Keep Your Worries at a Distance with Sandals Resorts Vacation Assurance

Sandals Resorts and Beaches Resorts add an industry-first “vacation assurance” for every guest — making travel planning more worry-free than it’s ever been.

The words are practically gospel in the Caribbean. “No problem. No worries.”
Anyone who’s ever enjoyed a vacation at a Sandals or Beaches Resort can attest that the words come from the heart — with meaning and with a genuine smile.

In its 40 years, Sandals Resorts International (SRI) has made hundreds of bold moves to continually exceed the expectations of guests. The latest move is among the boldest of all. Every guest from the U.S. who makes a reservation through December 31 to stay at a Sandals or Beaches Resort will receive the most comprehensive vacation protection program ever offered. It’s called Sandals and Beaches Vacation Assurance.

It’s simple. If a guest’s trip is interrupted by a COVID-19 related travel interruption while on property, not only will they be cared for at no extra charge during the required quarantine period, they will be given a replacement vacation, including airfare.

Picture: A couple walks side-by-side down the expansive white sand beaches at Sandals Royal Bahamian - in love and worry-free.

Yes, a replacement vacation and replacement airfare of up to $500 per person.
Insurance is included too. It’s assurance. As is COVID-19 testing to meet any government requirement for travel, right in the comfort of the resort. Meaning there’s no fee. There is nothing between the lines to read when planning your next luxury-included vacation. It’s as clear as the Caribbean water.

“We want to remove any uncertainty from the planning and travel process so each guest can totally relax,” says SRI Executive Chairman Adam Stewart. “We have been safely welcoming back hundreds of thousands of visitors and our resorts’ strict Platinum Protocols of Cleanliness are in place to ensure that guests can focus on what truly matters — quality time in the Caribbean with the ones they love the most.”
No problem. No worries.

It’s a no-brainer.

Picture: The vast open space off of Sandals Grande Antigua’s spacious Caribbean beach.

The confidence comes from listening to thousands of guests who have experienced the freedom of the resorts over the past year. They’ve come for the wide-open spaces. For the infinite ocean views. For the options to dine at as many as 16 restaurants. For the seclusion of bungalows over the water, suites in the sky, rondovals next to hourglass-perfect sand, and soaking tubs in private gardens.

“We didn’t think about anything other than being in the moment,” says Brittany Lewis, who just returned home from Sandals Emerald Bay with her husband and another couple. “If anything, we wish we could have stayed longer.”

Picture: An aerial shot of the main pool at Sandals South Coast.

Instead, they booked a trip to Sandals South Coast for early 2022. And now, they happen to have the Sandals Vacation Assurance Plan included with the drinks, meals, activities, and five-star luxury.

It’s important to understand what everyone in the Caribbean knows about Sandals. The company does not follow trends. It leads. The comfort of the guest is always the number-one priority. Always. That’s why Sandals and Beaches have the most employees, the most cuisine options, the most acreage, and the most amazing locations.

Yet the past 18 months have exemplified Sandals’ leadership in travel like never before. While hospitality businesses in the Caribbean remained at a standstill, Sandals began to prudently open its resorts, one by one. When the first guests returned to Sandals Grande Antigua in June 2020, the staff literally cried. Tears of joy.

It was as if the entire Caribbean could exhale.

Picture: Sandals Resorts’ Platinum Protocols of Cleanliness revolutionized sanitization practices for the hospitality industry.

Sandals paved the way for the vacation comeback by leaning on two hallmarks: innovation and strategy. That’s what led to this industry-first Vacation Assurance Program, which itself is an outgrowth of Sandals’ Platinum Protocols of Cleanliness.

The Sandals team created best in class protocols now being used industry wide. For guests of Sandals and Beaches, safety measures kick in at the airport and continue to the transfer through to the entire resort experience. In suites, quality inspection teams adhere to a three-point cleaning system on dozens of touch points, and then they actually seal the doors shut until the guests break it themselves. At the bars, restaurants, and common areas, even untouched surfaces are disinfected by staff every 30 minutes — that’s right, even if no one has touched them.

“The property is cleaner than my house, way cleaner,” says Lewis, “and I’m a neat freak. In a lot of ways, I feel safer at the resort than I do in my own community.”
In fact, the safety strategies worked so well that Stewart openly shared the details of Sandals’ planning and implementation with other resort operators in the Caribbean. As a proud Jamaican, he wants hospitality to thrive in the entire region — not just at Sandals — safely.

Picture: A couple strolls along a wooden pier surrounded by bright blue water and flourishing coral at Sandals South Coast.

“We are Caribbean. It’s where we live, it’s where we grew up, it’s where we work, so we all want what’s best for our region,” says Stewart. “Most of all, we would never compromise the safety of our guests or our team members. Never.”

In August, Jamaica alone welcomed its 1 millionth visitor since the island reopened to travel a year earlier. That traveler, a woman who’d flown in from New York, who’s smile was hidden behind her mask, exuded the joy in her eyes. It’s the same look you see on the face of each guest at Sandals, especially recently. It says, “I’m so relieved to be here.”

Picture: A lounging couple sips on fresh cocktails by their private pool just outside their butler-suite.

No problems. No worries.

And, with the Sandals Vacation Assurance along for the ride, there are no concerns.
Ask any of the thousands of guests who have escaped to a Sandals or Beaches Resort will tell you: How was it?

“The freshest, cleanest air I’ve ever breathed.”
“The freshest, cleanest ocean I’ve ever waded into.”
“The freshest, cleanest suite I could ever imagine.”
“The trip of a lifetime, no question.”

Again, the biggest question is this basic: When are you coming to the Caribbean?

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