The 62 Best Things To Do In The Bahamas For An Unforgettable Vacation!

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With over 700 islands and cays, hundreds of gorgeous beaches with white or pink sand, and plenty of things to do, The Bahamas is one of the best vacation destinations in the world. Northeast of Cuba and southeast of Florida, a vacation in The Bahamas can bring your beach vacation aspirations to life in the best way possible!

If you're wondering about when to go, the best time to visit The Bahamas is from mid-December to mid-April. This is the peak season for these islands and during this time there are usually more activities available. Even with that said, there's hardly a bad time to travel to The Bahamas as this destination has great weather pretty much all year round.

Whether you’ve already booked your trip or you’re just about to, here are some of the best things to do during a vacation in The Bahamas!

62. Shop at the Nassau Straw Market

Located: Nassau (New Providence)

Cost: Free to enter

Street market Bahamas

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An exploration of Nassau can begin at the Nassau Straw Market. At this local market, you can interact with locals, learn about Bahamian history and watch as vendors turn pieces of straw into the most artful and useful creations. The Straw Market is the perfect place to pick up souvenirs for friends, family, or even yourself. Popular items you might want to keep an eye out for include hand-woven hats, bags, and baskets. Bargaining is expected.

Good to know: The Nassau Straw Market is open daily from 8 am to around 8 pm. Most vendors accept USD, though it is more convenient to walk with smaller bills in local currency.

61. See Fort Fincastle

Located: Nassau (New Providence)

Cost: $1-2 USD

Fort Fincastle Cannons New Providence Nassau Bahamas

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There are a handful of historic forts that you can visit while in Nassau. That list includes Fort Fincastle on Bennet’s Hill, which was constructed in 1793 by Lord Dunmore. Back then, the fort was erected to protect Nassau from pirates. Today, tours of this inactive fort are available for a few dollars. This fort is quite small and doesn't require a lot of time to explore. It is best to do a tour of both the Queen’s Staircase (more details later) and Fort Fincastle in one day.

60. Take some pictures at Parliament Square

Located: Nassau (New Providence)

Cost: Free

Parliament Square Nassau Bahamas

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Strolling around Nassau is always a fun experience. There are so many things to do and see including visiting Parliament Square - this location is where you can find the House of Assembly, the Senate Building, and the Supreme Court of The Bahamas. Parliament Square is a great place to take photos due to the charming pink and white buildings with a style dating back to colonial times. The structures at Parliament Square have been around since the 1700s and 1800s.

59. Enjoy the view from Fort Charlotte

Located: Nassau (New Providence)

Cost: $6 USD for adults, $2 USD for children under 12

Fort Charlotte Aerial Nassau Bahamas Aerial

Image credit: Wangkun Jia/

Fort Charlotte is another cool fort you can explore in Nassau. Some people prefer exploring this fort as opposed to other forts on the island because there's more to see. Built in 1789, Fort Charlotte is the largest fort on the island of New Providence (100 acres). This fort has a moat, dungeons, underground passageways, and cannons (42 in all). Fort Charlotte was named after Queen Saharia Charlotte, wife of King George III.

Good to know: The best days to visit Fort Charlotte are Wednesdays and Fridays. From 11:30 am on these days, you can see actors in 18th-century costumes who really allow you to step back in time as part of the experience.

58. Have a day party at Junkanoo Beach

Located: Nassau (New Providence)

Cost: Free to visit

Friendas Cheering Beach Bahamas

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It won't cost anything to stroll the sands of Junkanoo Beach while vacationing in Nassau. This beach is loved by locals, and it is a convenient spot for visitors as well, particularly cruise ship passengers. Junkanoo Beach is about a 15-minute walk from Nassau Harbor. On the way to this beach from the harbor, you'll pass through a busy shopping area and right past the Nassau Straw Market as well. Once you get to Junkanoo Beach, you can simply relax on the beach, enjoy a horse ride, or visit one of the bars like Tiki Bikini Hut for an icy cocktail.

57. Shop at Port Lucaya Marketplace

Located: Freeport, Grand Bahama

Cost: Free to enter

Port Lucaya Marketplace Freeport Bahamas

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The lively Port Lucaya Marketplace is filled with shops, restaurants, and bars. Most islanders go there just for the bars. Port Lucaya Marketplace is right at the waterside and duty-free shopping is available. Activities are hosted daily at this location, from local music events and bingo nights to karaoke, dance, and talent competitions. Beer runs are hosted here every last Friday of the month.

Good to know: Taxi service is available near the Port Lucaya Marketplace. There’s also a casino nearby.

