all-inclusive resorts, you'll undoubtedly need to set aside more than just a day or two in this tropical locale.

As you prepare for your trip, here are some top-rated things to do in Saint Vincent that you won't want to miss.

Top things to do in Saint Vincent

1. Relax on Buccament Bay Beach

Buccament Bay Beach is a favorite for locals and visitors to Saint Vincent. This magnificent beach is what you'd expect from a destination as beautiful as SVG, down to the almost glowing white sands and swaying palm trees. At Buccament Bay Beach, you'll have plenty of room to spread out on a towel or a sun lounger to relax, swim, stroll, and soak in the reality of a fantastic beach vacation.

Buccament Bay Saint Vincent

Image credit: Nicola Pulham/Shutterstock.com

Buccament Bay Beach's immense popularity is partly attributed to its breathtaking views. The vistas are hardly surprising as this beach is located within a mountain range near the rainforest. Suppose you want to visit Buccament Bay Beach, especially around sunset - in that case, you'll need to grab a nice island drink like a cold Hairoun beer, a fancy cocktail, or even some delicious local juice, so you'll be ready to soak it in.

Buccament Bay Beach is an excellent option for trying out water sports. Guests of Sandals Saint Vincent, located directly on Buccament Bay Beach, can enjoy unlimited water sports like snorkeling and scuba diving (up to two tanks per day) as part of their all-inclusive package.


2. Take a stroll through the Saint Vincent & the Grenadines Botanical Gardens

Venture to the Saint Vincent & the Grenadines Botanical Gardens for an amazing adventure. These gardens are located just about a mile from Kingstown, the capital. This attraction is one of the oldest botanical gardens in the world. In fact, it is said to have existed and played a crucial role in preserving native wildlife and tropical plants from as far back as 1765.

Saint Vincent Grenadines Botanical Gardens Couple

A tour of these gardens (guided or solo) can be extra special as spotting some exotic and rare plant life is possible. The gardens extend over almost 20 acres of land, making the environment lush and green. So beautiful are the parks here that you'll truly feel like you're in a thriving, tropical oasis. This attraction is often described as a serene retreat, but it is also quite a historic landmark. Many couples choose to use this location as the backdrop for their wedding. Other celebrations and events also take place here.

Good to know: When exploring the Botanical Gardens on Saint Vincent, visit the Nicholas Wildlife Aviary. This aviary runs a program to protect and conserve the Saint Vincent Parrot.

3. View the skyline from the Montreal Gardens

The Montreal Gardens are another option for nature-based exploration in Saint Vincent. These gardens are smaller than the more popular Botanical Gardens but still quite expansive at 7.5 acres. The Montreal Gardens are located within the lush hills of this island, around 1500 feet high. You'll find this natural attraction at the top of the valley above Mesopotamia -- it'll come into view just at the end of a rough road in this area.

Montreal Gardens View Saint Vincent Grenadines

Image credit: Nandani Bridglal/Shutterstock.com

The views in and around Montreal Gardens are stunning. There are banana plantations in this area, as well as a rainforest that surrounds the estate. As for the gardens, various types of plant life can be seen through the eco-tour offered here. The rich flora and fauna are a large part of the appeal here, and as part of the tour, you'll be led through various parts of the garden. This includes the estate's Formal Garden, Color Garden, and Rainforest Garden. The plant life here is colorful and thriving. While you take in the scenery on your tour, the guide will point out that the vibrancy of everything has to do with the nutrient-rich volcanic soil in this region. As you explore the different gardens, you'll also notice that each one has a distinct theme regarding the plants and flowers they feature.

4. Test your hiking skills on the La Soufriere Cross-Country Trail

If you challenge yourself with the La Soufriere Cross Country Trail in Saint Vincent, go with a guide or a seasoned hiker. This cross-country trail is not for the faint-hearted; instead, it beckons those with a thirst for adventure who don't mind a good challenge. There are many reasons to love this trail. For example, its picturesque viewpoints will validate your efforts and keep you chuggin' on.

La Soufriere Cross Country Trail Saint Vincent Grenadines

The La Soufriere Trail allows you to get up close to the La Soufriere volcano. This trail weaves and winds along the sides of this power-packed national landmark, which rises 1,234 meters above sea level. This is the highest peak in Saint Vincent, and the reward of this climbing adventure to the summit is the views from the top, particularly of the Caribbean Sea. As you travel, your guide will point out various animals and plants. You'll also enjoy a pristine rainforest with views of the cloud forest and the surrounding countryside.

