Recommit In Paradise: The Perfect Beach Vow Renewal Ceremony

Love that stands the test of time is the ultimate goal for most marriages. Many couples who choose to walk down the aisle truly do hope to be together for a lifetime. As time progresses, some people opt to have vow renewal ceremonies to showcase how much they still love each other after years of being together.

There are many ways to go about a vow renewal ceremony. While some couples might choose to recreate their wedding day, others prefer to try something completely new. Either way, a beach vow renewal ceremony is a popular choice for couples as these events tend to combine simplicity, beauty, nature, and love on the grandest scale.

If you and your spouse are considering celebrating your love with a beach vow renewal ceremony, here’s what you need to know:

What is a vow renewal ceremony?

A vow renewal ceremony is an event that symbolizes recommitment. Many couples choose to have ceremonies of this nature in the years following their wedding to symbolize their continued commitment to each other. Married couples can choose to renew their vows at any time but people typically do so as a 10, 25, or 50-year anniversary gift idea. Some couples choose to have their ceremonies much earlier on in their marriages and vow renewals are usually performed on the couple’s wedding anniversary date.

Vow renewal ceremonies can range from simple events that include just the husband and wife to larger affairs that include friends and family. Generally, the guest list for a vow renewal will be much smaller than for a traditional wedding, although some immediate family and close loved ones might be included on a vow renewal guest list.

A vow renewal ceremony is a chance to recommit to your spouse and celebrate your marriage in a way that you might not have been able to before due to a number of factors, such as finances, deployment, or work obligations. Vow renewals are also popular with couples who had intimate elopements, and now want to have a ceremony with their families present. No matter how you look at it, vow renewals are the perfect opportunity to start fresh and to show love.

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The perfect Caribbean destinations for your vow renewal ceremony

There are so many incredible islands to choose from for a vow renewal ceremony! Though all of these islands have similar features — sand, sea, tropical beauty, and ambiance — they’re all very different in their own right. For example, some islands are more laid back with a focus on nature-oriented experiences, while others are more high-energy with lots to do night or day.

Whatever your preference, you’re bound to find a Caribbean island that’s ideal for your beach vow renewal ceremony. Here are some of our favorite options:

Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia is an exquisite island in the southwestern Caribbean Sea. It is located between Martinique and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Saint Lucia is a top choice for the wedding and honeymoon crowd because it is considered one of the most romantic islands in the Caribbean. Naturally, it appeals to couples wanting to have vow renewal ceremonies as well.

Pitons Mountains Saint Lucia

Image credit: Vyshnivskyy/

If you’re looking for relaxation, beauty, and adventure, this lush, green island should definitely be at the top of your list. While in Saint Lucia, you’ll be able to enjoy amazing diving and attractions like a drive-in volcano at the Sulphur Springs, where you can have a natural mud bath, and the world-famous UNESCO World Heritage Site Piton Mountains, which are great for hiking. North to south, there are plenty of beaches on this island too, leaving you with lots of options on where to stage your beach vow renewal ceremony.

Insider tip: Want to see what it would be like to be married or to have a vow renewal ceremony in Saint Lucia? Read about how the Chens' dream wedding was brought to life in Saint Lucia (and at the last minute!). You can also consider making arrangements for all-inclusive stays in Saint Lucia for your special day.

Nassau, Bahamas

Nassau will make a stunning backdrop for your beach vow renewal ceremony. This Caribbean city is the capital of The Bahamas and it is the perfect choice for couples who want a destination wedding that is not so far from home. From U.S. destinations like Miami, New York, and Los Angeles, Nassau is 50 minutes, 2 hours and 25 minutes, and 5.5 hours away, respectively.

For some, this destination may be close to home, but it will still be everything paradise should be. Nassau, and The Bahamas in general, are known for having some of the best beaches in the world (such as Cable Beach), even some with pink-hued sand. Can you think of a better place for a couple destined to be together for a lifetime to have a romantic time in the Caribbean?

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Jamaica, Jamaica… oh, how we love you Jamaica! Paradise in true form, Jamaica is the perfect vow renewal ceremony location for couples who want it all. From waterfalls to picture-perfect beaches and amazing hiking trails, you will have lots of things to do in Jamaica during your vow renewal vacation.

As one of the largest and most popular Caribbean islands, expect lots of accommodation options when it comes to all-inclusive stays in Jamaica, including resorts with Over-the-Water Chapels that can be perfect for your vow renewal ceremony. Jamaica is known and loved for its natural beauty, especially attractions like Mayfield Falls and the Dunn’s River Falls, so be sure to visit as many as you can while there.

Good to know: Jamaica, which is located south of Cuba and west of Haiti, has the most Sandals Resorts of any Caribbean destination. All of these properties have their own personality and each is made for couples in love!

Turks & Caicos

Turks & Caicos is a group of islands in the southwestern Caribbean Sea, north of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Your beach vow renewal ceremony will be well placed here, especially if you want to bring the family along. This territory has some of the best family-friendly all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean!

The Turks & Caicos Islands are amazing for vacations of all kinds, but especially for vacations for couples in love. In these islands, you’ll be able to tweak your ceremony just the way you’d like, whether you’re looking for something super luxurious or low-key. The Turks & Caicos Islands have a multitude of amazing beaches (like the famous Grace Bay Beach), so you won’t have a hard time finding a really great beach location to host your vow renewal ceremony.

Expert tip: Before or after your vow renewal ceremony, try some water sports like paddleboarding, kayaking, snorkeling, and more, which will be included if you’re staying at an all-inclusive resort in Turks & Caicos.

