78 Exciting Things To Do In Nassau, The Bahamas

Hello vacation!

If you’re reading this, you’re either thinking about escaping on a tropical Caribbean vacation, or you’re already on one.

The good news? Nassau, located on New Providence Island in The Bahamas, is a perfect choice. The Bahamas itself features so many different islands, that’s it’s almost like travelling to several vacation destinations in one.

Nassau (the capital) has the most opportunities for fun in one place. Additionally, you can easily take a boat from Nassau to other islands, as it is a central hub between them all. Nassau is located especially close to Paradise Island which can be accessed via the Nassau Harbor bridges. For this reason, this article primarily discusses excursions near Nassau and Paradise Island.

paddleboarding nassau

In this post, we’ve summed up the top 78 things to do in Nassau, just so you don’t miss a beat. From snorkeling at gorgeous white sand beaches, to exploring museums and animal protection sites, all the way to bar hopping, and dining at highly rated restaurants in Nassau. It’s safe to say you’ll want to tick as many of these off your to-do list as possible.

78. Have a night out at Bambu

Location: Downtown Nassau

Liven up your trip with a night out at Bambu, one of the hottest clubs in Nassau. Most of the people who’ve gone here while on vacation report great service, and DJs that just know instinctively what sort of music the crowd wants to hear on any given night. These are two ingredients for an amazing night out, and Bambu will surely deliver. Bambu is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday 9:00 p.m. - 5:00 a.m.

77. Learn how to roll a cigar

Location: Downtown Nassau

cigar rolling nassau

Add another element to your experience at Graycliff, by partaking in a cigar rolling lesson, with the Graycliff Cigar Company. This tour is best for cigar aficionados, who really want to be immersed into the world of cigar making. The Graycliff Cigar Company has been around since 1997, producing a variety of unique blends for those with discernment for the finer things.

76. Step into a time portal at Fort Montague

Location: East of Nassau

Montagu Fort Nassau Bahamas

Photo credit: Ramunas Bruzas/Shutterstock.com

There are a few forts to explore while in Nassau, and Fort Montague is one of the oldest still standing on New Providence Island. Like several other ancient buildings and structures, the fort is made of limestone. It was built in 1741 and played a part in helping the British keep Spanish invaders at bay. Tours of the fort are available from Monday to Sunday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

75. Enjoy the barbequed meat at Humidor Churrascaria

Location: Downtown Nassau

Precision is the name of the game at this downtown locale, and style and flair of execution are what brings their delectable Brazilian barbecued meats together. While meats including chicken, beef and pork are the staples here, you’ll find lots of tasty side dishes, some mains in their own right that even vegetarians will love. Come prepared to eat, as you indulge to the fullest at this prime dining location.

74. Shop at the Nassau Straw Market

Location: Downtown Nassau

Nassau Straw Market Bahamas

Photo credit: dnaveh/Shutterstock.com

In the heart of Bay Street, you’ll find the much talked about Nassau Straw Market, where you can pick up local handicrafts to take back home. The Straw Market has existed for decades, and today you’ll find a lot more than straw inspired products. In addition to straw hats, baskets, and the like, you can find wooden sculptures, beaded jewelry, clothing, and other souvenirs.

73. Settle in at the Downtown Public Library & Museum

Location: Downtown Nassau

Nassau Public Library Bahamas

Photo credit: 181177762/Shutterstock.com

Read, or get some peace and quiet at the Downtown Public Library & Museum, while indulging in a side of Bahamian culture and heritage as it was then and compare that to the way things are now. This location is convenient, and not to mention packed with history. The site was previously a prison, in the 18th century, but it is now one of the locations with an educational focus in the Parliament Square area of Nassau.

72. Go back in time at Fort Fincastle

Location: Downtown Nassau

Fort Fincastle Nassau Bahamas

Photo credit: tokar/Shutterstock.com

At the top of the Queen’s Staircase in Nassau, you’ll find the old Fort Fincastle. The fort was built by Lord Dunmore in 1793. Visitors to this location will find captivating views from Nassau’s highest point, Bennett’s Hill. Notably the fort, much like the Queen’s Staircase, was built with limestone. The walls are 126 feet tall, and you’ll find a few replica canons on site.

71. Visit the Caves & Caves beach

Location: West of Nassau

caves beach nassau

Located to the west of Cable Beach, visit Caves Beach for a quieter beach day amid a striking landscape which includes limestone caves and caverns along the water’s edge. As Bahamian history tells it, the caves were once used for shelter for the Lucayans, who were the first inhabitants of The Bahamas, prior to the arrival of Christopher Columbus. This beach is perfect if you want to get away from the crowds.

Tip: Grab a conch salad and a daiquiri from the bar for complete Caribbean bliss!

70. Dance the night away at Bond

Location: West of Nassau

Swanky is the word here, at the lavish Bond Nightclub. Though you’ll feel compelled to stay casual in The Bahamas, Bond offers an opportunity to dress up in your best party attire, or even that one outfit that makes you a celebrity in your own right. Live in the moment, and party the night away at this relatively new club with world-class DJs. In the morning, you’ll be glad for the unforgettable experience.

