Don’t Miss Out On The 44 Best Things To Do In Nassau, The Bahamas

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Hello, vacation!

If you’re reading this, you’re either thinking about escaping to a tropical Caribbean vacation, or you’re already on one.

Nassau, located on the island of New Providence in The Bahamas, is a perfect choice for your Caribbean getaway. The Bahamas itself features so many different islands that it’ll almost feel like traveling to several vacation destinations in one.

Nassau Bahamas Goombay festival junkanoo costume

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Nassau (the capital) has the most opportunities for fun in one place. From gorgeous beaches and national parks to historic museums and art galleries, you won’t soon run out of things to do in Nassau. Even better is the fact that you can easily take a boat from Nassau to most of the other islands of The Bahamas, which makes island-hopping in The Bahamas a real possibility. Nassau is also so near Paradise Island that you can get between these two islands via a bridge. For this reason, we’ve also included excursions that are located on and near Paradise Island in this post.

Without further ado, here are some of the major events in The Bahamas you might want to check out during your visit, and the 44 best things to do in Nassau!

Major events in The Bahamas

There are lots of things happening in The Bahamas throughout the year. Some of the major events include Junkanoo (New Year’s Day and Boxing Day), Bahamas Carnival (May), the Bacardi Billfish Tournament (March), the One Bahamas Music & Heritage Festival in Nassau and Paradise Island (November), Independence Week (July), and the Great Bahamas Seafood and Heritage Festival (October). The latter of these events features traditional Bahamian seafood and a full dose of the heritage of the islands. Across The Bahamas, all the islands have separate event schedules, but themed activities mean that a lot of the events happen simultaneously.

For more detailed information on events in The Bahamas, check out our best time to visit The Bahamas post.

Now for the top 44 things to do in Nassau, Bahamas!

44. Shop at the Straw Market

Location: Bay Street, Downtown Nassau

Cost: Free (entrance fee)

Straw Market Nassau Bahamas

Image credit: dnaveh/

In heart of Bay Street, you’ll find the much-talked-about Nassau Straw Market. This is a great place to pick up local handicrafts to take back home. The Straw Market has existed for decades, and, today, you’ll find a lot more than straw-inspired products. In addition to straw hats, baskets, and the like, you can find wooden sculptures, beaded jewelry, branded clothing, and other souvenirs.

43. See Fort Fincastle

Location: Downtown Nassau

Cost: $1-$3 USD (entrance fee)

Fort Fincastle Nassau Bahamas

Image credit: dnaveh/

At the top of the Queen’s Staircase in Nassau, you’ll find the old Fort Fincastle. This fort was built by Lord Dunmore in 1793. Visitors to Fort Fincastle can expect captivating views from Nassau’s highest point, Bennett’s Hill. Notably, the fort, much like the Queen’s Staircase, was built with limestone. The walls are 126 feet tall and there are a few replica canons on site.

42. Take some pictures at Parliament Square

Location: Downtown Nassau

Cost: Free

Parliament Square Nassau Bahamas

Image credit: Kushal Bose/

Much like Government House, the brightly colored buildings on Parliament Square are a popular attraction because of their stand-out appearance. The square features three pink and white buildings in Georgian colonial architectural style that were constructed in 1815. Today, the buildings primarily serve governmental functions: the House of Assembly, the Senate, the Office of the Leader of the Opposition, and The Bahamas Supreme Court. The historic Queen Victoria Statue is also located here.

41. Enjoy the view from Fort Charlotte

Location: Downtown Nassau

Cost: Adults $5, children $2 (under 12) and seniors $3 (in USD)

Fort Charlotte Aerial-Nassau-Bahamas-Aerial

Image credit: Kushal Bose/

Another historic attraction in Nassau is Fort Charlotte. This fort was built in 1788. On-site, there are 100 acres to explore, inclusive of dungeons, canons, tunnels, and more. The amazing views of Paradise Island from the fort are part of its appeal. While there, you can enjoy a bit of theatre too as actors dressed in 17th-century attire take guests back in time with first-hand portrayals of the fort’s history.

40. Have a day party at Junkanoo Beach

Location: Downtown Nassau

Cost: $15-$40 USD per person (depending on what you order/drink/eat)

Junkanoo Beach

Image credit: Joni Hanebutt/

You’re guaranteed a good time at Junkanoo Beach, which is popular with both visitors and locals. There’s always entertainment to be experienced on the beachfront and delicious food on offer nearby at a relatively low cost. There are restrooms, changing facilities, and pretty much everything you’ll need for an amazing beach day. The beach is also just a short walk from Arawak Cay (more on this later!).