56. Visit Fort Montagu and have a drink at the outdoor bar

Located: Nassau (New Providence)

Cost: $2 USD

Montagu Fort Nassau Bahamas

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Fort Montagu is the oldest fort in The Bahamas still standing. This limestone fort was built around 1741, and today, it is one of the most visited national monuments on this island. Fort Montagu, like the other forts on this island, was built for defense purposes - in this instance, to help the British defend themselves against Spanish invaders. Fort Montagu overlooks the Nassau Harbour. During a tour here, definitely make some time for drinks at the outdoor bar nearby.

55. Visit the Pirates of Nassau Museum

Located: Nassau (New Providence)

Cost: $13 USD (Entrance fee)

Pirates Nassau Museum Bahamas

Image credit: Darryl Brooks/

The Bahamas has the most surprising pirate history and the Pirates of Nassau Museum is one of the best places to learn about it. Both entertaining and educational, the exhibits and displays here zero in on the pirate era. One of the most interesting presentations inside this museum is the replica of the pirate ship Revenge. This recreation has its own customized weapons and areas where guests can see what the living arrangements of pirates might have been like. Information on the battles fought by Caribbean pirates is also available at the museum, which is open Monday to Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., and from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Sundays.

54. Visit the Bahamas Historical Society Museum

Located: Nassau (New Providence)

Cost: $3 USD (Entrance fee)

Historical Society Museum Bahamas Nassau

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The Bahamas Historical Society Museum is a non-profit organization that collects data about the history of The Bahamas and works actively to preserve that information. At this museum founded in 1959 by Lady Arthur, the history and culture of the Bahamian islands is at the forefront. Lady Arthur was the wife of the former Governor General of The Bahamas, Sir Raynold Arthur. The Bahamas Historical Society Museum opens from Monday-Friday from 10 a.m.-4 p.m.

53. See the flamingos at Ardastra Gardens

Located: Nassau (New Providence)

Cost: Adults $18.75 USD, children are half price. Toddlers and babies are free.

Hero Ardastra garden zoo flamingos Nassau Bahamas

Image credit: Alisa_Ch/

Ever so graceful, pink flamingos inspire joy, happiness, and lightness. Fittingly, this is the national bird of The Bahamas. If you want to see flamingos up close while in The Bahamas, head to the Flamingo Encounter at Ardastra Gardens where a flamingo parade regularly takes place. You’ll be able to watch the birds strutting along or join in and take photos.

Good to know: More than 60,000 flamingos live in the southern district of Great Inagua, Bahamas. These birds live in the Inagua National Park, which was established in 1965.

52. Get a meal and some drinks at Arawak Cay

Located: Nassau (New Providence)

Cost: Free to visit


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For a more laid-back dining experience in The Bahamas, visit Arawak Cay where you can find a number of vibrant restaurants and charming huts that serve up local cuisine. There's almost always fresh seafood on the menu here including items like fried lobster and conch and grilled shrimp. Since conch is the national dish of The Bahamas, you're likely to find a variety of conch-inspired menu items on most days. Enjoy your meal here with a Kalik beer or a Bahama Mama. There are often live performances at this location. Arawak Cay is a short walk from the Western Esplanade of Nassau.

51. Have some rum cake at the Rum Cake Factory

Located: Nassau (New Providence)

Cost: Free to visit

Rum Cake Factory Nassau Bahamas

Image credit: Dee Browning/

Not only will you be able to taste local rum cakes at the Rum Cake Factory in Nassau, but you can also learn about the process of these cakes during a tour. The “original” rum cake recipes loved by locals and visitors alike in The Bahamas are said to have been inspired by George Bates from the U.K. These cakes have now become part of island tradition. Before this tour is over, you'd have likely already purchased some rum cakes to take home with you.

50. Have a drink at Cabbage Beach

Located: New Providence Island

Cost: Free

Cabbage Beach Paradise Island Nassau Bahamas

Image credit: Fedor Selivanov/

Cabbage Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in The Bahamas. This for sure explains its popularity, and why you probably won't be able to get enough of it while in The Bahamas. Cabbage Beach is easily accessible and great for relaxing and sunbathing. An experience here can include water sports like parasailing and jet skiing. There are bars near the beach where you can grab a drink and a quick bite as well. On windier days, the water on this beach can be a little choppy.

49. Climb the Queen's Staircase

Located: Nassau (New Providence)

Cost: Free

Queens Staircase Nassau Bahamas

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The Queen’s Staircase is also known as the “66 Steps”. This historic attraction built out of limestone was named after Queen Victoria. Going to see the Queen's Staircase can be worth it if you’re on a historical adventure in Nassau. The 66 Steps are located within the Fort Fincastle Historic Complex, and it is believed that hundreds of slaves back in the 18th century carved these steps out to create an escape route from the fort.

