New To Sandals: 6 Experiences That Make Sandals Saint Vincent Stand Out

The opening of Sandals Saint Vincent on March 27, 2024, is highly anticipated and marks a new chapter in all-inclusive travel. Built on the principles of balance, discovery, nature, wellness, community, and exclusivity, this resort showcases the beauty and rhythms of Saint Vincent through carefully selected activities that engage all the senses. The resort's exquisite accommodations and exclusive amenities will further enhance your stay and create a nourishing and enchanting environment.


We invite you to explore, unwind, and connect with a community of like-minded guests while indulging in handpicked experiences at Sandals Saint Vincent. Let's dive into the extraordinary events that await you!

1. Arrive in style

When you arrive at Argyle International Airport (SVD), you will receive a complimentary airport transfer designed to provide you with peace of mind and a seamless welcome. Your luggage will travel with you, so no worries there. We’ve also got you covered with a selection of refreshments, including local beer, water, and packaged snacks.


Our Butler guests are escorted to the resort via exclusive boat transfers. Sandals Resorts staff are always on hand at the arrival pavilion to provide immediate service and assistance with luggage. You can soak in the beauty of Sandals Saint Vincent as you’re led to a beachfront lounge, where you can take it easy and enjoy the attention and high-end service that will define the rest of your stay.

If you're a Club or Luxury guest, you'll be met with lively Caribbean music in the main lobby upon your arrival, setting a festive tone. Our friendly staff will offer you a signature drink and a light local snack, showcasing the warmth and hospitality that Sandals is renowned for. You can relax at one of our on-property restaurants and get into the right mindset for an extraordinary vacation.

2. Embrace the great outdoors

Discovering a new destination can be an amazing way to connect with the environment. At Sandals, we are committed to providing organic outdoor experiences that engage all your senses and offer a deeper understanding and appreciation of the destination. Come explore, relax, and create unforgettable memories with these exclusive activities:

Bat cave kayak

Paddling through the calm waters, with the caves only a short distance from the resort, reveals a mysterious world. Here, the silence of nature is only disrupted by the gentle sound of oars and the distant echoes from within the caves.

Sunset paddleboarding


As the sun sets and disappears below the horizon, the sky becomes a beautiful blend of orange and pink, creating a peaceful and captivating moment. Glide across the still waters of the Caribbean Sea as it turns into a mirror, reflecting the sky's transformation and providing a moment of tranquility and a sense of connection.

Scenic bike tours


Cycling around the resort is a great way to relax and explore. The guided bike tours showcase the resort's hidden treasures, from rare and beautiful flowers to stunning viewpoints. It's an opportunity to take a break from the hustle and bustle of life, breathe in the fresh air, and create lasting memories of the island's charm by taking photos along the way.

Worthwhile vacation extras: Guided hikes on Saint Vincent by Island Routes are an exhilarating way to explore Saint Vincent's lush landscapes. The journey to Table Rock, Three Pond Falls, and the Montreal Gardens reveals the island's breathtaking natural beauty. Every step is a discovery of its thriving ecosystem, making it a must-do excursion for nature lovers.

3. Get a taste of Saint Vincent

Dive into the heart of Saint Vincent with experiences that not only tantalize the taste buds but also deepen your appreciation for the beauty and flavors of this magnificent destination.


Interactive classes

Interactive classes at the Beach Club or Overwater Pavilion promote local agriculture by using fresh produce such as fruit, breadfruit, aloe vera, and peppers. The classes are held three times a week and include activities like salt making, tastings, and crafting a signature cocktail. You can dive into Saint Vincent's flavors and culinary traditions by joining these hands-on sessions.

Poolside treats

We bring the true essence of Saint Vincent's agriculture directly to you in the most refreshing way possible! Four times a week, our ‘pop-up carts’ will offer you a selection of locally grown fresh fruits, golden apple juice popsicles, and frozen bananas dipped in island-grown cocoa. This initiative showcases the island's rich agriculture and provides a delightful and accessible way for you to indulge in delectable local delicacies.

4. Immerse yourself in art and nature

The Botanical Art activity is a perfect blend of nature appreciation and creativity. It takes place twice a week at the family-style Hearth Restaurant or the Riverside Pavilion, offering a unique experience that shines regardless of the weather. You will go on a guided flower walk, where you will learn about local plants and the island's renowned botanical gardens. This immersive journey includes visiting the greenhouse to pick flowers you can use to create suncatchers or soap. Create a few personalized souvenirs and cherish your memories of this destination for years to come.

5. Appreciate liquid sunshine

We understand that the idea of rain on your vacation might seem less than ideal, but let us reassure you that rain in the Caribbean is a fleeting affair, often brief and infrequent. Our innovative approach to liquid sunshine ensures that even on those rare rainy days, your getaway remains uninterrupted and filled with cozy, memorable activities that celebrate the unique charm of Caribbean showers.

Rain concierge

Sandals Saint Vincent offers a Rain Concierge service that turns those rare rainy days into opportunities for cozy indoor fun. You can enjoy the soothing sound of rain while indulging in delicious snacks, playing games, and reading books, all delivered straight to your door.

Rain relaxation experience

For those seeking tranquility, the Rain Relaxation Experience combines the natural melody of raindrops with guided yoga and stretching. Held in serene locations like the Over Water or Riverside Pavilion, it's a session that enhances relaxation against the soundtrack of nature.

