Rick’s Café In Jamaica: Enchanting Sunsets, Daring Cliff Jumps & Great Vibes

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Rick’s Café in Negril is known for many things, especially its breathtaking sunset views and daring cliff jumping opportunities. From the time you book your flight to Jamaica, if not before, you will hear rave reviews of this clifftop café. The first establishment of its type in the area, this eatery and bar has grown in popularity over the years.

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The allure of this Jamaican café lies not only in its awe-inspiring surroundings but in its culinary offerings and social scene. Occasionally there are live bands that play here which really add to its appeal. Whether you’re bold enough to try some cliff jumping, want to just watch the pros have a go at it, or you simply want to enjoy some delectable cuisine and tropical cocktails, you’re bound to find something worthwhile to do at Rick’s Café!

If you’re planning on visiting Rick’s Café during your Jamaica vacation, read on for what to expect!

Expert tip: Other than cliff jumping in Jamaica and indulging in amazing sunsets views, there are tons of amazing things to do in Negril. A great way to start your Negril adventure is by checking out some of the best restaurants in Negril.

About Rick’s Café

Established in 1974 by Richard Hershman (aka Rick), Rick's Café Bar and Restaurant was the first public bar on the West End Cliffs in Negril. The Seven Mile Beach was gaining popularity at that time and this was quite a welcome addition. When the café first opened, Negril had not yet become such a well known tourist location. Then, it was still a quiet fishing village that attracted visitors who mostly wanted to find somewhere scenic to spend some time at the seashore.

Ricks Cafe Montego Bay Jamaica

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September 1988 saw Hurricane Gilbert ravage and drastically affect the island of Jamaica. There was much loss of infrastructure on the island, including Rick’s Café. Rising from the metaphorical ashes, the café was rebuilt in an even more spectacular fashion than before. Another Hurricane (Ivan) greatly affected the café again sixteen years later, on September 11, 2004. The owners of this spot held firm to their resolve and determination and rebuilt again — even bigger than it once was! Today, Rick’s Café stands on a 1.5 acre property, still atop the 35-foot high cliff that affords all who visit the most amazing views overlooking the ocean.

Things to do at Rick’s Café

Cliff diving at Rick’s Café

Other than the amazing views, one of the top things visitors go to Rick’s Café for is the cliff jumping. This is a popular activity in Jamaica and you can get up close to the action at Rick's Café. If you're brave enough, you can even try this exhilarating activity for yourself. This will entail jumping off cliffs of varying heights into the refreshing, cool, ocean water below. Once you do it once, you might find yourself wanting to try out all the jumps for an even greater adrenaline rush.

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If you don't feel like taking the big plunge, that’s perfectly alright. You can just secure a comfortable spot where you'll be able to get the best views of others jumping. Cheer on the cliff jumpers who are quite experienced and know how to keep the crowd entertained. Some cliff jumpers are particularly daring and will climb up the trees on the edge of the cliff and plummet into the waters below! If you want to cliff jump or watch the action at Rick’s Café, the best time to go there is between the hours of 2 pm - 4 pm.

So, how exactly do you go about cliff jumping in Jamaica? Well, that's a good question that is probably best answered with observation. If you’re new to cliff jumping, it’s a good idea to watch others do the jumps first, then make up your mind if it's something you want to try after. Many of the locals who cliff dive at Rick’s Cafe do so daily. By watching, you will be able to see the best and safest places to jump from and how to get out of the water once you jump in as well. Ask questions before jumping in so you're comfortable and can do so confidently and safely.

Good to know: Even beginners can have fun cliff jumping in Jamaica. All you need to do is find the right location. The lower cliffs at Rick's Café are about 10 feet high, making them suitable for most people who're just starting off. It is also important that you know how to swim before going cliff jumping!

Watch the sun set over the cliffs at Rick's Café

There’s hardly a better place in Jamaica than Rick’s Café to take in a wondrous Jamaican sunset. Known for its stunning views, this is widely considered to be one of the places to see the best sunsets in Jamaica. If you choose to enjoy this experience at Rick's Café, it can indeed be one of the highlights of an unforgettable romantic vacation.