48. See the waterfalls at the Garden of the Groves

Located: Freeport (Grand Bahama)

Cost: Adults $15 USD, children $10 USD

Garden Groves Bahamas Freeport

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Winding nature trails, cascading waterfalls, and vibrant greenery - what more could you want from an outdoor excursion in The Bahamas? All of this and more can be found at Garden of the Groves, which makes for quite the action-packed experience. Although there is a lot to do here, including visiting a quiet chapel or the garden shops, the experience here still manages to be peaceful and wholesome. End your visit with lunch at the Garden Café & Bar for a day well spent.

Good to know: Garden of the Groves is open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., 7 days a week. This location includes a playground for kids.

47. Visit the Pompey Museum of Slavery & Emancipation

Located: Nassau (New Providence)

Cost: $3 USD

The Pompey Museum of Slavery & Emancipation is a 4-minute drive and a 6-minute walk from the port in Nassau. This museum is located on the original site of the enslaved person auction house in downtown Nassau, making for a very educational experience. The museum is named after a former slave, Pompey, who led a slave revolt. You'll learn quite a bit about the Caribbean slave trade during this experience.

46. Visit the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas

Located: Nassau (New Providence)

Cost: Adults $10 USD, children under 12 are free

National Art Gallery Bahamas Nassau

Image credit: Robert Szymanski/

The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas is a non-profit establishment created with a mission to preserve and showcase artwork ranging from traditional to contemporary. This museum is located in the Villa Doyle mansion on West Hill Street, Nassau, Bahamas. The maximum amount of people per tour group is 25. Tours are available from Tuesday to Friday, though arrangements can be made to visit on days not listed.

45. Taste some rum at John Watling's Distillery

Located: Downtown Nassau (New Providence)

Cost: Free

John Watlings Distillery Nassau Bahamas

Image credit: Lost Mountain Studio/

The John Watling's Distillery prides itself on connecting with customers, which might explain why it offers complimentary tours. During these tours, you can learn about the rum-making process and explore the property. John Watling’s Distillery is located at the Buena Vista Estate, and it is named after a pirate who had the nickname, “Spirit of The Bahamas”. There’s a variety of products available here including “Buena Vista,” vodka, and gin, which are produced on-site. Samples are available during the guided tour.

Good to know: The John Watling’s Distillery is a short walk from the Queen’s Staircase and the cruise terminal. It is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily except on holidays.

44. Enjoy the view from Elbow Reef Lighthouse

Located: Hope Town, Abaco Islands

Cost: Free to visit

Elbow Reef Lighthouse Hope Town Bahamas

Image credit: Sinn P. Photography/

Lighthouses are historic sites and visiting them is a great way to learn some of that history. One of the lighthouses worth visiting in The Bahamas is the Elbow Reef Lighthouse in Hope Town, Abaco. This is the only hand-turned kerosene-burning beacon left in the world, making it even more of a memorable sight to see. There are 101 steps here that lead to a 360° view of Hope Town and Elbow Cay.

43. Make your own chocolate at Graycliff Restaurant

Located: Nassau (New Providence)

Cost: Starts at $49.95 per person, $34.95 per child

Graycliff Hotel Nassau Bahamas

Image credit: photravel_ru/

Chocolate-making can be part of an exciting vacation in The Bahamas. To get right into an activity like this, consider visiting the family owned Graycliff restaurant. During chocolate-making tours here, you can learn to make your own chocolate and go home with some once you’re done as well. Before heading back to your resort, you can also try your hand at cigar making.

42. Have lunch with a view at Pink Octopus Restaurant

Located: Nassau (New Providence)

Cost: $50-100 USD

The views and the diverse menu offerings are what guests love most about the Pink Octopus Restaurant. You can have an outdoor meal on the patio at this restaurant soothed by the cool breeze from the beach. Try the Crispy Octopus, Conch Fritters, or Roasted Cauliflower for an appetizer, and work your way to entrees that include Lamb and Potatoes, Whole Roasted Snapper, and more.

41. Enjoy the live music at Island House

Located: Nassau (New Providence)

Cost: Varies

Island House is a versatile space that includes a cinema that showcases both blockbuster and art house films, restaurants, a café, a wine market, a lap pool, squash courts, and more. This spot sometimes hosts live music events, particularly on Thursday evenings. Island House is a good place to meet and mingle with locals and other visitors as you get to know more about The Bahamas.