At the volcano's summit, you will see the remaining crater. The best way to get to this crater is via the Leeward Trail, which takes about six to eight hours round trip. The Windward Trail is slightly more accessible and takes around three to four hours round trip. The latter of these is the more popular option for this adventure. Overall, the trails here are rocky and difficult to navigate in some places, which makes them best for more experienced hikers.

Expert tip: When planning hikes in Saint Vincent, it is best to go during the early morning hours. Also, remember your hiking boots when you pack!

5. Learn the history of Fort Charlotte

Exploring old forts can be fun on the islands. Fort Charlotte in Saint Vincent is one of the notable forts in the region, and it looms high over the capital of Kingstown. Perched on a rocky bluff, the fort stands almost 200 meters above sea level. A testament to Saint Vincent & the Grenadines' colonial past, it offers a glimpse into history you will want to experience.

Fort Charlotte Saint Vincent Grenadines

Fort Charlotte, built in the 1800s, was strategically built to ward off potential attacks. Once housing quarters for up to 600 people and boasting over 30 pieces of artillery, this historic structure is an intact relic of its time. Today, as you explore the fort, you might still stumble upon canons that have stood the test of time. The resilient stone walls, some adorned with murals, and enduring barracks provide a tangible link to the past. While the historical allure is irresistible, the panoramic views are equally captivating. From the cliffs, your gaze stretches across the harbors and the southern coastline of Saint Vincent. These vistas draw crowds, especially during the peak season from December to mid-April.

If you visit Fort Charlotte, brace yourself for a 40-minute uphill stroll—a worthy adventure. Alternatively, you can hop on a short bus ride. Reaching the fort will take around 10 minutes from the nearest stop. Regardless of your approach, the journey to this historic site will surely add depth to your vacation.

6. Walk along the Vermont Nature Trail

If you're hunting for scenic nature escapades, the Vermont Nature Trail, nestled in Buccament Valley, should be your go-to gem in Saint Vincent. This trail meanders through the rainforest and can be the perfect introduction to the wide variety of tropical flora unique to this island. If you venture onto this trail while in Saint Vincent, you may also see the majestic Saint Vincent Parrot up close. This is highly probable as the trail is located within the Saint Vincent Parrot Reserve.

Saint Vincent Parrot

Though the walk in itself is quite exhilarating, what really adds color to this trail is the spectacular scenery. The awe-inspiring cliffs and sweeping valleys are a sight to see. Everywhere you look is lush greenery and other robust vegetation, and that's due in part to the abundant rainfall in this area. If you're up for the adventure during your vacation, remember that the trail welcomes adventurers between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Open daily, your journey begins with a brief stop at the Visitor Center for a helpful orientation.

7. Cool off in the Falls of Baleine

There's a certain magic from waterfall explorations that you're unlikely to experience in any other place. A trip to the Falls of Baleine provides a chance to amplify that magic for the perfect day trip. This waterfall is located near the mountains on the island's north coast. These falls are only accessible by boat, so you'll need to plan this adventure with precision.

Saint Vincent Grenadines Falls Baleine

Image credit: Victor Krasenics/Shutterstock.com

A short walk is required to get to the Falls of Baleine from the boat drop-off point. This will lead you through a narrow valley with cliffs on either side. You'll know you've arrived once you see the Falls of Baleine, which plummets 60ft into a natural pool surrounded by rocks. There's a footpath, a bridge, and a landing platform near the falls, which makes for easy viewing. If you want to swim in the freshwater pool, you can do that too! While you swim and absorb the refreshing ambiance of this waterfall and the surrounding rainforest, you'll undoubtedly develop a greater appreciation for the island's abundant natural beauty.

Good to know: The Falls of Baleine are just about 20 miles (32km) from the Kingstown Cruise Ship Terminal.

8. Wander through historic Kingstown

Nothing beats visiting the capital city of a destination to find out what it's all about. In Saint Vincent, this capital city is none other than Kingstown, not to be confused with Kingston, the capital of Jamaica. Kingstown is the main commercial center for Saint Vincent & the Grenadines. This city is the quintessential Caribbean town down to its laid-back yet bustling charm and the historic and fun attractions you can find in this area.

Saint Vincent Grenadines Kingstown

Image credit: Vadim_N/Shutterstock.com

There's a historic feel to Kingstown, what with the cobblestone streets and colonial buildings. These work in favor of the city aesthetic and leave you feeling as though you've gotten to know this destination on a much more intimate level. Kingstown has a few must-visit stops, including locations like the St. George's Cathedral, housed in an 1820s Georgian-style structure. The beautiful stained glass windows are a sight to see at this cathedral.

