16 Popular Foods & Drinks You Must Try When In Saint Lucia

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Good food is at the heart of every vacation even for people who don’t necessarily consider themselves to be foodies. There will be lots of time to eat during your vacation in Saint Lucia, and so it is important that the place you choose to stay has lots of delicious options on offer.

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Islands like Saint Lucia are a great choice for travellers who want something a little different on their dinner plate, and it all starts with an immense love for local cuisine filtered down by the locals, to visitors on the island.

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There are loads of cultural influences packed into the finish of many Saint Lucian dishes, including British and French inspiration – the island was famously 7 times British, and 7 times French. Many meal options are infused with herbs and spices, including nutmeg and cloves, which are notably ‘traditionally’ British. There are also long-lost influences from the Amerindians, who were the original inhabitants on the island. The Amerindians were known to live off of fruits, vegetables, and other homegrown foods.

While in Saint Lucia, look out for items like green figs and saltfish, bouyon, cow heel soup, curried meats, grilled fish, lobster, and more.

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Six traditional Lucian main dishes
Five traditional Lucian side dishes
Four traditional Lucian snacks
Traditional Saint Lucian desert
Popular Lucian Drinks

FAQs about Saint Lucia food and drinks

Six traditional Lucian main dishes

Green figs and saltfish

When cooked right, this dish is hearty and wonderful. It is considered the national dish of Saint Lucia and is made by cooking salted cod and green bananas separately, and then combining them on a plate in the end in just the right proportions. During the cooking process, the green bananas are boiled, and then sautéed with vegetables and spices. The salted cod is often boiled a few times to get out the excess salt, and then stewed with vegetables and spices.


Bouyon Soup

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Bouyon is a hearty and tasty soup you can have in all varieties in Saint Lucia. Many local restaurants sell it on certain days of the week, but at some places like the Castries Market you can pick up a bowl of bouyon on most weekdays. Various meats are featured in bouyon dishes including lamb, beef, pork, and saltfish. Other ingredients include sweet potato, pumpkin, yam, carrots, and more.

Smoked herring and breadfruit

Smoked herring is stewed with local seasonings for this dish, and then served up with cooked breadfruit and cucumber salad. The breadfruit is cooked until tender, and pairs well with the herring, and the cucumber salad is the perfect finish. Have your smoked herring and breadfruit with a tasty and cold local juice for the full effect.


Conch dishes on a plate

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Conch is popular in many Caribbean islands, and in Saint Lucia this delicacy is often referred to as lambi. The preparation style varies island by island, and in Saint Lucia the dish is often made Creole style, which involves the conch meat being seasoned with lots of spices, and then pan fried. Lambi is popular with both locals and visitors, and worth a taste while on island.

Black pudding (Boudin)

Black pudding

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Black pudding is an acquired taste, but those who love it, really love it. You can try this for the first time while in Saint Lucia, where there are lots of spots offering well put together variations. Essentially, black pudding is made with herbs, spices, sometimes rice, and pig’s blood. Some people are thrown off by the ingredients, while others swear this is simply the best thing they’ve ever tasted. When it’s served up, it’ll probably just look like a sausage, and you’re best off finding a good version of this by going based on local feedback and the popularity of the venue that you choose.



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Pepperpot is a popular Caribbean dish, and one taste can lead to you wanting to figure out just how to make it yourself. Even though the name may suggest otherwise, pepperpot isn’t necessarily a spicy dish, but peppers are often used including pimento peppers for flavoring. Other ingredients include onions, garlic, cinnamon, brown sugar, thyme, cloves, orange peel, cassareep and more. Various meats are often included in pepperpot recipes, including cow foot, oxtail, turkey, beef, goat meat, and pork. Some people also use lamb or chicken – it really depends on the ingredients you have at your disposal. Pepperpot is often served up with homemade bread.

Five traditional Lucian side dishes

Callaloo soup

Callaloo soup

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Callaloo soup is something you won’t be able to put down once you taste a spoonful; it is healthy, delicious, and just overall comforting. This soup includes ingredients like callaloo, okra, potatoes and garlic. Some people throw in seafood, or small cuts of meat. In some instances, you’ll find coconut milk broth being used to balance out the flavor and drown out the taste of stronger spices.

Cow heel soup

Cow Heel Soup Cow Saint Lucia Food

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A combination of dumplings, carrots, yellow split peas, cow heel, okra, and other ingredients result in the mouth-watering cow heel soup. Cow heel soup is said to be an aphrodisiac and a hangover cure. Be sure to get a bowl full before the end of your vacation in Saint Lucia. The Castries Market is a great place to get a hot bowl of cow heel soup at lunchtime.

Fried plantains

Fried plantains

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Fried plantains are addictive, and you’ll find this Caribbean staple on your plate at many local restaurants in Saint Lucia. Whether you just want something to snack on, or a delicious side that can be incorporated into anything from steamed fish dishes to jerk or barbequed meals, fried plantain is sure to hit the right spot.