40. Try your luck at Atlantis Casino

Located: Paradise Island

Cost: Free to enter

Woman Casino Bahamas

Image credit: Maridav/

The Atlantis Paradise Island Casino is one of the largest casinos in the Caribbean measuring around 60,000 square feet. Here you can enjoy poolside gaming with 700 slot machines and 80 game tables. Whether or not you plan on getting into the gaming action, this is a cool place to go for some entertainment while in The Bahamas.

39. Enjoy a beach day at Jaws Beach

Located: Nassau (New Providence)

Cost: Free

Jaws Beach Nassau Bahamas

Image credit: Paulharding00/

When heading to a Caribbean island, more likely than not you’re expecting to find phenomenal beaches. Jaws Beach is one of these, for more reasons than one. For starters, this beach is relatively shallow with crystal clear water and virtually no waves. It is just as beautiful in person as it is in photos. For another thing, Jaws Beach is quite famous. It was featured in the film ‘Jaws: The Revenge’. On Jaws Beach, not only can you enjoy a peaceful beach experience, but you’ll also gain some pretty epic bragging rights!

38. Have a lunchtime party at Señor Frogs

Located: Nassau (New Providence)

Cost: Varies

Bahamas Senor Frogs Nassau

Image credit: Darryl Brooks/

Señor Frogs in The Bahamas is all about entertainment. The atmosphere here is always fun and exciting, so this is a cool spot if you want to grab a bite and some drinks and relax with good entertainment. The shows at Señor Frogs are among the best you can find in The Bahamas and the bartenders will be sure to keep your glasses filled!

37. Take a picture at Versaille Gardens & Cloisters

Located: Paradise Island

Cost: Free to enter

Versailles Gardens Paradise Island Bahamas

Image credit: Erkki & Hanna/

If ever there was a photo that would forever remind you of the bliss of The Bahamas, it would be against the backdrop of Versaille Gardens & Cloisters. The gardens at this location are beautiful and the space is truly historic. Versaille Gardens & Cloisters overlooks the Nassau Harbour and there are multiple platforms/terraces and monuments of historical figures like Napoleon, Hercules, and Franklin D. Roosevelt.

36. Visit the Nassau Heritage Museum

Located: Nassau (New Providence)

Cost: $38 USD

Heritage Museum Bahamas Downtown Nassau

Image credit: photravel_ru/

The Nassau Heritage Museum is an engaging space that allows you to walk through Bahamian history. As you explore the various exhibits, you’ll see how the islands of The Bahamas have progressed through the years. The Nassau Heritage Museum includes displays and information about the pirate history of The Bahamas as well as the slavery era. As you delve into the information presented here with a guide, you'll see how the past has shaped the present-day Bahamas.

35. Explore Lucayan National Park

Located: Grand Bahama

Cost: Entrance fee of $5 USD, diving rates vary depending on the tour operator

Lucayan National Park Bahamas

Image credit: Karuna Eberl/

Established in 1982, the Lucayan National Park spans 40 acres. This is one of the major national parks in The Bahamas. Within this space, you can find thick forests, mangroves, beaches, and underwater caves. The underwater caves here are among the largest subaquatic cave systems in the world. If you get a dive permit, you can dive within this park.

34. Relax on Cable Beach

Located: Nassau (New Providence)

Cost: Free

Sandals Royal Bahamian Cable Beach Bahamas

Absolutely stunning, Cable Beach is one of the most popular beaches in The Bahamas. On this gorgeous beach, you can grab a sun lounger and get settled in for a few hours of pure bliss. You can choose to bring your own drinks and snacks along, or you can go to one of the neighboring eateries. Not only is Cable Beach a great place to enjoy some beach time, but there is also lots to do in the area with plenty resorts, restaurants, bars, and casinos nearby.

33. Have a night out at the Bahamar Casino

Located: Nassau (New Providence)

Cost: Varies

Bahamar Casino Bahamas Nassau

Image credit: Theodore P. Webb/

Scoring a vacation in The Bahamas could well be evidence that your winning streak has arrived. Test this out at the Bahamar Casino, which is the largest casino in the Caribbean. There are over 1000 slot machines in this casino and more than 100 tables to get your game on. Whether it's your first time getting some casino action in or you’re a regular high-stakes roller, this Bahamian casino has something to offer.

32. Shop at Bahama Hand Prints

Located: Nassau (New Providence)

Cost: Free to enter

The fabrics at Bahama Hand Prints are undoubtedly island inspired, making them perfect for a feel-good gift for yourself or a souvenir to take back home. This location is a small factory/boutique combination where screen printing is done by hand. You can watch some of the fabrics being created at this location and shop around for Bahamas inspired items.