When visiting the St. Mary's Catholic Cathedral, built in 1823, you might be intrigued by the Gothic spires, Romanesque columns, and arches incorporated into its design.

While in the city, stroll down to the harbor, which is usually lively and upbeat. You can also visit the Kingstown Market — both stops will allow you to see things from a local perspective. The local market sells fresh fish and ground provisions, including breadfruit, green figs, spices, and other local produce.

9. Dive near Indian Bay Beach and Critter Corner

Indian Bay Beach is located on the south coast of Saint Vincent, just about 3.4 miles (5.5 km) from the capital, Kingstown. While on the island, you can easily walk to this small, pleasantly uncrowded beach from the main Windward Highway. Venturing to this strand can be worth it if you're looking for beautiful white shores to lounge on and great diving.

Indian Bay Beach Saint Vincent Grenadines

Image credit: Eleonora Krass/Shutterstock.com

Indian Bay Beach is considered a 'Muck Dive Site' by some because of its sandy and silty bottom. There's a particular area beneath the waves here, Critter Corner, which divers love for the wide variety of sightings possible. While diving in Critter Corner, divers can venture near the sea grass and boulders home to all sorts of sea life, particularly "muck critters," which love areas like this. While diving in Saint Vincent, you will likely spot sea life like manta rays, squid, eels, frogfish, and even reef sharks.

10. Wallilabou Heritage Park

The Wallilabou (pronounced wally-la-BOO) Heritage Park in Saint Vincent is on the island's west coast. This park made headlines after being featured as the primary filming location in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Even today, if you visit, you can still see the preserved film set used for this movie as it has been maintained over the years. There is a museum within the park as well, where you can see photos of the cast and crew and learn about the various aspects of the production of this flick.

Wallilabou Bay Pirates Arch Saint Vincent

Image credit: Andreas Vogel/Shutterstock.com

Even if you're not a movie buff, there's still much to love about the Wallilabou Heritage Park. Purely a zone for recreation and fun, there's a river and a small waterfall here, which add to its serene ambiance. There's also a small pool beneath the waterfall that you can dip in to cool off on especially hot days. For a couple's date at this location, you two can sunbathe, swim, picnic, or purchase lunch at the Wallilabou Anchorage, a popular stop for boaters overnighting in the area.

Good to know: The Wallilabou Estate on the west coast of Saint Vincent once produced cotton, arrowroot and cocoa.

11. Scuba dive or snorkel at Anchor Reef

Naturally, Anchor Reef on the Leeward coast of Saint Vincent got its name from an anchor beneath the ocean. This anchor dates back to the 18th century, a turbulent time in the islands as wars raged for territory. The anchor is buried within the reef at this location. Also, around the reef, which starts at around 30ft, you're likely to spot frogfish, duster worms, critters, and various types of reef fish.

Saint Vincent Couple Boat Snorkeling Water View

If you explore Anchor Reef while in SVG, you'll have a chance to experience a diverse dive site that tends to be surprising in its intricacy. A highlight for divers is the deep black coral garden at the edge of a wall and the wide range of sponges and coral that can be seen along a gradual underwater slope.

There's a cave at the 35ft mark of the wall and a sandy area that's quite popular, too. Both of these are great places to see various underwater species. Sightings in the sandy area include pistol shrimps, sea horses, squids, sand eels, and more. Generally, this dive site has great visibility, making for a fantastic adventure.

Insider tip: Want loads of water and land sports during your vacation? An all-inclusive resort may be just your speed. Sandals Saint Vincent offers guests unlimited all-inclusive water sports, including snorkeling, scuba diving, water sports, and more. Land sports and other activities are also included in your stay.

12. Dark View Falls

Dark View Falls is one of the most famous waterfalls on the island of Saint Vincent. It is located at the foot of the La Soufrière volcano northwest of the island. This location has two waterfalls that can be accessed by going south of the foot of the volcano. As this waterfall flows from a tributary of the Richmond River, it can be quite a sight, especially during the wet season (June to November).

Dark View Falls Saint Vincent Grenadines

What's fascinating about Dark View Falls is that the waterfalls are positioned vertically, one above the other. This adds to its magnetism and beauty. Many visitors to Saint Vincent enjoy visiting this waterfall, as you can do a short hike to see the attraction. It takes a short walk, usually around 15 minutes, to get to this waterfall. Although the walk is brief, there is much to see.

