Coco Plum Beach Is Calling Your Name!

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Bahamian beaches have earned a reputation over the years for being among the most beautiful in the world. The silky strands sprinkled over this territory of many islands are so alluring that people from all over the world flock to The Bahamas for all-inclusive Caribbean vacations.

Of the many amazing beaches in The Bahamas, Coco Plum stands out for many reasons. This beach is on Great Exuma, one of the many islands that make up the tropical archipelago of The Bahamas. Great Exuma is the largest island in the district of Exuma, which consists of about 365 islands and cays.

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Coco Plum Beach, on the northeast side of Great Exuma, is serene and breathtaking. From the soft, white sand to the clear, calm, and shallow water, you won’t be able to get enough of Coco Plum Beach and its hypnotic appeal. There is even a famous swing set couples come to this beach to use for great photo ops!

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Coco Plum Beach - Paradise epitomized

Beach vacations come with promises of relaxation, serenity, peace, fun, and all the things hopeful beachgoers look forward to on tropical shores. Coco Plum Beach in The Exumas is one of those beaches where you might actually have a chance to have it all. Here’s what else you can expect:

See some of the most beautiful vistas in the Caribbean

You might hear Coco Plum Beach being described as one of the best beaches in the Caribbean. A quick look at the photos and videos of this beach that are available online might confirm this for you. If you’re still a little skeptical, you’ll definitely become a firm believer once you see this sandy shoreline and seemingly endless clear blue water up close. You’ll hardly believe that you have made it to paradise and that it’s yours (dynamic views included!) to enjoy for the duration of your stay. Coco Plum Beach lives up to its reputation.

Low tide is perfect for exploring

There are a few things that make Coco Plum Beach truly unique. One of them is that the water is super shallow, especially during low tide. This feature makes Coco Plum Beach the perfect spot to collect sand dollars and spot sea creatures like starfish. There are usually lots of conch shells along the beach as well, which become more visible at low tide.

Coco Plum Beach The Bahamas Great Exuma Ocean Sandbaar

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Low tide on Coco Plum Beach allows you to walk for miles on the sandbar in extremely shallow water. In fact, the water probably won’t get above your waist as you explore this area. In addition to being quite shallow, the ocean is typically clear and warm regardless of how far you venture out. This makes it a great option for families, especially kids who want to get some snorkeling practice in.

Take your pick of leisurely activities

It won’t take long to transition into a blissfully peaceful state of mind once you get to Coco Plum Beach in Exuma. As you scope the striking white sand and turquoise blue waters, you might find yourself wondering what to do first.

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If you arrive during low tide, you can start with a photoshoot on the famous pair of wooden swings on this beach. The swing set is built right in the swallows and makes for exquisite vacation pictures with a cool beach backdrop. It can be romantic as well just to swing a bit while holding hands with the love of your life, sharing an intimate moment.

Aside from the swings, snorkeling is also an option at Coco Plum Beach. The shallow waters here make it an ideal spot for newbie snorkelers. Or you can just get your lounge on, dipping into the refreshing waters every time you need to cool off!

Coco Plum Beach is perfect for a low-key beach escape

Coco Plum could definitely be considered a hidden gem. It is amazingly beautiful, and because it’s a little out of the way, it really doesn’t get that crowded. Coco Plum also has a bit of a rugged, deserted island feel with little to no infrastructure around. This means there are no bathrooms or changing facilities, so keep that in mind as you plan to spend the day here.

Coco Plum Beach The Bahamas Great Exuma Ocean View

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As you’re planning your visit to Coco Plum Beach, it is also important to note that there aren’t any restaurants or beach bars nearby. You’ll want to bring your own food and drinks for a picnic lunch. On the upside, there’s free parking along the beach and no entrance fee to worry about!

How to get to Coco Plum Beach

Coco Plum Beach is about 40 minutes away from George Town in Great Exuma. If you’re making your way to this beach on your own from there, you’ll need to drive northbound along Queens Highway. While heading north, you’ll pass the Exuma landfill on the left, at which point you can start looking out for signs marking the Barraterre area on the right.

When you get to the road leading to Barraterre, go straight past it then turn onto the next road. There will be a blue, concrete ‘Coco Plum Beach’ sign here and you’ll be able to follow that road straight to the beach. Expect the road to be a bit rocky and uneven. Drive slowly, and carefully. There are usually locals around that you can ask for directions if you need help, or you can consider visiting this beach as part of a tour, which may be the easier option.

Bonus chapter: Other things to do in the Exumas!

The Exumas are great for adventures of all kinds, especially those involving the sun, sea, and sand. Great Exuma and Little Exuma are connected by a bridge, so it is easy to travel between the two islands, which have a combined area of 72 square miles. Even though these islands are on the small side, you’ll still be able to find lots to do while there.

Pet the pigs on Pig Beach

A vacation in Exuma is the perfect opportunity to meet the swimming pigs of The Bahamas. These pigs are quite famous, and you’ll figure out why just as soon as you set up a tour to visit Big Major Cay (Pig Island) in Exuma.

As part of your tour, you’ll get to hop on a catamaran headed for Pig Island, which is home to a colony of feral pigs that will swim out to greet you upon arrival. Big Major Cay is uninhabited, so the pigs pretty much have the island to themselves. There are about 50-60 pigs on the island, and you can commonly see them photographed and shared on social media.