31. Have fun at Aquaventure waterpark

Located: Paradise Island

Cost: Varies depending on whether you book in the low or high reason

aquaventure water park

Image credit: Vlad G/

The Aquaventure waterpark is a 141-acre water park with waterslides, a Rapids River, multiple pools, and more. This waterpark is ideal for families with kids or groups of friends and all you’ll need is a day pass for each person you'll be going with to get into the waterpark. Guests of Atlantis can enter the water park for free.

30. Go on a day trip to Blue Lagoon Island

Located: Blue Lagoon Island (day trip from Nassau)

Cost: $69 USD for adults, $45 USD for children

Blue Lagoon Island Bahamas

Image credit: Ramunas Bruzas/

Blue Lagoon is the island where you can dive with sharks, swim with dolphins, meet stingrays and sea lions, and snorkel all in the same day. This island is also known as Salt Cay and offers a range of programs that include these marine animals as well as sip and paint programs, Segway adventures, and shopping (gift shop). Blue Lagoon Island is just three miles from Nassau.

29. Taste Nassau's craft beer at the Pirate Republic Brewery

Located: Nassau (New Providence)

Cost: Free to enter

pirate republic nassau

There's a beer for everyone at the Pirate Republic Brewery! This craft brewery is one of the best in the Caribbean and it is the only one of its kind in The Bahamas as well. Located in Nassau, the Pirate Republic Bar’s offerings include drafts like the Gold & Haze of Piracy, Island Pirate Ale, and a chocolate malt called the Black Beer’d Stout. At this pirate-inspired location, be prepared to learn a bit about the pirate history of this island while sipping on some crisp, cold brews. Delicious Caribbean cuisine is also available. This spot is open from 11 am to 11 pm.

28. Enjoy dinner at Café Matisse

Located: Nassau (New Providence)

Cost: $25-100 USD per person

Located in the heart of Nassau, Café Matisse is an Italian restaurant that opens for lunch and dinner Tuesday through Saturday of every week. The menu here is extensive and includes a selection of soups, pasta, fish and seafood, meat dishes, pizza, and more. This restaurant has good reviews for service and consistency in their offerings. Throw in the elegant ambiance, breezy patio seating and reasonable prices, and what you’ve got is a really enjoyable place to dine!

27. Snorkel at Clifton Heritage Park

Located: Nassau (New Providence)

Cost: $10 USD

Clifton National Heritage Park

Image credit: Ramunas Bruzas/

Clifton Heritage Park is a wonderful place to snorkel and learn a bit of history while you're at it. This national park was established in 2009 and has helped to preserve Bahamian history. There are a few beaches inside the park where you can snorkel, and there's also a range of water sports, great fishing, hiking trails, and so much more available!

26. Hike through the Primeval Forest National Park

Located: Nassau (New Providence)

Cost: $12 USD per adult, kids under 12 are free

Primeval Forest National Park Nassau Bahamas

Image credit: Martin Pelanek/

Nature enthusiasts will undoubtedly appreciate a visit to Primeval Forest National Park in Nassau. This national park is on the south western side of New Providence, and it really gives explorers the chance to see what The Bahamas might have looked like before becoming inhabited. This park comprises 7.5 acres of lush vegetation with diverse flora and fauna, as well as 50-foot caverns that will definitely leave you with lasting memories of The Bahamas. The park is open on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 9 am to 4 pm.

25. Go on a buggy tour through Nassau

Located: Nassau (New Providence)

Cost: From $289 USD per person

buggy tour bahamas

A buggy tour will take you on an off-road adventure that is a thrilling way to explore. The Bahamas. A great option for this is the Best-of-Nassau Buggy Sightseeing Tour. This tour takes you through downtown Nassau, to the first stop - The Caves. Then, it'll be time to go to Clifton Heritage Park and Johnstone Beach. The last stop on this tour is Compass Point where you’ll sample some tasty Bahamian dishes.

24. Have a cocktail at Bon Vivants

Located: Nassau (New Providence)

Cost: Cocktails start at about $14 USD

Bon Vivants is a cocktail bar that focuses on the art and history of the craft cocktail. The interpretation of the term “Bon Vivant - ‘a person who devotes themselves to a luxurious lifestyle and lives it well’, tells a lot about the type of experience you can have here. The goal of conceptualizers is to take patrons on a journey, and indeed that is exactly what will play out during an experience here. Expect great service, mixologists who pay attention to detail, and a fun and extensive cocktail menu.

23. Play a round at Sandals Emerald Bay’s impressive golf course

Located: Exuma

Cost: $50 to $60 USD for a 30 to 45-minute private lesson

Sandals Emerald Bay Golf Aerial

Try to keep your eye on the ball while golfing on this breathtaking course in Exuma, Bahamas. Ocean views are all part of the fun as is the fact that guests of Sandals Emerald Bay in Exuma can play this exciting course as much as they’d like! Green fees are included in the price guests pay for all-inclusive vacations at that resort. The Sandals Emerald Bay golf course is a Greg Norman championship golf course, and, as part of an experience here, you can work your way through 18 challenging holes.