39. Visit Fort Montagu and have a drink at the outdoor bar

Location: East of Nassau

Cost: $2 USD (not including drink cost)

Montagu Fort Nassau Bahamas

Image credit: Ramunas Bruzas/

There are a few forts to explore while in Nassau and Fort Montagu is the oldest fort still standing on the island. Like several other ancient buildings and structures in The Bahamas, this fort is made of limestone. It was built in 1741 and served an important function — helping the British keep Spanish invaders at bay. Tours of the fort are available from Monday to Sunday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

38. See the Pirates of Nassau Museum

Location: Downtown Nassau

Cost: $13.50 for adults, $6.75 for children 4-17 (in USD)

Pirates Nassau Museum Bahamas

Image credit: Darryl Brooks/

The Bahamas has a rich pirate history that dates back to 1690. This was known as the Golden Age of Piracy. At the Pirates of Nassau Museum, you can learn all about this intriguing time in history for The Bahamas. The museum is interactive, and exhibits include Women Pirates, Marooned, The Infamous Blackbeard, The Quay Side, Woodes Rogers, The Flag Room, and more. There’s a gift shop at the museum where you can pick up some pirate-themed souvenirs.

37. Visit the Historical Society Museum

Location: Downtown Nassau

Cost: Adults $1, children $0.50 (in USD)

Historical Society Museum Bahamas Nassau

Image credit: Wangkun Jia/

You’ll find a wealth of information on the history of The Bahamas at the Historical Society Museum. As part of this experience, guides share information about the impact of European colonization on The Bahamas, the pirate age, the Lucayans, useful medicinal herbs that can be found in The Bahamas, and more.

36. See the flamingos at Ardastra Gardens

Location: West of Nassau

Cost: Adults $20, children 4-12 years $12 (in USD)

Ardastra garden zoo flamingos Nassau Bahamas

Image credit: Alisa_Ch/

There are a number of places in The Bahamas where you can go to see wildlife, but there are not many where you can see more than 150 different species in the same place. The Ardastra Gardens & Zoo is the only zoo in The Bahamas and it is set in an area with over four acres of lush vegetation. You can find everything from Caribbean flamingos and parrots to lemurs and pigs here. At this location, you’ll learn about wildlife conservation and get to watch the famous marching flamingoes in the Flamingo Arena.

35. Get a meal and some drinks at Arawak Cay (Fish Fry)

Location: West Bay Street, Downtown Nassau

Cost: Meals start at around $15 USD per person

Arawak Cay Bahamas Nassau

Image credit: Dee Browning/

Fish Fry events are popular in the Caribbean and come with an opportunity to indulge in fresh off-the-grill catches seasoned with local flair. Add conch fritters and a cold Bahamian Kalik beer into the mix, accentuated by music and dancing, and you’ve got yourself quite the visitor-friendly event. Locals enjoy fish fry events at Arawak Cay too, and you can find great food and drinks there daily.

34. Have some rum cake at the Rum Cake Factory

Location: Downtown Nassau

Cost: Cakes start at around $7.50 USD

Rum Cake Factory Nassau Bahamas

Image credit: Lost Mountain Studio/

The Rum Cake Factory is the place to go to try the super delicious and also very ‘official’ rum cake of The Bahamas. George Bates, originally from the UK, started this company with a recipe that was loved so much that he decided to open up his own shop. Things have progressed tremendously since that time. Today, you can buy rum cakes in a variety of flavors including cinnamon, caramel, and chocolate. Amaretto cake and other options are also available.

33. Have a drink at Cabbage Beach

Location: Paradise Island

Cost: Free

Cabbage Beach Paradise Island Nassau Bahamas

Image credit: Fedor Selivanov/

You can find pretty much any waterside activity you can think of at Cabbage Beach, including waterskiing, parasailing, jet skiing, and opportunities for snorkeling. There are plenty of places near this beach to sit down for some ice-cold drinks too. As far as public beaches go in The Bahamas, you can’t go wrong with this location near the Nassau Harbour. There are lots of restaurants and shops near the beach as well.

32. Climb the Queen's Staircase

Location: Downtown Nassau

Cost: Free

Queens Staircase Nassau Bahamas

Image credit: photravel_ru/

Queen Victoria walked here, and that fact is more than enough reason for the hundreds of people who flock to this location in downtown Nassau to take pictures and to see the staircase in real life. The 66 steps of the Queen’s Staircase connect Fort Fincastle to downtown Nassau, and they’re made of solid limestone. The Queen’s Staircase is said to have been built by slaves between 1793 and 1794 and was named in honor of Queen Victoria of Britain.

31. Visit the Pompey Museum of Slavery & Emancipation

Location: Downtown Nassau

Cost: $1-$5 USD (entrance fee)

Pompey Square Bahamas

Image credit: Barbara Kalbfleisch/

Though small, you’ll find no short supply of historical facts at the Pompey Museum. Set within Pompey Square, this museum’s surroundings are always lively with various cultural events taking place regularly. Inside the museum, there is a wide range of ancient artifacts and various media exhibits. The staff here is well informed and will be able to answer any questions you have on the history of The Bahamas.

30. Visit the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas

Location: Downtown Nassau

Cost: Ranges from $5 to $10 USD

Sculpture National Art Gallery Bahamas Nassau

Image credit: Robert Szymanski/

In The Bahamas, there are just so many beautiful islands to be inspired by. Given that reality, it isn't at all surprising the amazing creations local artists are able to conceptualize. One of the best places to view their work is the National Art Gallery in Nassau. This popular gallery can be found in an 18th-century great house known as Villa Doyle.