Big Major Cay is about 50 miles from George Town, so you’ll need to charter a boat, take a water taxi, or sign up for a tour if you want to enjoy this island adventure.

Play golf on a Greg Norman Championship course

While Great Exuma may be small compared to other islands in The Bahamas, this isle is home to one of the most beautiful golf courses in the Caribbean. The oceanfront golf course at Sandals Emerald Bay is among the best golf courses in The Bahamas and will allow you to play an 18-hole, par 72 on a lush peninsula in paradise. This award-winning Greg Norman-designed course has hosted numerous golf tournaments, such as the Bahamas Great Exuma Classic, and a PGA TOUR-sanctioned Korn Ferry Tour event. There is also a full-service golf shop on-site and golf lessons are available if you want to improve your game!

Expert tip: You can check out these and other amazing things to do in Exuma and things to do in The Bahamas if you’re in the mood for adventure!

Visit Exuma’s other white sand beaches

Three Sisters Beach

If you’re looking for a quiet beach that’s good for relaxing and not necessarily swimming or sunbathing, then look no further than Three Sisters Beach. This relatively secluded beach is not as popular as others in Exuma for swimming as the waves here tend to be quite large. The views are amazing though, in particular the large rocks here known as the Three Sisters. These are just off the shoreline of the beach.

Three Sisters Beach The Bahamas Aerial

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The sand on Three Sister’s Beach is white with tinges of pink, which can definitely make this location feel a bit more romantic if you’re going as a couple. A major plus of this beach is that there’s lots of shade and room to explore.

Tropic of Cancer Beach

Tropic of Cancer Beach in The Bahamas is sometimes referred to as Pelican Beach. This strand is near the south end of Little Exuma, and many people consider it to be one of the prettiest beaches on the island. One thing is for certain, Tropic of Cancer Beach is the longest beach on this little island, and it will be perfect for taking a romantic stroll that leads to the locally owned cocktail and food bar in this area. Cocktails in hand, you and your someone special will be able to watch the sunset together on this picture-perfect beach that is rarely crowded and always memorable.

Tropic cancer beach Little Exuma Bahamas

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Jolly Hall Beach

Jolly Hall Beach is often very high on the must-visit list for travelers to The Exumas. This is a great spot to spend a couple of hours swimming and enjoying the seashore. This beautiful beach is quite extensive, and on most days, it can feel like you’ve got the whole beach to yourself. The scenery at Jolly Hall has a “wow” effect that you’ll want to enjoy multiple times if you’re on vacation in this area. Snorkeling at Jolly Hall is highly recommended as the water is clear and calm most of the time, and the nearby coral reefs are pretty fascinating. Jolly Hall Beach is about 8 minutes from George Town and just around 40 minutes from Coco Plum Beach.

Jolly Hall Beach The Bahamas

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Hoopers Bay Beach

You’ll have so many beach options in The Bahamas that you really will need to make some tough decisions on which ones to visit while there. Hoopers Bay Beach can be worth a visit, especially if you want to see sea turtles and giant starfish. The turtles here are friendly and might even come up to you while you’re there. They can usually be spotted between the two piers on this beach. Hoopers Bay Beach is about an 8-minute drive from George Town and is next to Jolly Hall Beach.

Hoopers Bay Beach The Bahamas

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Stocking Island

There are many wonderful islands and cays in The Bahamas to visit. Stocking Island is one you’ll definitely want to see. Off the east coast of Exuma, it will take about 5 minutes to get to this island by boat. It is possible to take a water taxi to get to the island from George Town for around $15 USD round trip.

Stocking Island THe Bahamas

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Upon arrival to Stocking Island, you can expect beautiful views, a beach with shallow water, tide pools, sand dunes, and pretty neat snorkeling. Sometimes there are curious stingrays in the shallower areas that are friendly enough for the most part! Proceed with caution and heed the instructions of your tour guides if you go here as part of an excursion. There’s a restaurant on this island as well-known as Chat N Chill and it is a great place to try conch salad for the first time!

When is the best time to visit Coco Plum Beach?

Although there’s never a bad time to hang out on the beaches there, there is a particular time of the year that is the best time to visit The Bahamas (the Exumas, in particular). Generally speaking, mid-November to May is a good time to visit Exuma. This is the busy tourist season for this island, and there’s usually a lot more going on at this time.

Coco Plum Beach The Bahamas Great Exuma Ocean Swings

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Coco Plum Beach is best enjoyed when the tide is low. Unfortunately, the tides can be a bit difficult to predict. Luckily, you can check the tide chart for Steventon, Exuma, and that can provide some guidance. High tide and low tide tend to alternate every 5 hours or so, so keep that in mind as well.

The beauty of Coco Plum Beach is waiting for you!

The Exumas are an awesome region for anyone who appreciates a stunning beach. While you will have many opportunities to enjoy the gorgeous shorelines here, Coco Plum Beach is one stop that you shouldn’t miss! You can stroll along this gorgeous stretch of white sand beach, then pause to have a romantic photoshoot on the swings. Or explore the ocean floor at low tide and collect sand dollars along the way. With such calm, beautiful waters and powdery white sand, this beach will definitely be one of the highlights of your trip!

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