22. Swim with dolphins

Located: Grand Bahama, New Providence, Bimini Islands

Cost: Starts at $130 USD

IR Dolphin Shot

Swimming with dolphins is a real possibility in The Bahamas. There are many islands you can go to for this experience including Blue Lagoon Island, Dolphin Cay, Sanctuary Bay, and Wildquest on Bimini Islands. Many of these programs offer a chance to get up close to friendly bottlenose dolphins who love to play, show off, dance, race, and share their affection with kisses. Though there are quite a few places offering this experience, Blue Lagoon is probably the most popular. A quick ferry ride can get you to Blue Lagoon Island from Nassau.

21. Pet the stingrays at Stingray City

Located: Cat Island, Blue Lagoon

Cost: About $40 USD

Stingray City

Image credit: Michelle de Villiers/

At Stingray City Park, the stingrays are the center of attention. This is a cool place to visit if you want to get up close with these marine animals and snorkel as well. There are certified trainers at Stingray City who’ll help you navigate the experience and stay safe. You’ll also learn more about the Southern Stingray and get to take lots of photos along the way!

20. Snorkel at Dean's Blue Hole

Located: Long Island

Cost: Free to visit

Deans Blue Hole Exuma

Image credit: Michelle de Villiers/

Dean’s Blue Hole is a massive sinkhole found near Clarence Town in Long Island, Bahamas. It is 663 feet deep (202 meters) and is the second deepest sinkhole in the world, with the first being the Dragon Hole, South of the China Sea (more than 900 feet deep). The yearly Vertical Blue Free Diving Competition that is held here encourages free divers to compete with others to determine who can dive the furthest into the hole.

19. Explore the marine life and go on a scuba diving adventure

Located: Everywhere

Cost: Around $150 USD per person

Sandals Royal Bahamian Scuba Boat Bahamas

See what underwater life is like in The Bahamas by signing up for a scuba diving tour. This unique experience will allow you to dive a lot deeper than you would with a snorkeling excursion. You can see all sorts of marine life up close as well as vibrant coral reefs. Afterward, you can return to shore to shop and experience the other exciting tours in The Bahamas!

18. Have a good time at Love Beach

Located: Nassau (New Providence)

Cost: $5 USD to access

Love Beach Nassau Bahamas

Image credit: FilatovaAnna/

Love Beach is pretty as a picture, and it is the ideal beach stop if you're looking to get away from the crowds. Though there isn't much infrastructure in the surrounding area, you can still enjoy a few amenities. The cost to enter this beach includes the use of the amenities (bathrooms, showers, and WiFi). You can catch a cab to Love Beach from your resort or you can take a jitney (bus) for about $2 USD from Downtown Nassau and arrive in about 30 minutes. The 12B jitney should take you to Love Beach but confirm with the driver before riding. You can also drive your car rental here as there's plenty of free parking available.

Good to know: Bring cash as some of the food spots near this beach do not accept cards.

17. Have a cocktail at Treasure Cay Beach

Located: Great Abaco

Cost: Free to access

Treasure Cay Abaco Bahamas

Image credit: FilatovaAnna/

Who can say no to icy cocktails on a beautiful, sunny beach? Certainly not us, and probably not you either once you set foot on Bahamian shores. A picture-perfect beach where you can enjoy sun lounging and some delicious cocktails with friends or with your significant other is Treasure Cay Beach. There are plenty of water sports available on this beach as well, and beach umbrella and chair rentals are available. A popular restaurant near this beach is Coco’s where you can get food and some delicious cocktails.

16. Charter a boat and go deep-sea fishing

Located: Nassau (New Providence)

Cost: $200-300 USD per person depending on the charter

Boat Deep Sea Fishing

When in The Bahamas, do as the Bahamians do! This means you should be getting on a boat at least once during your vacation. If you like fishing, a deep-sea fishing charter could be a great opportunity to do just that. The Bahamas is world famous for deep-sea fishing and there are quite a few annual tournaments held on the various islands. For a deep-sea fishing adventure, a good option is a half-day tour. This can include hopping aboard a 48-foot boat that will serve as the perfect vantage for taking in the amazing coastal views, and of course, reeling in some big ones!

Good to know: Fishing permits and licenses are usually handled by tour companies, but you can always ask if you’re not sure whether this is already included with your boat charter.