You can go to the lower waterfall or the upper fall, which is a steeper trail. While the path to the lower fall takes you over a quaint bamboo bridge, the path to the upper falls goes a different way, leading to a natural pool you can splash around in. Both of these trails are worth exploring, so your choice will really depend on your fitness level and how much time you have allocated for this attraction.

13. Owia Salt Pond

Located near the village of Owia on the northeastern coast of Saint Vincent, the Owia Salt Pond is worth visiting during a vacation to this island. This natural pond was formed by the lava from the Soufriere volcano. This lava cooled when it reached the sea, forming a small bowl where salt water accumulated. This pond always has new water as the waves continuously splash over the large volcanic rocks surrounding it. Even with the constant refilling, the pond remains at the same level.

Saint Vincent Grenadines Owia Salt Pond

A visit to the Owia Salt Pond can be a worthwhile adventure to learn more about Saint Vincent's history. This part of the island is home to the Black Caribs, the indigenous people of this island. The pond is also a great place for a therapeutic bath, as many believe its warm, salty water has healing properties. In the area around the Owia Salt Pond, you'll find a gazebo, fire pits, showers, park tables, and benches. The grounds here are well-maintained, which is a plus as well.

Top things to do in the Grenadines

Travelers to Saint Vincent & the Grenadines are often thrilled to discover that this territory comprises several islands. Most of the smaller islands can easily be reached via Saint Vincent. Here are some of our favorite Grenadine islands and some of the fun things you can do while there:

14. Tobago Cays

The Tobago Cays are among the most popular islands in the Grenadines. Five small islands make up the Tobago Cays in the southern Grenadines. These uninhabited islands are only accessible by boat. A visit to this area tends to focus on the Tobago Cays Marine Park, which all these islands are a part of.

Tobago Cays Saint Vincent Grenadines

Image credit: Peter Krocka/Shutterstock.com

The Tobago Cays are protected by the surrounding reefs, which means that most of the time, the water is calm and clear. This is great news for beach lovers, especially those wanting to snorkel or scuba dive. The coral gardens that can be found all around the Tobago Cays are vibrant, healthy, and rich in marine life. While diving around the Tobago Cays, you'll likely encounter sea turtles, stingrays, barracuda, and many reef fish.

Expert tip: During your Saint Vincent vacation, you can stay on the mainland and take a day trip to the Tobago Cays. This is one of the most exciting excursions on the island, and you'll likely see many other boaters along the way.

15. Canouan

If you've got island-hopping on your agenda, one of the stops you will want to put on your list is Canouan. This little island is about 25 miles (40 km) south of Saint Vincent and is just 3.5 miles long and a quarter mile wide. Don't let its small size fool you, though; this island has some pretty impressive beaches, like the Grand Bay Beach and the South Glossy Bay Beach. The water near Canouan is quite calm, thanks to a barrier reef that protects the island's Atlantic side. This is great news for divers!

Canouan Island Saint Vincent Sailing Boats

Image credit: Pawel Kazmierczak/Shutterstock.com

There are a few hiking opportunities on this island as well, like the one to the top of Mount Royal on the north side, which has amazing scenery. On clear days, you can admire amazing views of the island of Saint Lucia.

16. Mustique

Mustique, a private island in the Grenadines, can only be visited with prior approval from the Mustique Company. However, if you plan properly, it is a worthwhile spot to explore. Mustique is said to have been quite popular with royals like Princess Margaret, who loved spending holidays there.

Saint Vincent Grenadines Mustique

Image credit: Nicolas VINCENT/Shutterstock.com

Mustique is considered a luxury island, about 2.2 square miles in size. You can usually spot it as you travel around the Grenadines by boat. On shore, you can lounge on beaches like Macaroni Beach and ride on horseback.

You may spot some celebrity guests while on Mustique. Fortunately, the vibe is so chill here that you'll probably forget to be star-struck. If you plan to spend a day on Mustique, planning this adventure well in advance is a good idea.

17. Bequia

Bequia is only about seven square miles but is still the second-largest island in the Grenadines. Pronounced "Beck-way, " this charming isle is a popular destination for yachters. With lots of quiet beaches, some of which are among the most gorgeous in The Grenadines, Bequia can make a great island-hopping stop or day trip from Saint Vincent.

Bequia Beach Saint Vincent

Image credit: Nancy Pauwels/Shutterstock.com

Bequia is a lush and picturesque island where bougainvillea flowers can be seen almost everywhere. The presence of these flowers adds to the island's beauty and charm. If you plan to visit Bequia, some of the top places to explore include Port Elizabeth, the island's primary commercial center on Admiralty Bay. On the south side of this town, you'll find several restaurants and small shops to explore. Additionally, you can visit the Bequia Maritime Museum to learn more about the history of SVG.