69. Tour Government House & the statue of Christopher Columbus

Location: Downtown Nassau

Government House downtown nassau

Photo credit: photravel_ru/Shutterstock.com

Government House in The Bahamas is the official residence of the Governor of The Bahamas. It is a population location for those interested in finding out more about the island’s political history, and also people wanting to see firsthand its quaint Georgian Colonial architecture. Government House is located on a ten-acre estate in Nassau. There is a statue of Christopher Columbus on this property, which was included in renovations in 1830.

Tip: You can take in beautiful views of Nassau’s harbor from this location. If you want to take a tour of the building, you may need to schedule a date.

68. Explore Parliament Square

Location: Downtown Nassau

Nassau City Parliament Square Bahamas

Photo credit: Ramunas Bruzas/Shutterstock.com

Much like Government House, the brightly colored buildings located on Parliament Square are a popular attraction because of their stand-out appearance. The square features three pink and white buildings in Georgian Colonial architectural style, all of which were constructed in 1815. Today, the buildings primarily serve governmental functions; here you can find the House of Assembly, the Senate, the Office of the Leader of the Opposition, and The Bahamas Superior Court. You’ll also find a historic Queen Victoria Statue here.

67. Have a cocktail at Compass Point

Location: West of Nassau

Great food, amazing prices, and a stunning view. Could anything be more appealing, particularly while on a vacation in one of the most beautiful places in the world? You can’t go wrong with the Compass Point restaurant & bar, which is a great spot whether you’re alone, or with a group. Live music on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 10 pm adds to the ambiance.

66. Visit Fort Charlotte

Location: Downtown Nassau

Fort Charlotte Nassau Bahamas

Photo credit: photravel_ru/Shutterstock.com

Another historic fort is Fort Charlotte, which was built in 1788. On site, there are 100 acres to explore, inclusive of dungeons, cannons, tunnels, and more. You’ll find great views of Paradise Island from the fort, and you’ll also get to enjoy a bit of theatre, as actors dressed in 17th century attire take guests back in time with first hand portrayals of the fort’s history.

65. Stop by The Bahamas Cricket Club

Located: West of Nassau

Cricket is a huge part of the Caribbean, and The Bahamas is not excluded. If you’re a cricket fan, or if you just want to see what all the fuss is about, you’ll appreciate this location which also boasts a sports bar, where you can take in the latest cricket games in air-conditioned comfort. You can also watch games live from the verandah on the second floor. Visit for breakfast or lunch to enjoy British or Caribbean cuisine.

64. Wonder around in the Retreat garden

Location: East of Nassau

The Retreat National Park in Nassau is perfect for those looking for an escape from the norm. Here you’ll find a collection of palms (the world’s largest), rare bird species including the Bahama Mockingbird, and the Bahama Woodstar Hummingbird. It was named a national park in 1977 and was the first national park on the island of New Providence. This 11-acre property is consistently being upgraded and developed, which means every trip you make here, will be that much better than the last!

63. Learn about Bahamas history at the Historical Society Museum

Location: Downtown Nassau

You’ll find a wealth of information on the history of The Bahamas at the Historical Society Museum. Guides will take you through this experience and share information about the impact of European colonization in The Bahamas, the pirate age, the Lucayans, useful medicinal herbs that can be found in the islands and more. One thing’s for sure, you’ll definitely leave more enlightened than you came!

62. Have a beach party at Junkanoo beach

Location: Downtown Nassau

Junkanoo Beach bahamas

Photo credit: Patrick Horton/Shutterstock.com

You’re guaranteed a good time at Junkanoo Beach which is popular for both visitors and locals. There’s always entertainment to be experienced on the beach front, and delicious food on offer at relatively low cost. There are restrooms, changing facilities, and pretty much everything you need for an amazing beach day. From this beach you will be able to see the cruise ships come and go!

61. Shake a leg at Aura Nightclub

Location: Paradise Island

You’ve been to nightclubs before, but not one quite like this one. High up on the list of the best things to do in Nassau, is an Aura experience. Aura is about as luxurious as nightclubs come in The Bahamas, and it is located at the Atlantis. A glass dancefloor, two bars and VIP sections, and a separate VIP area, make this one of the most exciting nighttime experiences in The Bahamas. Partying here can get costly, so ensure you make provisions for cover, drinks, and food in case you get hungry.

60. Visit a casino and be a high-roller for the night

Location: West of Nassau & Paradise Island

slot machines casino

Photo credit: Eric Glenn/Shutterstock.com

Even if you’re not an avid gambler, you’re bound to appreciate the fast-paced ambiance, and the happy winning feeling that will surround you once you step into any one of the casinos in The Bahamas. Once you get there, you might as well try your luck, especially if you’re at the Paradise Island Casino, which is one of the Caribbean’s largest. You’ll find 85 table games, more than 700 slot machines and various other things to do, all available 24/7.