Beach vow renewal ideas for an extra special Caribbean celebration

There’s no better place to get a fresh start than on the beach while looking out onto the seemingly endless ocean. The atmosphere is breezy, the backdrop phenomenal, and the ambiance romantic. These are just some of the reasons to have a beach vow renewal ceremony! If you’re planning one in the Caribbean, here are some fun ideas:

Host a welcome party for you and your guests

A welcome party will be perfect for setting the mood at your beach vow renewal ceremony. Consider it a replacement for the rehearsal dinner that would typically come with a wedding. Generally, vow renewal ceremonies aren’t as fancy as weddings, so it's fine to have a more low-key welcome party for you and your guests.

For your vow renewal welcome party, you can host a simple dinner with drinks, or have a casual barbecue on the beach.

Hire a photographer

Photos are an exciting part of any special occasion, and finding the right photographer will be critical to capturing the best moments. You can choose which parts of the ceremony you’d like the photographer to cover — the actual ceremony, welcome dinner, other events, or all of the above.

Beach vacation vow renewals will give you plenty of photo ops and the right photographer will be able to capture the right moments with little, if any, guidance from you. Some resorts include the option to add wedding photography to your package. This can pose a great opportunity, especially if you’ll be having a destination wedding.

Perform a Unity Sand Ceremony

A Unity Sand Ceremony is a traditional ceremony where the bride and groom (or in the case of a renewal, the husband and wife), each pour sand from two separate jars into a single jar. This gesture and the ceremony itself represent unity and the idea of the couple coming together as one. This can be a lovely add-on to your beach vow renewal ceremony, especially for couples who’ve just gotten past a rough patch, or those who desire a visual representation of their bond as a couple.

Unity Sand Ceremony Beach Wedding

Image credit: nadtochiy/

If you want special jars, you may need to bring these along with you to your destination, but it will be easy to collect the sand for yourself at your resort. Sand Ceremony jars also make a great keepsake that you can treasure for a lifetime.

Spa day ahead of the big day

Wedding vow renewals are a big deal, so treat them that way. Just like you would likely have pampered yourself ahead of your wedding, spare no efforts with your vow renewal.

As beaches are the epitome of relaxation, focus on incorporating beachy elements to make this experience as peaceful and passionate as possible. If you’ll be staying at Sandals Resorts, you can start with a simple soak in a Tranquility Soaking Tub or with a full-on spa day. Arrange massages and facials for the two of you and pencil in time for dolling up hair and make-up. For this special occasion, you’ll both definitely want to look and feel your best.

If family or friends will be attending the ceremony, you can even get them in on the fun with your spa day. This can help set everyone at ease for a more enjoyable event.

Insider tip: Sandals Red Lane® Spa has many attractive options for your vow renewal spa day, including spa treatments like the ‘Scents of Love Couples Massage’, the ‘Himalayan Salt Stone Massage’, the 'Caribbean Glow Treatment’, and more.

Bar hop for a new take on the Bachelor party

As part of your beach vow renewal ceremony, you can make plans for some bar hopping, which should definitely spice things up. As vow renewal ceremonies (unlike weddings) don’t typically involve bachelor/bachelorette events, this will be a way you can still have some fun together as a couple.

Some all-inclusive resorts make it possible to do bar/pub crawls without having to leave the property. These include many Sandals Resorts, which have multiple bars including swim-up bars that you and your spouse can enjoy with or without other invitees. All the bars and restaurants at Sandals Resorts have a different vibe or overall theme, so this is sure to be a fun experience.

Insider tip: Sandals Montego Bay is the resort where the party never stops! This all-inclusive property has up to 12 restaurants and 6 bars (including swim-up bars), making it the perfect place to enjoy your vow renewal bar hop.

Incorporate some adventure

What better way to bring two people closer together than with some adventure? Let your beach vow renewal ceremony reignite your sense of exploration! If you’re open to it, you’ll be able to try new beach activities like kayaking, scuba diving, snorkeling, water skiing, paddle boarding, and more within your resort, before or after your ceremony. Water sports at Sandals are all included, so you’ll definitely be able to try as many as you want.

Out of the water, you can try things like horseback riding, hiking, riding dune buggies, zip-lining and so much more. What you can do largely depends on the island you choose for your ceremony. Definitely get family and friends in on the fun as well for some lasting memories.

Expert tip: Ocho Rios is a great place to stay in Jamaica for your vow renewal ceremony if you’re an active couple who loves the outdoors! Zip-lining, bobsledding, river tubing, and horseback riding tours can all be found in this area. Not to mention, there are awesome all-inclusive resorts in Ocho Rios where you can enjoy your vow renewal vacation to the fullest.

Start planning your Caribbean vow renewal ceremony now!

After years of marriage, a special vow renewal ceremony will certainly feel like magic! Before getting to that point though, you’ll need to start planning. As you plan, don’t forget to look into some of the most romantic suites in the Caribbean, which can set the right tone for your stay.

If you’re looking into all-inclusive stays in the Caribbean, look for resorts that offer great vow renewal packages and lots of other activities to get into during your vacation. Sandals Resorts offers personalized and stunning beach vow renewal packages that can be as simple or as elegant as you desire. You can make arrangements for your ceremony and leave the planning to the experts, leaving you both more time to enjoy your vacation and each other.

Expert tip: If you’re not sure where to start planning your beach vow renewal ceremony, our guides on planning a beach wedding and a Caribbean beach elopement will definitely help!

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