Rain dance

The Rain Dance event at the Beach Club is a unique celebration that turns the weather into a feast for the senses. You can dance in the rain, accompanied by our pop-up drummers. At night, we step things up with colorful lighting and drum paint!

Island trivia bingo

Island Trivia Bingo is a lively indoor game that combines the fun of bingo with trivia about the history of the Caribbean, rum, pirates, and more. It is an engaging way to connect with the culture of Saint Vincent and the wider region while mingling with the rest of the Sandals community.

Insider tip: Sandals Saint Vincent’s Rain Photo Shoots offer a unique opportunity to capture your vacation memories with a dramatic backdrop of rain. Add an artistic touch to your holiday snapshots!

6. Create nights to remember

Evenings at Sandals Saint Vincent are transformed into nights to remember with an array of nighttime events designed to suit every preference. From rhythmic beats to tranquil settings, every night brings something new. Whether you want to sway to the Caribbean tempo or gaze into the cosmos, your evenings at the resort will be filled with wonder and enjoyment.

Carnival sunset party

The Carnival Sunset Party at Sandals Saint Vincent is a weekly event that takes place at the Beach Club. It celebrates Caribbean culture, featuring live calypso music, fire dancers, and delicious local cuisine. This upbeat event lets you enjoy vibrant island culture set against a breathtaking sunset.

Movies under the stars

Movies Under the Stars is a weekly event that offers a unique cinematic atmosphere. You can enjoy films under the night sky on either the beach or a landscaped lawn. You’ll watch movies that reflect local or Caribbean culture, an experience that will be hard to find elsewhere! Sip on a chilled cocktail from the open bar and make yourself comfortable in one of our cozy seating areas.

Sip & paint

Once a week, Sip & Paint sessions take place by the beach or riverside, giving you a chance to embrace your creativity while enjoying the celestial wonders. You’ll paint while listening to local legends or gazing at the stars through a telescope. It’s a great setting to learn about astrology and explore the wonders of the night sky.


Weekly Stargazing is held at the beach or riverside, allowing you to explore the cosmos at your own pace. With the help of telescopes and our team’s expert knowledge, you’ll unveil the mysteries of the night sky and end your evening on a peaceful note.

Exquisite accommodations at Sandals Saint Vincent

Sandals Saint Vincent’s exquisite accommodations are designed to elevate your stay with rooms and suites unlike any other across our Sandals Resorts. From the serene bliss of Over Water Villas to the personalized wellness journey in our Fitness Rooms, every detail has been thoughtfully curated for your comfort and delight. Prepare to be captivated by Sandals Saint Vincent's accommodations' distinctive charm and exclusive offerings.



Over Water Villas

The Over Water Villas at Sandals Saint Vincent provide a unique communal living experience. Enjoy a more lively and social stay with a floating lounge in the ocean equipped with a cooler and a small slide.

The Chef's Table experience allows guests to indulge in fresh, exquisite cuisine together. It features surprise delights, wine pairings, and fresh seafood like lobster and conch, elevating all-inclusive dining to new heights.


Fitness rooms

The Fitness Rooms are equipped with modern amenities that allow you to maintain your wellness routines in style. From the convenience of your suite, you’ll have access to a television library of fitness classes, a Technogym bike, yoga mats, stretch kits, and free weights, providing you with everything you need for a comprehensive workout.

Scented cold microfiber towels, wellness shots, and fresh juices are also available in your fridge to enhance your wellness and cater to your health and fitness needs.

Media rooms

Media Rooms provide a comfortable and cozy space for guests to unwind and enjoy some entertainment. The Club Level offers top-notch speakers with Bluetooth connectivity and warm blankets to enhance your viewing. At Butler Level, you can enjoy these amenities and more, ensuring extraordinary entertainment during your stay at the resort.

Exclusive amenities at Sandals Saint Vincent

Amenities available in all guest rooms

At Sandals Saint Vincent, all guests receive a warm welcome in their rooms with complimentary snacks and a bottle of rum to indulge in. Our rooms feature advanced TV capabilities for streaming content, as well as a meditation and sleep app, ensuring that entertainment and relaxation are always at your fingertips.

We’ll also start you off with a signature cocktail, Rum with Coco Water, and a recipe card so you can recreate the drink at home. Games are also available on request to further enhance your in-room relaxation.

Expert tip: We provide two large umbrellas in each room so you can comfortably explore the resort, regardless of weather.

Exclusive butler amenities

Our Butler Rooms provide tailored service that goes beyond the ordinary. Before you even arrive, your personal butler will reach out to you to help plan and organize your customized vacation itinerary. We want to ensure that your stay is shaped to your preferences, so we pay attention to every detail.

Butler Rooms also embrace an ‘island-inclusive’ concept, letting you choose between a unique dining experience or an off-site beach picnic at a surprise location near the resort. Picnics, which include fresh local light bites and beverages, can be accessed by kayak, trike, or boat transfers. It is a perfect way to enjoy the natural beauty and flavors of the island in an intimate setting.

Sandals Saint Vincent: Where every stay is an adventure

Every aspect of your stay at Sandals Saint Vincent is meticulously designed to ensure an unforgettable escape. From the moment you arrive to the final sunset, this resort promises a vacation filled with discovery, relaxation, and homegrown experiences.


Whether you're seeking adventure, a taste of local culture, or simply a peaceful retreat, the newest Sandals all-inclusive resort could be your gateway to an unforgettable Caribbean escape. We invite you to explore Sandals Saint Vincent and indulge in these special adventures, each crafted to make your stay truly memorable.

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