59. Be a pirate for a day at the Pirates of Nassau Museum

Location: Downtown Nassau

Pirates Museum Nassau Bahamas

Photo credit: Darryl Brooks/Shutterstock.com

The Bahamas was once known as having the greatest concentration of pirates of any Caribbean country. Knowing this, it isn’t strange at all how some of the local establishments play up that era of pirate dominance, by turning it into something marketable. Like the Pirates of Nassau Museum. Here you’ll find lots of engaging exhibitions, rare displays, and a gift shop. You’ll learn the history of Nassau’s pirates from the animated pirate guide, have opportunities to shop for souvenirs and grab lunch from the pub next door.

58. Try a buggy ride and beach tour

Location: Downtown Nassau

bahamas buggy ride

You won’t want to miss out on a Buggy Ride and Beach Tour in Nassau. This tour makes it possible for you to get off the beaten path, and explore what Nassau has to offer in a UTV (utility task vehicle). Most tour companies will pick you up from your resort and transfer you to your tour destination. From there, in groups of six, you will head out on your excursion. Some tours offer a chance to see attractions like the Queen’s Staircase and Fort Fincastle.

57. Check out the Ardastra Gardens & Zoo

Location: West of Nassau

flamingos ardastra zoo nassau

Photo credit: Pornprapa Korprasert/Shutterstock.com

There are a number of places in The Bahamas you can go to see wildlife in its purest form, but there are not many where you can see more than 150 different species in the same place. The Ardastra Gardens & Zoo is the only zoo in The Bahamas, and it is set in an area with over four acres of lush vegetation. You can find everything from the Caribbean flamingo and parrots, to lemurs and pigs (in the petting zoo). At this location you’ll learn about wildlife conservation, and get to watch the famous marching flamingoes in the flamingo arena.

56. Have a drink at the Skybar at Cable Beach

Location: West of Nassau

skybar nassau

Literally the only rooftop lounge on New Providence Island, you’ll find a new side of the Bahamian experience at Skybar. The view from this location is outstanding, and in the day time you’ll be able to enjoy fresh ocean breeze, catch some rays, and sip on cold beers or cocktails. At sunset, things are even more intensified, with an obvious shift in the ambiance, and skilled DJs playing just the right music to get the party hopping.

55. Visit Doongalick Studios for amazing art

Location: East of Nassau

panoramic view inside doongalick studios nassau

Photo credit: Guilden Gilbert

Art lovers will be in their element at the Doongalik Art Gallery in Nassau. Whether you like paintings and sculptures, or prefer the intricacy of ceramics and quilts, you will find what you’re looking for at this location. Doongalik makes a point of highlighting Bahamian talent, so you’re sure to come across some unlikely pieces, and maybe even run into some local talent while you’re there.

54. Watch a movie, VIP style!

Location: West of Nassau

Just because you’ve decided to vacation in a far-off Caribbean locale doesn’t mean you need to be completely cut off from the rest of the world. Experience a movie night with a trip to the Fusion Superplex. You’ll find the latest movies and an overall laid-back atmosphere. Opt in for the VIP section to get your food and drinks of choice served, while relaxing on the best seats of the house.

53. Stop by Potter’s Cay for an authentic fish fry experience

Location: East of Nassau

You can’t go wrong with a Caribbean Fish Fry, and the one at Potter’s Cay is one of the best in The Bahamas. You’ll find dishes including deep fried crawfish and fries, grilled fish, conch dishes, and more. Be sure to have these with a side of the famous Bahamian beer, Kalik which costs around $3.

52. Climb the Queen’s Staircase

Location: Downtown Nassau

Queens Staircase Nassau Bahamas

Photo credit: dnaveh/Shutterstock.com

Queen Victoria walked here, and that fact is more than enough reason for the hundreds of people who flock to this location in downtown Nassau, just to take pictures, and to see the staircase in real life. The 66 steps connect Fort Fincastle to downtown Nassau, and they’re made of solid limestone! The Queen’s Staircase is also commonly referred to as the ‘66 Steps.’ They were built by slaves between 1793 and 1794 and were named in honor of Queen Victoria of Britain.

51. Glass bottom boat tour

Location: North of Nassau

A glass bottom boat tour is not to be missed in The Bahamas whether you’re travelling with your children, or you’re in The Bahamas to celebrate love. The experience can be as romantic, or as fun-filled as you wish it to be, as you witness from above, undisturbed marine life at its best – everything from beautiful tropical fishes, to coral reefs, and other aquatic life as part of a narrated tour.

50. Embark on Happy Trail’s Horseback Riding Tour

Location: West of Nassau

There are few things as relaxing as hopping into a saddle, and riding into the sunset. In Nassau, you can book a tour with the Windsor Equestrian Centre, which is also known as the Happy Trails Stables for your horseback riding tour. Your tour will likely start with a brief tutorial, which will take you through basic riding techniques, and end with you galloping along a beautiful Nassau beach.

Tip: Happy Trails is located about 25 minutes from downtown Nassau. You can book a tour directly through the company (online or by phone), or via your resort.