15. See the beaches of Stocking Island

Located: Stocking Island, Exuma

Cost: Tours start from about $140 USD

Stocking Island Bahamas

Image credit: Thomas Kloc/

Feel like spending the day on an island that you can only get to by boat? Well, there are many options for that in The Bahamas, but Stocking Island is one of the most beautiful. On this island, you can find lots of private beaches, plenty of opportunities for snorkeling, and lots of space to roam and explore. One of the things that leaves a lasting impression on visitors to this island is the breathtaking cliffside ocean views that are best enjoyed with the perfect company.

14. Take some pictures at the Pink Sands Beach

Located: Harbour Island (near Eleuthera)

Cost: Free

Pink Sand Beach Bahamas Harbour island

Image credit: BlueOrange Studio/

Pink Sands Beach definitely belongs on the list of best beaches in The Bahamas. Not only is this beach great for sunbathing and ideal for swimming in crystal clear waters, but it also is one of the only beaches in the Caribbean where you can find pink sand. Don’t expect striking pink though, the sand here is more of a light rose hue, and this is due to the presence of foraminifera – a marine animal that has a red shell. When the shell is crushed and mixed in with the white sand, it creates this charming pink sand effect which is wonderful to see in pictures, and even better in person.

Expert tip: While on Harbour Island, take some time to explore Dunmore Town!

13. Relax at Tropic of Cancer Beach

Located: Exuma

Cost: Free

Tropic Cancer Beach Exuma Bahamas

Image credit: Alexander Chaikin/

Tropic of Cancer Beach is one of those beaches you'll see set to music on a popular travel reel on Instagram. This beach, also known as Pelican Beach, is the longest beach in The Bahamas. Of all the beaches along the Exuma island chain, Tropic of Cancer Beach is said to be the most beautiful, and on most days, you’ll have this slice of paradise nearly all to yourself. Keep in mind that there isn't any infrastructure or amenities on this beach, so pack food and drinks for the day. Water shoes can also be useful.

Good to know: The Tropic of Cancer is a latitude where the sun passes directly overhead at certain times of the year. At approximately 23.5 degrees north of the equator, the latitude passes right through the Tropic of Cancer Beach and inspired its name.

12. Go on a thrilling shark dive

Located: New Providence (Nassau), Grand Bahama (Freeport)

Cost: $200-250 USD per person

Shark Dive Bahamas

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Shark diving in The Bahamas is a sure possibility, but only if you’re brave enough. Shark diving excursions are available in New Providence and also in Grand Bahama. As part of this dive, you’ll get up close to sharks as they swim freely in their ocean territory. Sometimes you might see groups of Caribbean reef sharks, and on some tours, you can watch the dive master feed sharks via a long pole spear.

11. Take some pictures at Coco Plum Beach

Located: Exuma

Cost: Free

Coco Plum Beach Bahamas Great Exuma Window Oceanview

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Beaches like Coco Plum Beach in Exuma prove that this region has some of the best shorelines in the world! With soft, white sand, perfectly clear water, and picture-perfect views as far as the eye can see, this beach definitely belongs on your list of must-visit places in The Bahamas. Coco Plum Beach is fairly secluded, and on some days, you might have the beach all to yourself.

10. Go on a hike at Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve

Located: Eleuthera

Cost: Adults $10, Seniors $8, Children $6 (in USD)

Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve

Take a break from the beach and head to the Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve for a hike while in The Bahamas. This attraction was created when the Leon Levy Foundation and The Bahamas National Trust joined hands in recognition of the need to protect indigenous plant species and highlight their importance. Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve is in Governor’s Harbour, Eleuthera. While at this location, you can explore beautiful nature trails including a medicinal plant trail. Information about the remedial benefits of various herbs is available here.

9. See the rock formations at Lighthouse Beach

Located: Eleuthera

Cost: Free

Lighthouse beach South Eleuthera island Bahamas

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The journey to Lighthouse Beach can be challenging, but most who go there agree that the trek is absolutely worth it to experience this beautiful, two-sided beach. The waves are mostly calm, the water reflects incredible shades of blue, and the area is never crowded. On Lighthouse Beach, there are lots of places to explore, rock climb, and admire the stunning rock formations and amazing views.

8. Take a picture of the Glass Window Bridge

Located: Eleuthera

Cost: Free to visit

Glass window bridge Eleuthera Bahamas

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Eleuthera is a striking island with lots of amazing sights. The Glass Window Bridge is one of those. This is a natural bridge where the darker blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean meet the turquoise waters in the Bight of Eleuthera. As you can imagine, this results in quite the notable contrast, which is why so many people love to go here while on the island. When visiting the Glass Window Bridge be aware that there are sometimes rough waves that splash onto the bridge, and the area should be avoided in bad weather.

