Meet The Swimming Pigs of The Bahamas

We all know that pigs can’t fly. But did you know that they can go swimming?

That’s right, our porcine friends actually have some quite impressive aquatic abilities. If you’re visiting the Bahamas soon, you’ve got to take a trip to see some of the island’s most famous residents, the swimming pigs.

The swimming pigs of The Bahamas are well-known amongst islanders and tourists alike, and with good reason. You’ll find them hogging the waters of the lovingly named Pig Beach, on the coast of one of the most beautiful regions of The Bahamas: the Exumas.

How Do I Find the Swimming Pigs?

There’s nothing quite as exciting as the sight of seeing pigs lapping up the sunshine as they take a swim in the oceans off of pig island, so we bet you’ll be itching to find out how you can get there to see them in all their glory.

Well, you’ll be pleased to know that these pigs aren’t shy. In fact, they’re relatively easy to find. They inhabit Big Major Cay, which is one of over 365 islands that make up The Exumas. The island’s location is 82 miles from Nassau, and 50 miles from neighboring George Town. Thanks to its famous residents, though, Big Major Cay is most often known as Pig Island.

As the pigs are so popular, nearby all-inclusive resorts arrange trips to see the animals, so tourists can get up close and personal with some of the most famous Bahamian residents. If you happen to be staying at Great Exuma’s Sandals Emerald Bay, arranging your day with the swimming pigs is a breeze.

The safari trip takes place on a luxury custom-designed PowerCat boat, and also offers travelers the chance to snorkel and sunbathe at a few different destinations across the Exuma islands. It’s a wonderful way to explore all twenty lesser-known cays of the Exumas, but of course the Pig Island stop is the pièce de résistance of the day!

As soon as you reach the famous pig beach, you’ll catch a glimpse of the swimming pigs in action. This family of hogs are very friendly, and are often caught swimming up to passing boats where they tend to receive a few treats for their troubles.

Where Are The Exumas?

The Exumas are a chain of small islands, which make up part of The Bahamas. These miniature islands boast breathtaking white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and fabulous scenery. You can opt to stay on the Exumas themselves, or you can take a day trip there from nearby islands if you prefer. It’s just a short hop from Nassau, and makes a great day out as part of your tropical adventures.

Can I Swim With The Pigs?

You’ve heard all about swimming with dolphins, but what about swimming with pigs? Well, anything goes in the Bahamas. Pig beach is the go-to place for this unusual vacation activity - and it’s definitely one you’ll remember for a long time to come.

While the swimming pigs are feral, they are incredibly friendly. They’ll let you swim right up to them and they may even paddle over to see you too. The swimming pigs are wonderful, intelligent creatures and they’re used to human company, despite their island having no full-time human inhabitants.

You can even grab a few photos of yourself swimming with pigs - how’s that for an impressive Instagram snap of your travels? Once you meet these cute little critters, we guarantee you’ll fall in love.

How Did The Pigs Get There?

The swimming pigs of the Bahamas are not native to the region, which is why you’ll only find this family of hogs stretching their trotters on one tiny island. There are a few different theories as to how the pigs got there.

Some people claim that they were on a ship that wrecked, and managed to scavenge for food on the island and flourish in their new home. Others think that pirates may have dropped the pigs off there, planning to come back later and turn them into bacon, and never returned. But if one thing’s for sure, the pigs are very happy with their new home.

As a few pigs have fallen by the wayside in recent years, healthy pigs have been brought in to continue the swimming pig tradition. As long as visitors and islanders respect their porcine friends, we’re sure they’ll be lapping up the beach bum lifestyle for many years to come. Just remember, the pigs are wild animals and their safety is paramount. So don’t be tempted to feed the pigs or give them a taste of your rum punch!

So, you’ve heard all about the mysterious yet lovable swimming pigs of The Bahamas, we bet you can’t wait to get out there and see them for yourself.

No matter where you’re staying in The Bahamas, you’ll be able to arrange a trip out to see the swimming pigs. We hope you love your time swimming with pigs in the Bahamas - it really is a magical, once in a lifetime experience.

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