49. Spend an afternoon on Cabbage Beach

Location: Paradise Island

cabbage beach paradise island nassau bahamas

Photo credit: Fedor Selivanov/Shutterstock.com

You can find pretty much any waterside activity you can think of at Cabbage beach, including water-skiing, parasailing, jet skiing, and opportunities for snorkeling. As far as public beaches go in The Bahamas, you can’t go wrong with this location, which is made even more attractive for its prime location near the Nassau Harbour. There’s lots of bars, restaurants and shops in the area, so you can also do some exploring once you’re done basking in the sunshine.

48. Have lunch and a drink at Señor Frogs

Location: Downtown Nassau

señor frogs nassau

Near the cruise port, you’ll find Senor Frogs, which is a good location to have a drink, and a delicious meal. “High energy and good vibes in a fun environment” are what you’ll find here. Their entrance is so colorful that you simply can’t miss it. It is just past the Straw Market. Thank us later!

Tip: Try Señor Frogs’ branded beer for $30 if you’re visiting in a group!

47. Dine at Graycliff restaurant

Location: Downtown Nassau

graycliff hotel and restaurant

Photo credit: photravel_ru/Shutterstock.com

Graycliff in The Bahamas offers opportunities for cigar and chocolate making, which are known and loved just as much as its dining offerings. Created by the Garzaroli family, Graycliff has become something of an entertainment complex, inclusive of a pizzeria and a wine cellar. Their restaurant though, is high end, and has a classy, old school feel to it. You’ll appreciate this venue for a meal “tucked away from the glitter of Nassau.”

46. Join the fish fry experience at Arawak Cay

Location: Downtown Nassau

Fish Fry events are popular in the Caribbean and come with an opportunity to indulge in fresh-off-the-grill catches, seasoned with local flair. Add conch fritters and cold Bahamian Sands or Kalik beer into the mix, accentuated by music and dancing, and you’ve got yourself quite the visitor friendly event. Locals enjoy this event too, and it is held every night of the week on West Bay Street.

45. Have a Greek night out at the Athena Café

Location: Downtown Nassau

As far as Greek dining goes, you probably won’t find a better spot in The Bahamas to indulge. The popular Athena Café offers grilled seafood, moussaka, gyros and more with great views from the verandah. The food at this family-run spot is authentic and could be the perfect choice for lunch or dinner if you won’t mind a pricier option.

44. Find authentic souvenirs at Bahama Hand Prints

Location: East of Nassau

You’ll be miles ahead in tropical fashion after a trip to Bahama Hand Prints. Here you’ll find authentic and handmade interior-design fabric, readymade napkins and placemats, clothes, accessories and more. The items here are perfect souvenirs for any member of your family, and trendy enough to be used in real life! Ask about taking a personalized tour of the factory.

43. Plan a day trip to play with stingrays

Location: North of Nassau

fun swimming with stingrays

Photo credit: Brocreative/Shutterstock.com

You probably never really thought about swimming with stingrays until now. Or maybe it’s the reason you booked your trip to The Bahamas. Either way, you’re here now, and its time to tick swimming with rays off your bucket list. Visit Blackbeard Cay’s Stingray Adventure where you’ll find Southern Rays that are surprisingly calm and playful. You can take photos with them, or even feed them, but one thing’s for sure, you’ll never forget this experience.

42. Learn to make chocolates

Location: Downtown Nassau

chocolate making graycliff nassau

Graycliff chocolatier offers a unique, educational and fun chocolate making experience, for guests who can’t get enough of the delectable treat. You can sign up for a tour of the factory, and you’ll learn along the way how cocoa beans are transformed into amazing chocolate treats. There’s also a restaurant and giftshop at this location. Graycliff chocolatier is open daily from 9am to 5pm daily.

41. Sample sushi at Social House

Location: West of Nassau

social house sushi & grill front view

Sushi lovers, you’ve found your home in The Bahamas. There’s no better place to indulge in expertly rolled sushi treats than this Bahamian staple. You’ll find great food, friendly staff, and options to have lunch, dinner, or both at Social House Sushi. You’ll need reservations for dinner, and as this is a popular spot, it’s always best to arrive early, and opt for the valet parking.

40. Enjoy authentic Bahamian cuisine at Lukka Kairi

Location: Downtown Nassau

lukka kairi nassau

If you want to find something tasty to eat in Nassau, look no further than Lukka Kairi. Their menu includes authentic Bahaman cuisine – everything from conch fritters and shrimp and grits, to lobster rolls and fresh off-the-grill snapper. You may also enjoy their curry dishes, conch chowder, roasted cauliflower, and other desserts. While you wait for your meal, you can always sip on delicious cold cocktails. You may even get a free concert, from one of many live bands that regularly perform here!