7. Go on a day trip to Rose Island

Located: Rose Island (day trip from Nassau)

Cost: About $130 USD

Rose Island The Bahamas

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Escape to scenic Rose Island for a day trip while in The Bahamas. There are some exceptional tours that will take you to this island via boat, and you can spend the day snorkeling, enjoying the beach, and indulging in the most delicious buffets beneath clear, blue skies. In addition to day trips, you can also spend the night as part of some of these tours in cozy treetop bedrooms or bungalows. This is a great option for couples, families, groups, or private events.

6. Have fun at Baha Bay Waterpark

Located: Nassau (New Providence)

Cost: From $65 - $130 USD per person

Baha Mar Baha Bay Waterpark bahamas

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The Baha Bay Waterpark is a beachside waterpark with some pretty impressive waterslides. This waterpark appeals to visitors of all ages and includes raft rides, drop slides, free fall slides, a wave pool, and more. There’s also an action river and a water coaster, which can be quite the thrill. This waterpark opens daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

5. Meet the iguanas at Bitter Guana Cay

Located: Exuma

Cost: $197.95 USD

Sandals Emerald Bay Bahamas Iguanas

Scores of native iguanas can be found on Bitter Guana Cay in the Exumas. These reptiles are probably as close to dinosaurs as you can find in the present day, but they are pretty harmless. When you run into them on this small island, they're likely to be enjoying the sunshine or the attention of visitors. You can do a visit to Bitter Iguana Cay in combination with a swimming pigs tour while in The Bahamas.

Fun fact: Part of the movie “Jurassic Park III: The Lost World” was filmed on Bitter Guana Cay in The Bahamas.

4. Swim with nurse sharks at Compass Cay

Located: Exuma

Cost: $150 USD

Bahamas Nurse Sharks

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Swimming with sharks certainly isn’t for the faint-hearted, but it is one of those things that’s hard to talk yourself out of once you've decided. If you're gung-ho about swimming with sharks, then an experience at Compass Cay (Exuma island chain) in The Bahamas might be ideal. Compass Cay is quite popular with divers who want to swim with nurse sharks. Nurse sharks are slow-moving bottom feeders and are mostly harmless to humans. Even still, it is important to exercise caution when swimming with them!

3. Snorkel at the Thunderball Grotto

Located: Nassau (New Providence)

Cost: Prices vary, normally included in day tours or charter packages

The Bahamas Thunderball Grotto

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Thunderball Grotto is an underwater cave system that has been featured in two James Bond movies, ‘Thunderball’ and ‘Never Say Never Again’. This popular dive location is west of Staniel Cay in the Exumas, and it is most famous for the underwater fight scene in Thunderball. Both scuba diving and snorkeling can be fun here with lots of interesting marine life to see including yellow-tail snapper, angel fish, sergeant majors, and more.

2. Nassau food tasting & cultural tour

Located: Nassau (New Providence)

Cost: $69-$100 USD per person for a food tour

Conch Salad Beer Bahamas

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This tour is in our top five for a reason - it is quite simply one of the best ways to explore Nassau. Food and fun come together for this experience! You’ll stroll through Nassau in a small group with your tour guide. Some food and culture tours in Nassau include stops at popular attractions like the Pirate Republic Brewing Company where you can sample beer, rum, cocktails and alcohol-infused treats. Others focus on family-owned restaurants and specialty shops including local chocolatiers. Cultural and historical perspectives are shared during this experience as well.

1. See the swimming pigs at Pig Beach

Located: Big Major Cay/ Pig Island (Exuma)

Cost: Rounds up to about $200 per person for full tour

Pig Beach Bahamas

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It's always fun getting to interact with wildlife in a safe way while visiting a new destination. In The Bahamas, one of the ways you can do this is by signing up with a tour to see the swimming pigs of Exuma. Though there are other islands in The Bahamas where you can see the swimming pigs, Exuma is where you can find the ‘original swimming pigs’ on Big Major Cay (Pig Island). Some tours to see the swimming pigs include other stops along the way, like Big Guana Cay. Early morning tours to Pig Island are best.

Experience The Bahamas in the most authentic way possible!

This list is quite extensive, and for good reason! There are just so many incredible things to do in the islands of The Bahamas. Whether you swim with dolphins or sharks, do cultural tours, visit museums, or dine at some of the island's best restaurants, just doing a few things on this list would have given you a chance to have a true taste of The Bahamas.

Sandals Royal Bahamaian Aerial

Before deciding which activities, you want to do, you might want to start thinking about where to stay. The Bahamas has some really excellent all-inclusive resorts that can be ideal for couples who desire quality inclusions, luxury accommodations, and so much more!

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