If you want adventure while on Bequia, go to Princess Margaret Beach on the south end of Port Elizabeth. This is one of the prettiest beaches in The Grenadines. Lower Bay is another popular beach choice that is perfect for snorkeling. These two beaches are separated by a rocky outcrop.

Before you leave Bequia, you can even do tours like The Firefly Plantation Tour. This tour opens the way for discovery, and you'll get to taste plenty of fresh fruit along the way, including guava, coconut, breadfruit, bananas, and mangos. As part of this tour, you can see a 280-year-old sugar mill and try making juice by crushing sugar cane.

18. Union Island

One of Union Island's most stunning features is its dramatic volcanic peaks. These might stand out to you as you make your way to this island, which is also the southern port of entry for Saint Vincent & the Grenadines. Union Island is also the optimal gateway to some other islands in this region and a great place to go kitesurfing.

Union Island Saint Vincent Grenadines

Image credit: Umomos/Shutterstock.com

There are two main villages on Union Island: Ashton and Clifton. If you want to go hiking, you'll probably want to head to Ashton, where some of the best hikes on this island start. For a more touristy stop, head to Clifton, where you'll find shops, restaurants, a marina, and an airport. In addition to water sports adventures, Union Island can be a good place to enjoy upbeat island nightlife.

Expert tip: If you plan to visit Saint Vincent & the Grenadines in early summer, consider taking a day trip to Union Island to watch turtles on the beach.

19. Mayreau

Walkable and welcoming, Mayreau is the smallest inhabited island in The Grenadines. This island is just 1.5 square miles, so exploring it all will take little time. There is no airport in Mayreau, so the only way to get there is by boat. The population of this island is just under 300 people, most of whom live in a village in the Station Hill area. It is possible to take a ferry directly from Saint Vincent to this island.

Mayreau Gardens Saint Vincent

Image credit: Larwin/Shutterstock.com

A visit to Mayreau can be ideal if you're looking for a fun day trip or an interesting stop to include on your island hopping itinerary. This island has a quiet, laid-back feel and is most known for its beautiful Salt Whistle Bay on the coast. There, you'll find the most amazing ivory-white sand beach surrounded by vibrant greenery. Paired with the aquamarine waters and idyllic palm trees, a beach day and visit to this island can be truly blissful!

20. Happy Island

There's an exciting story about how this 'island' off the coast of Union Island in the Grenadines came to be known as Happy Island. It was so named by Janti Ramage, a well-respected artist, builder, and visionary. This isn't your average island, though! Janti's Happy Island is made of conch shells, exposed coral rock, and other assorted odds and ends!

Happy Island Saint Vincent Grenadines Aerial

Image credit: evenfh/Shutterstock.com

We totally get that this requires some explanation. Janti's house and bar are made from conch shells he collected from various beaches nearby. Most of these would have been shells thrown out by local fishermen after harvesting the 'conch meat' from inside. Conch meat is quite a local delicacy, but disposing of these shells can become a real problem -- this is where Janti came in. He collected many shells and combined them with other materials to create a flat platform, forming an incredible little island.

If you're planning a vacation in SVG, a visit to Happy Island is highly recommended. This man-made island boasts a bar, patio, and palm trees, making it a truly unique attraction. Be sure to check it out.

Things to do in Saint Vincent for an exceptional getaway!

Saint Vincent is much more than just powdery sands, palm trees and laid-back living. Though for some this would probably be enough for the ultimate island retreat, this island offers more, including a chance to explore volcanic landscapes, lush forests, historic buildings, gorgeous beaches, and a wonderful archipelago.

Sandals Saint Vincent Grenadines SSV

Vacationing in a nature lovers' dream destination like Saint Vincent calls for fantastic accommodations. To reduce the stress of planning a vacation, opt for an all-inclusive experience. Adults-only resorts like Sandals Saint Vincent offer a chance to indulge in a world of inclusions that will set the tone for an amazing vacation. Think fabulous suites, diverse dining options, day and night entertainment, unlimited land and water sports, and so much more. All of these experiences (and much more!) will be just the start of an unforgettable vacation.

Good to know: Saint Vincent offers a great range of accommodation options at different price points. By booking all-inclusive resorts in Saint Vincent, you'll pay for everything upfront, so you can focus on enjoying your vacation without any worries.

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