39. Take a historical tour of Nassau

Location: Downtown Nassau, Eastern Nassau

bay street nassau bahamas

Photo credit: Ramunas Bruzas/Shutterstock.com

If you’re looking for something interesting to do while in Nassau, consider signing up for a historical walking tour. This tour will provide an opportunity to explore the highlights without getting lost. It also allows you to see more of the area in less time, with a knowledgeable guide. During this tour, you will learn more about the Bahamas’ pirate ridden history, the island’s progression from slavery, and its mixed cultural influences. Some tours even allow you to sample Bahamian bush tea, brewed from local medicinal plants. The tour is about an hour and a half long.

38. Enjoy live performance at the Dundas Centre for the Performing Arts

Location: East of Nassau

The Dundas Centre for the Performing Arts is a community theatre, which presents the art of theatre, through the various genres; inclusive of comedy, dance, music, spoken word and more. This location will bring out your most expressive self, as you settle into the midst of artists with a passion for doing what they love.

37. Go on a powerboat adventure

Location: East of Nassau

powerboat nassau beach

Speedboats are a prerequisite for an amazing time in The Bahamas. They are the perfect way to explore the islands in quick time. If you charter a boat, you can visit any number of islands, including lesser known Out Islands, like Cat Island, Long Island, and the Exuma Cays. Along the way you can stop off at beautiful beaches, feed stingrays, swim with pigs, feed iguanas, or just enjoy an amazing time!

36. Explore the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas

Location: Downtown Nassau

In The Bahamas, there are so many beautiful islands to be inspired by. It isn’t surprising that there are so many amazing art pieces created by local artists. If you’re interested in experiencing the work of some top Bahamian artists after their most creative moments, check out the National Art Gallery which can be found in an 18th-century great house called Villa Doyle.

35. Visit the Pompey Museum of Slavery and Emancipation & Pompey Square

Location: Downtown Nassau

pompey museum nassau

Though small, you’ll find no short supply of historical facts at the Pompey Museum. Set within Pompey Square, the museum’s surroundings are always lively with various cultural events taking place regularly. Inside you will find a wide range of ancient artifacts, and various media exhibits. The staff here is well informed and will be able to answer any questions you have on the history of The Bahamas.

34. Visit Christ Church cathedral

Location: Downtown Nassau

Christ Church Cathedral Nassau Bahamas

Photo credit: Zoran Karapancev/Shutterstock.com

You will feel holier than thou after visiting the Christ Church Cathedral with its signature stained-glass windows. Built in 1837, the structure draws in scores of visitors from around the world. You can visit whether or not Mass is in session, and while you’re there, be sure to take a stroll through the vibrant Garden of Remembrance.

33. Enjoy live music at Philosophy Smoke House on Thursdays

Location: West of Nassau

It’s not hard to find things to do in the Bahamas. The challenge in these beautiful islands is making time for all the interesting things that you can do. One of the things you don’t want to miss out on is an opportunity to take in live music on Thursdays at the Philosophy Smoke House. This is a local BBQ outdoor setting, where you can play pool, or simply take in the views from the lookout point. You can choose to sit at the bar or at one of the outdoor picnic tables while you enjoy delectable barbequed meats, and delicious sides.

32.Visit the Educulture Junkanoo Museum

Location: Downtown Nassau

The Bahamas is famous for its carnival like Junkanoo Parade, which is held annually in the early hours of New Year’s Day (January 1). What began as a celebration of freedom, has expanded into an all-out parade, and you can find the history of the event and more at the Junkanoo Museum located downtown. The Museum is next to the National Art Gallery and opens Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm. Here you’ll find Junkanoo costume pieces, traditional fabrics, music, and everything you need to feel like you’ve witnessed the actual celebration.

31. Sample rum at the John Watling’s Distillery

Location: Downtown Nassau

If sampling barrel-aged rum, and touring an estate is your idea of a good time, you’ll be completely content with a tour of the John Watling’s Distillery. It is located near the Government House in Nassau, on the Buena Vista Estate. The property was constructed in 1789 and still today maintains a timeless elegance that sets the right tone for a tasting tour. Tours are available daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

30. Shop the best at Bahama Art & Handicrafts

Location: East of Nassau

Want to take something uniquely Bahamian home with you? Look no further. Bahama Art & Handicraft is a treasure trove, whether you’re looking for handmade jewelry like glass stone bangles and conch charm necklaces, or authentic island souvenirs, like a popular Junkanoo headpiece ornament. All items are comparatively inexpensive, and shopping there is a great way to support local artists. You can also find paintings, driftwood sculptures, decorative household items, handmade baskets and other traditional handicrafts here.

29. Watch the sunset at Jaws Beach

Location: West of Nassau

jaws beach nassau

Jaws beach is where the celebrities go, or at least it was when the movie by the same name was being filmed in The Bahamas. Still today, thousands of people flock to these shores to see the scene of what has to be one of the most harrowing movies of all time, in real life. Things are much mellower than they appeared on the big screen on the actual beach. Absent of any sharks, what you will find are killer sunset views and gorgeous soft sand.

Tip: There are many other films apart from Jaws shot in The Bahamas. Check them out here: "Picture Perfect Scenery: Famous Movies Filmed In The Bahamas".