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Cornmeal, pumpkin, cinnamon, sugar, and dry coconut are some of the basic ingredients for local pemmie, and this is one dish you’ll see a lot, especially around Creole Heritage month in October. To make pemmie, the pumpkin is first cooked and mashed, and then the other ingredients are added in. After mixing, the batter is scoped by the spoonful onto a sterilized banana leaf. The banana leaves are heated so they don’t tear during the wrapping process. The squares of wrapped pemmie are then tied with banana straws and thread, just as you would a Christmas gift with ribbon, so the wrapping does not come off. After that it’s put into water to be boiled. The leaf changes to a brown color when cooked, and the mixture inside will be firm and delicious.

Cassava Bread

Cassava Bread Saint Lucia Food

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In Saint Lucia you can experiment with a number of different flavors of cassava including chocolate, cherry, and saltfish. These flavors and others are available at Plas Kassav in Canaries Saint Lucia, which is a popular spot to pick up cassava bread. At Plas Kassav and at other local spots you can indulge in freshly baked cassava every day of your vacation.

Four traditional Lucian snacks


Accra Saint Lucia Food

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Accra, also known as fish cake or salt fish fritters is a popular local snack that you can pick up off most grills in Saint Lucia. It is made with salted codfish, vegetables and other ingredients through a deep-frying process that ends in it being golden brown and quite yummy.



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There are many ways to prepare breadfruit, and every single method results in something delicious. You can roast it, bake it, boil it, or fry it, and it is also sometimes dried and ground into flour. Breadfruit is an unexpected fruit, due to its appearance, but in Saint Lucia you’ll often hear it being referred to as a ground provision. It’s starchy, with a mildly sweet flavor. Breadfruit deep fried balls are a local favorite.


Bakes Saint Lucia Food

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The ingredients to make bakes are simple – flour, brown sugar, baking powder, salt, and yeast. Once you combine these ingredients, it just takes a bit of rolling and deep frying to get perfect Caribbean bakes. You won’t have to worry much about making these yourself while in Saint Lucia though, most food vendors sell bakes, and if you really can’t find good bakes, try the Gros Islet Friday night street party where you can pair your bakes with barbequed chicken or grilled sausages. Bakes are also super tasty when stuffed with cheese or pretty much anything you’d put in a regular sandwich.

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Avocado balls


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Avocado balls are one of those things you simply must try while in Saint Lucia. They are popular especially around Creole Day observed annually at the end of October in Saint Lucia, but during other times of the year you may still find them on your plate at local restaurants. Avocado balls are made with avocados and processed cassava, in the form of farine. A bit of salt and pepper perfect this dish, which is often presented as both a snack and a side dish.

Traditional Saint Lucian desert

Banana bread


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Whether it’s homemade or store-bought, banana bread is a top choice for dessert in Saint Lucia. Also known as banana cake, often ingredients include nuts, spices, and of course banana, the main attraction. It’s considered a healthier alternative to a regular cake, but it’ll still satisfy your sweet tooth or dessert craving.

Popular Lucian Drinks

Rum punch

Rum Punch

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Rum punch may just end up being your go-to drink in the Caribbean, as there’s a special appeal in the way these easy cocktails are made in the islands. It may be because of the many options of great local rums available in the islands, including many full-bodied varieties, or the fact that the mixes often include fresh local ingredients infused with spices, but rum punch just tends to be better in the Caribbean!

Cocoa tea

Cocoa Tea Saint Lucia Drink

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Hot bakes and cocoa tea are the go-to comfort duo in Saint Lucia, but even cocoa tea on its own is quite alright. Cocoa tea is the hot chocolate of the Caribbean – albeit a healthier alternative. It is less fatty, and creamy, and a little more bitter. Many people add a sprinkling of nutmeg and/or cinnamon over top for added flavor.

Piton beer


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Have yourself an ice-cold beer while sprawled out on a local beach catching some rays. Piton beer is the most popular local brand in Saint Lucia, and this pilsner beer will satisfy your thirst, and leave you wanting to taste more of the island. Piton beer is named after the world-famous world heritage site in Saint Lucia, the Pitons, and hopefully your trip also includes a trip up these amazing peaks!

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FAQs about food & drinks in Saint Lucia

What is Saint Lucia’s national dish?

The national dish of Saint Lucia is green figs and saltfish which is also known as green bananas and salted cod.

What are the most popular foods in Saint Lucia?

Green figs and saltfish, grilled fish, lambi, bouyon, stewed meats, and other delicacies are popular dishes in Saint Lucia. Green figs and saltfish as the national dish of the island, takes the top spot.

What is a popular drink in Saint Lucia?

Anything cold will do on this often-humid island, but as far as drinks go, rum tends to be favored in Saint Lucia. You’ll encounter many small rum shops as you navigate the island, but whether you choose a rum shop, or an actual bar, rum punch is usually a good choice.

What is the best local beer in Saint Lucia?

Piton is the local beer in Saint Lucia, which is a pilsner beer that is named after the world-famous Gros Piton and Petit Piton mountains on the island.

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