How To Pack For a Couple’s Getaway: A Guide for Men

A romantic weekend away is a wonderful chance to connect with your partner, enjoy each other's company and explore some of the world’s most fabulous destinations. But coming up with your romantic weekend packing list can prove a little troublesome.

If you’re wondering how to pack for a honeymoon, or what to take on a romantic weekend away, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll take you through a few essentials, as well as one or two extras you might appreciate when you’re setting the scene for a night of romance.

This is how guys should pack for a weekend getaway

Think About Your Capsule Wardrobe

It can be tricky to decide what to wear on a weekend away or a last minute vacation, particularly as there are only a few days and we know you’ll want to dress to impress. However, packing for a romantic mini break doesn’t have to be a stressful task.

The simplest way to pack is by thinking about a capsule wardrobe. It’s best if you have a few staple items in neutral colors that you can wear with anything. For example, a sharp white shirt, or a pair of chinos that would be suitable for both daytime as well as more dressed up evening attire.

Creating your capsule wardrobe can be great fun, and you’ll likely have a few suitable items of clothing already. Play around with different outfit choices and come up with a few options for each day, which you can vary according to weather, activity or dress codes.

Check Out The Dress Code

If there’s one piece of advice we definitely recommend you follow, it’s this one. Many hotels or all-inclusive resorts have some type of dress code, particularly when it comes to dining in the evening. Even if you’re headed to the tropics, you’ll likely find that trousers and shirts are required at dinner. In some places a jacket may also be needed.

Take a look at your hotel’s dress code, which will be published on the website, before you pack. Many hotels have a few different restaurants, each of which may have its own distinct dress code. A general rule of thumb is that the higher end the restaurant, the more formal the dress code.

Make sure you read up on the hotel’s expectations before you travel, as you won’t want to miss out on the most romantic restaurants simply because you don’t have the required attire in your suitcase. It’s always best to be prepared.

Does Adventure Await?

Once you covered all the bases in terms of daytime wear and formal clothes for the evening, you’ll want to think about your romantic weekend entertainment. Are you an adventurous couple who might enjoy a trek through the mountains? Or, would you be interested in a day out doing some water sports?

If you’re thinking of trying out activities like these, it’s worth taking any relevant equipment that you already own with you. Of course, that doesn’t include a full dive suit or water skis.

Don’t Forget The Footwear

The right shoes can make or break an outfit. So, when you’re busy folding and preparing your formal evening wear and casual daytime garments, make sure you think about what you’ll be putting on your feet, too.

For a weekend break you won’t need a whole load of different options. Grab a pair of sandals for the beach, a comfortable pair of sneakers for exploring and something sharp for dinner. Then, you’re good to go.

Let Me Entertain You

Are you and your partner a more relaxed pair? If so, you may be headed to the beach for a few days of peace and quiet.

Make the most of your time by chucking a few things to entertain yourselves into your case. We’re thinking great books, a travel speaker for your romantic tunes and of course a few inflatables. Extra points if these include cup holders for your cocktails.

The Element of Surprise

Packing isn’t just about clothing. You might be wondering what to bring in your suitcase to surprise and delight your significant other. If you’ve got plenty of room in your luggage, you should definitely include a few gifts for your partner. You could even bring a diamond ring, if you’re thinking of getting very romantic while you’re away.

If you’re on a weekend break, space might be limited. So, we’d advise you contact your hotel in advance to arrange a gift that can be left in your room before you check in. We’re thinking a petal bath, beautiful bouquet of roses on the bed and of course a chilled bottle of champagne on the balcony.

If you’re on your honeymoon, make sure you let the hotel know in advance. You’ll likely find that your hosts have left you a little treat when you arrive.

For The Romance

If you really want to impress your partner, you’ll need them to know that you’ve gone all out for this special romantic trip. Make them feel special by adding a few thoughtful items to your luggage. You can’t go wrong with a beautiful scented candle, a handful of silk rose petals, and a luxurious massage oil.

Now, are you ready to pack for your romantic weekend away?

Whether it’s a special trip just to spend time together, an anniversary celebration or your once in a lifetime honeymoon, you can’t go wrong if you follow our simple guide to packing for a couple’s getaway. Bon voyage!

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