28. Hop on an ATV and tour the island

Location: Downtown Nassau

atv tour bahamas

Photo credit: Eric Glenn/Shutterstock.com

An ATV tour is a must on any Caribbean island, and The Bahamas is a great place to get started. You won’t have trouble finding a tour operator who offers this tour, but you will have to decide on the kind of experience you’re looking for from a range of locations in Nassau. You can choose to drive yourself, or let someone in your party drive you, as you explore the best of Nassau in a space of about two hours.

27. Visit Heritage Museum of The Bahamas

Location: Downtown Nassau

Heritage Museum of Bahamas

Photo credit: photravel_ru/Shutterstock.com

The Heritage Museum of The Bahamas, which opened its doors in July 2014, celebrates the history of the islands in a remarkable way. You’ll leave this location with a better understanding of The Bahamas, after exploring exhibitions and viewing fossils, relics and some of the other treasures housed there. The Heritage Museum is open from Monday to Saturday from 9:00am – 5:00pm.

26. Give SNUBA diving a try

Location: West of Nassau

snuba diver

Scuba diving? Snorkeling? Can’t decide? Perhaps a SNUBA adventure would be just right for you! The great thing about SNUBA diving is that you don’t need to be a certified scuba diver to get in on the fun. You’ll get a taste of some of the benefits that scuba can offer, including being able to stay underwater for longer. While with SNUBA diving you’re connected to an air tank that floats on a raft above you and your party, on the surface of the water throughout the duration of your adventure. It’s as simple as snorkeling, with way better views, which means you really do get the best of both worlds!

You made it to the top 25 things to do in Nassau, now it gets really exciting!

25. Explore the caves at Lucayan National Park

Location: North of Nassau

Lucayan National Park Bahamas

Photo credit: Karuna Eberl/Shutterstock.com

The Lucayan National Park is a great location for scuba diving, particularly as there is a one-of-a-kind underwater cave system to explore there. Just as long as your scuba certifications are in order, you’ll be able to jump in and explore. While at the park, you can also visit the Gold Rock Beach, which is a highly rated beach on Grand Bahama Island.

24. Take photos at the ‘Versailles Gardens’ of Paradise Island

Location: Paradise Island

Versailles Garden Paradise Island Bahamas

Photo credit: Erkki & Hanna/Shutterstock.com

There’s no short supply of beauty in Nassau, and one spot that will leave you mesmerized are the Paradise Island Cloisters. Although the gardens are small compared to the real Versailles Gardens in Paris, you’ll find flora and fauna of all colors under the sun and an opportunity to explore the ruins of a 13th-century monastery that was imported to Paradise Island, directly from France! Be sure to walk with your camera.

23. Have dinner in the gardens of Café Matisse

Location: Downtown Nassau

It’s always a good idea to find out where the good food spots are in a location before actually arriving there. This is absolutely the case when it comes to Café Matisse – you might easily miss out on this location if you’re not in the know, but it is one of the best spots for authentic Italian food while in Nassau. Café Matisse opened in 1996, and it is hands down one of the best dining establishments in The Bahamas.

22. Explore the Primeval Forest

Location: West of Nassau

Nature lovers will find their hearts at ease here – it is away from the busy Nassau streets, and if you let it, the lush, green Primeval Forest will completely consume you in a world of serenity. You’ll find about 7.5 hectares of forest here, complete with tropical plants of all varieties, caverns, sinkholes, and other limestone formations. You can book a guided tour, or walk around on your own, as you explore the area, which was officially named a national park in 2002.

21. Have some fun at Aquaventure Waterpark

Location: Paradise Island

aquaventure water park

Photo credit: Vlad G/Shutterstock.com

If you’re looking for a thrilling water park adventure, you can check out the Aquaventure Waterpark in Paradise Island. Most of the year, the Bahamas are blessed with great weather, which you’ll appreciate while you’re navigating the floating river, sliding down enormous water slides with views of a nearby Mayan temple, and overall feeling like a kid again.

20. Fine dine at Sapodilla Restaurant

Location: West of Nassau

Conceptualizers of Sapodilla’s created it for those with appreciation of the finer things of life, and they deliver this concept effortlessly. This restaurant is known for outstanding cuisine, top of the class service, and cozy ambiance. From the floor to ceiling windows, views of the beautiful garden, and their use of fresh local ingredients, you simply can’t go wrong with choosing this locale for your dining pleasure.

Tip: Looking for a fine dining experience throughout your stay? Stay at any Sandals all-inclusive resort in the Bahamas and enjoy unlimited gourmet food, featuring varying cuisines. Sandals Royal Bahamian gives you access to 10 restaurants and Sandals Emerald Bay features 11 restaurants. A real treat!

19. Watch the planes fly over at Love Beach

Location: West of Nassau

love beach nassau

Who knew plane scoping could be romantic? It is in The Bahamas, particularly at the beach made for love. Love Beach is about 20 minutes from downtown Nassau and is away from the more crowded beaches in the city center. You can spend the day there taking in the natural ambiance. Beer or cocktail in hand, you’ll have up-close views of some magnificent aircrafts flying over. Love beach is a favorite amongst locals!