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As Rick's Café is located right on the cliff edge, the sunsets here can be quite surreal. If you want to take in the sunset from this location, it's a good idea to get there early. The earlier you go, the better the seats you may be able to secure for this experience. Quite a lot of people choose to spend the afternoon at Rick’s Café relaxing and taking in the cliff jumping scene, then cozying up later in the day to watch some color mixing in the sky!

Insider tip: Adults-only all-inclusive resorts are the perfect destination for romantic honeymoons in Jamaica. Resorts like the beachside Sandals South Coast stand out for couples who want an intimate and luxurious honeymoon filled with all the island frills Jamaica has to offer!

Other things to know about Rick’s Café

There are lots of reasons to be enthusiastic about a visit to Rick's Café. This exceptional cliffside eatery and bar has quite a lot to offer, from entertainment and great views, to tasty cuisine and adrenaline pumping fun. Visitors to Jamaica can have the Rick's Café experience with no entry fee required. This means that you’ll only need to bring money for food and tips if you want to show some appreciation to the local cliff divers. Tips are optional though!

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If you plan on going to Rick's Café with a large group, you may need to book a table. It is also possible to book a cabana for the day. These are located near the pool and seat up to 10 people. If you plan on going swimming while at Rick's Café, don't forget to bring your swimwear, a towel to dry off, and an optional change of clothes.

Good to know: Not sure what to order at Rick's Café? Start with the famous Jamaican Red Stripe Beer or perhaps some cocktails. Sampling Jamaican food like the delicious jerk chicken is highly recommended.

How to get to Rick’s Café

While there are a few ways that you can get to Rick's Café while in Jamaica, catching a taxi might be the easiest option. A taxi will pick you up straight from your resort to get to this location. There are quite a few hotels and resorts within 5 to 10 minutes of this café and so, it won't be hard to get here at all if you stay at one of these. If you’ll be staying a bit further away, you can explore Rick's Café by way of a tour. One of the popular options is the Island Routes Rick's Café Experience.

If you choose to go with a tour like the Rick's Cafe Sunset Experience offered by Island Routes, you can expect this tour to take around 2.5 hours. With the Rick's Café tour, you can get to this location just in time to watch the sunset. The Mini Routes Drive Your Own Adventure to Negril excursion is another option to explore Rick's Café. This tour literally puts you in the driver's seat of a mini cooper as you follow a guide to famous Jamaican landmarks and locations. Ricks Café is one of the stops along the way where you’ll be able to see the daring cliff-jumpers, take some pictures, and enjoy the food and stunning views.

Other than these, the next best option to visit Rick's Café would entail renting a car. There is a parking lot at the café, which makes this a convenient option. Rick's Café is close to most of the popular Negril resorts, and about 90 minutes by car from the hotels and resorts in Montego Bay. Consider distance and other factors before making your decision on how to get to Rick's Café during your vacation.

Good to know: For guest safety, there are professional lifeguards and security personnel on duty at Rick's Café at all times throughout their operations.

Rick’s Cafe Negril: An authentically Jamaican experience

Going to Rick's Café is definitely one of the top reasons to visit Negril Jamaica. This is one of the best places to go on the island for a couples’ adventure. Ricks Cafe in Negril, Jamaica has in the past been voted one of the top ten bars in the world and this alone is a great reason to go!

Ricks Cafe Cliffs Jamaica

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If you plan on going to Rick's Café in Jamaica, then you'll probably want to stay somewhere that isn't too far from this attraction. There are quite a few Negril resorts that will put you near this café and there are other popular Jamaica points of interest you may want to check out while you’re in the area. Sandals Negril is a great option where couples can enjoy an adult-only environment and plenty of quality inclusions. You can easily arrange tours and excursions through this resort to explore destinations like Rick's Café or simply unwind on the property, relishing in the all-inclusive dining options, day and night entertainment, and the perfect ambiance for a romantic getaway.

Insider tip: The adults-only Negril resorts and the all-inclusive resorts in Montego Bay are ideal for couples who want a romantic vacation. Here’s how you can go about getting from Montego Bay to Negril.

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