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18. Kayak in beautiful turquoise waters

kayaking tropical waters

If you’ve gone kayaking once, chances are you’re already hooked and have just been waiting for an opportunity to try it again. In Nassau, you can take advantage of some of the world famous beaches located in the Bahamas for your kayaking adventure. There are a few water sports rental companies operating on beaches like Junkanoo and Cable beach in Nassau, where you can rent equipment and get set for a day of fun. Resorts like Sandals Royal Bahamian offer kayaks and other water sports equipment free of charge to guests as part of their stay, so if you’re looking to spend more time in the beautiful water than on land, you’ll do well with an all-inclusive booking.

17. Enjoy the day & jet ski at Cable Beach

Location: West of Nassau

Cable beach nassau

A Caribbean vacation is incomplete without at least one jet ski excursion. That way, once you’re heading back home, and thousands of miles in the air, you can reflect on how free, and happy you felt rocketing through the ocean on a jet ski across the scenic Cable beach. You won’t have trouble lining up a rental here, and you’ll likely have the time of your life.

Insider tip: Stay at all-inclusive resort Sandals Royal Bahamian and drink unlimited cocktails all day long on Cable Beach!

16. Have a craft beer at Pirate Republic

Location: Downtown Nassau

pirate republic nassau

Sipping rum or cocktails in a pirate inspired place is always a good time, and the Pirate Republic Brewery does not disappoint. The team at Pirate Republic is proud to speak about their humble beginnings with a homemade 5-gallon brewing system. Miles from where they first started, they now run a business that has received two consecutive certificates of excellence from Trip Advisor (2017 and 2018). Pirate Republic is the sole producer of craft beer in the Bahamas, so if you appreciate the work that goes into making craft beer, you’ll do well with a tour of this facility. Food, rum and cocktails are also available from the Brewery.

15. Visit the Rum Cake Factory

Location: Downtown Nassau

tortuga rum cake

Photo credit: Eric Glenn/Shutterstock.com

You might just feel the need to splurge on desserts to take back home with a visit to the Rum Cake Factory in downtown Nassau. The successes of the factory are attributed to George Bates from the UK who opened a cake shop in the Bahamas in 2000. Today, the rum cakes are so popular that they were recognized by the State in 2014 as the official Rum Cake of the Bahamas. Don’t miss out; try some of the Cake Factory’s options which include Amaretto Cake, Banana Rum Cake, Chocolate Rum Cake, Cinnamon Rum Cake, Coconut Rum Cake, and more.

14. Explore the underwater world on a Scuba diving trip

Location: West of Nassau

scuba diving

Overall, Nassau is great for scuba diving, whether you’re a pro or it’s your first time. There are lots of locations to choose from of the various islands, some even offering opportunities to swim with sharks… if you’re brave (and scuba open water certified) that is.

Tip: If you’re not scuba certified, you can get certified at Sandals all-inclusive resort in Nassau, and dive for the rest of your vacation for free! Learn How To Get PADI® Certified in the Caribbean - Within 48 Hours.

13. Catch some incredible fish on a deep-sea fishing tour

Located: East of Nassau

deep sea fishing nassau

Deep-sea fishing is incredibly popular in The Bahamas. There are several annual events which make an event out of the sporting side of deep-sea sport fishing. While in The Bahamas, you can embark on a full day or half day fishing adventure where you can enjoy the popular pastime, while taking in the best of The Bahamas by boat. All you need to do is sign up for a deep-sea fishing tour, and once you’re ready, you’ll have experienced crew on hand, and bait and tackle ready to go!

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12. Go for a coffee date at Louis & Stein’s

Location: West of Nassau

Louis & Steins front view

Your coffee buzz doesn’t have to suffer just because you decided to spend some time on pristine Caribbean shores. Check out Loius & Stein’s along the Cable Beach strip, a popular spot that offers everything from matcha lavender lattes and cafe au laits, to regular coffees and cappuccinos. You’ll also find tasty bites that add to the invigorating experience and an ocean front view!

11. Explore Clifton Heritage Park

Location: West of Nassau

Clifton Heritage National Park Bahamas

Photo credit: photravel_ru/Shutterstock.com

You’ll find everything you’re looking for and more at the Clifton Heritage Park. Here, history and culture, meet amazing views, and stunning physical features. You can start the day exploring the landscape, which includes wetlands, rocks, and white sand beaches, and then progress to exploring architecture of the Lucayan people, who were the first inhabitants of the islands of The Bahamas.

And now for the top 10 things to do in Nassau!

10. Drink the best daiquiri of your life

Location: West of Nassau

What’s better than a daiquiri? A daiquiri made with fresh local fruit and signature Bahamian rum! You can find these at Daiquiri Shack, a popular bar in Nassau. The bartenders here are friendly and fun, and all you’ll need to do is select your fruit combination, and you’re in business. You can also get smoothies and things to snack on at this location. The prices here are reasonable, without sacrificing on quality, and you’ll be glad you stopped by!

9. Go on an island-hopping adventure

aerial view speed boat

Photo credit: Sunday Stock/Shutterstock.com

You probably won’t be able to visit all 700 islands of The Bahamas, but you sure can make some time to visit some of the most popular. Do this as part of an island-hopping tour, which will take you well past New Providence Island, into some of the most uninhabited islands of the region. Popular islands include The Exumas, Long Island, Eleuthera, Paradise Island, Grand Bahama Island, The Abacos Islands and San Salvador Island.

8. Participate in the annual Junkanoo Festival

Location: Downtown Nassau

Junkanoo Parade Costume

Photo credit: jo Crebbin/Shutterstock.com

Taking part in the annual Junkanoo Festival is one of the most exciting things to do in The Bahamas. If you’re in Nassau, you’ll get to experience the best of the Junkanoo and all the cultural events that happen in the islands around the time of the festival. Junkanoo happens every year on January 1, and includes music, costumes, and cultural instruments. This event usually goes well into the night, and includes private parties at various locations. You can pay about $16 to get a seat to watch the actual parade from the starting line, or more if you have a seat closer to the judges, near the end point at Parliament Square. There are various locations along Bay Street where you can also watch for free.

7. Take a day trip to Blue Lagoon Island

Location: North-East of Nassau

blue lagoon nassau bahamas

Photo credit: Victor Maschek/Shutterstock.com

Heading to Blue Lagoon is another interesting trip you can embark on while in Nassau. It’s also a private island and known for its eco-friendly appeal and gorgeous white sand beaches. It is not unusual to spot dolphins, or even sea lions at this remote location, just about three miles from Nassau. While in Blue Lagoon, take advantage of opportunities to swim with the dolphins, truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. You’ll get to chill with the friendly mammals for about 30 minutes as part of the tour.

6. Visit Rose Island

Location: North-East of Nassau

rose island bahamas

Experiencing the ‘Out Islands’, or the islands located outside of Nassau is a must while in The Bahamas. Nassau serves as the central point for the islands, which means you can take a boat from there to get to most of the other islands. Less populated islands means that you’ll find peace and serenity, if that is what you seek. Rose Island is a top choice, and can be accessed via speedboat. It is more or less a private island, and you’ll fall in love with its perfect tropical isolation. It’s great for a day trip, and some tours include lunch and a welcome drink, as well as snorkeling opportunities! There’s a beach bar here which will supply all your needs throughout the day.

5. Enjoy life at Sandals Royal Bahamian

Location: West of Nassau

Sandals Royal Bahamian Nassau

You’ll be in paradise at the Sandals Royal Bahamian, where activities abound. Here you can indulge in a bit of luxury living, which is a nice contrast, particularly if you decided on simplicity for the rest of your vacation in The Bahamas. At Sandals Royal Bahamian, guests are granted unlimited access to restaurants, (swim up) bars, pools, snorkeling, scuba diving and even a private offshore island. Eat and drink to your heart’s content, and enjoy the best of entertainment that only Sandals can offer.

4. Go an a snorkeling trip

snorkeling trip

Some of the best snorkeling spots in Nassau are the Gambier Deep Reef, the Goulding Cay Reef and various locations within the Clifton Heritage Park. Other great locations are the Andros Barrier Reef, Paradise Cove, and the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park, which are easily accessible from Nassau.

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3. Swim with the famous Bahamian Pigs

Location: Exuma

swimming pigs nassau

Whether you’ve been to The Bahamas or not, you’ve likely heard about the swimming pigs that have managed to charm an audience, in and out of the region. You’ll need to take a powerboat from Nassau to the Exumas to meet the swimming pigs in person (which would take approximately one and a half hour each way, depending on the weather), which is quite the adventure in itself. Once you get there, you’ll find a family of pigs that swims out to meet you, and waits anxiously, in hopes that you’ve also brought food from the other side!

2. Spend the day on a catamaran chartered trip

catamaran tour nassau

There is hardly anything better than spending the day on the water when in the Caribbean. You can book this experience through a catamaran charter who take away the hassle of planning a boat trip on your own. During this experience you’ll have the opportunity to visit private beaches, snorkel, scuba dive, and indulge in delicious appetizers and lunch, while sailing the beautiful Bahamian waters on a private 50 ft. Catamaran. Normally, catamaran charters can accommodate 16 people for a day trip and 6 people for multi - day excursions.

1. Embark on a culinary adventure through Nassau

Location: Downtown Nassau, East of Nassau, West of Nassau

food tour

Food lovers, this is your fix – a culinary tour in The Bahamas with just the right doses of entertainment. The tour will include stops at renowned bars and restaurants, as well as specialty food stores. You’ll get the best of history, culture, and Bahamian food as part of this exciting three-hour tour!

It’s better in The Bahamas

Generally, you’ll find loads of things to do in Nassau, and by extension The Bahamas, if you decide to plan a tropical escape there. The islands are versatile in their offerings, and you’re sure to find one of 700 that you’re bound to fall in love with.

See you soon!

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