29. Taste some rum at John Watling’s Distillery

Location: Downtown Nassau

Cost: Free

John Watlings Distillery Nassau Bahamas

Image credit: Lost Mountain Studio/

If sampling barrel-aged rum and touring an estate is your idea of a good time, you’ll be completely content with a tour of the John Watling's Distillery. This distillery is located near the Government House in Nassau on Buena Vista Estate. The property was constructed in 1789 and, today still maintains a timeless elegance that sets the right tone for a tasting tour. Tours are available daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

28. Make your own chocolate at Graycliff Restaurant

Location: Downtown Nassau

Cost: $100-$200 USD per person

Graycliff Hotel Nassau Bahamas

Image credit: photravel_ru/

Created by the Garzaroli family, Graycliff has become something of an entertainment complex, inclusive of a pizzeria and a wine cellar. The restaurant at this location is high-end and has a classy, old-school feel to it. You’ll appreciate this spot for a meal “tucked away from the glitter of Nassau.” Graycliff Restaurant also offers opportunities for both cigar making and chocolate making.

27. Have a lunch with a view at Pink Octopus Restaurant

Location: Palm Cay, Nassau

Cost: $150-200 USD

Pink Octopus Restaurant in Nassau is highly rated and has a vibrant atmosphere that'll be loved by anyone looking for a good time in Nassau. At this restaurant, you can enjoy casual dining and Caribbean cuisine. The food here has a Mediterranean twist to it, and you can enjoy your meal with expertly made cocktails, wines, spirits, or just some refreshing juice. The Pink Octopus works closely with local farmers to source local ingredients and supports Bahamian farms.

26. Enjoy the live music at Island House

Location: Nassau

Cost: Varies

Island House is a fun and casual location you can check out while in The Bahamas. This spot is a boutique hotel, and it is also a popular place to relax and socialize. There's a beach here, two restaurants, a café, a wine market, an art house cinema, a lap pool, a movement studio, squash courts, an art gallery, and a spa. This is one of those places you can spend the entire day and not run out of things to do.

25. Try your luck at Atlantis Casino

Location: Paradise Island

Cost: Varies

Atlantis Casino Bahamas Nassau

Image credit: Paulharding00/

You may have been to casinos before, but they probably weren't quite like the Atlantis Casino. Having a game at this snazzy spot is high up on the list of the best things to do in Nassau. Atlantis is a world-class casino with over 700 slot machines and 85 game tables. There’s a hot seat daily from 10:30 am-4:00 pm with a winner every 30 minutes.

24. Enjoy a beach day at Jaws Beach

Location: West of Nassau

Cost: Free

Jaws Beach Nassau Bahamas

Image credit: Paulharding00/

Jaws Beach is where the celebrities go, or at least it was when the movie by the same name was being filmed in The Bahamas. Still today, thousands of people flock to these shores to see the scene of one of the most terrifying movies ever made. Things are a lot more mellow on Jaws Beach in real life and the sunsets are amazing as well!

Good to know: Apart from Jaws, there are many other films that were shot in The Bahamas, including some of the James Bond films!

23. Have a lunchtime party at Señor Frogs

Location: Downtown Nassau

Cost: Varies

Bahamas Senor Frogs Nassau

Image credit: Darryl Brooks/

Señor Frogs is always a good time! This entertainment locale is near the cruise port and it is a cool place to have a drink and a delicious meal. “High energy and good vibes in a fun environment” are what you’ll find here, according to guests who’ve visited. The entrance to this upbeat spot is so colorful that you simply can’t miss it. Señor Frogs is just past the Straw Market.

Expert tip: Try Señor Frogs’ branded beer for $30 USD if you’re visiting in a group!

22. Take a picture at Versaille Gardens & Cloisters

Location: Paradise Island

Cost: Free

Versailles Garden Bahamas

Image credit: Erkki Hanna/

There’s no short supply of beauty in Nassau and one spot that’ll leave you mesmerized is the Versailles Gardens. You’ll find flora and fauna of all colors under the sun here and an opportunity to explore the ruins of a 13th-century monastery that was imported into Paradise Island directly from France. Walk with a camera and be prepared for a blissful experience!

21. Visit the Nassau Heritage Museum

Location: Downtown Nassau

Cost: Adults $18.50, children $12.25 (in USD)

Heritage Museum Bahamas Downtown Nassau

Image credit: photravel_ru/

The Nassau Heritage Museum opened its doors in July 2014. This museum celebrates the history of The Bahamas in a remarkable way. You’ll leave this location with a better understanding of The Bahamas after exploring exhibitions and viewing fossils, relics, and some of the other treasures housed here. The Heritage Museum is open from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.

20. Relax on Cable Beach

Location: West of Nassau

Cost: Free to access

Sandals Royal Bahamian Cable Beach Bahamas
Pictured: This pristine stretch of Cable Beach is just outside of one of Nassau's most popular all-inclusive resorts, Sandals Royal Bahamian.

A Caribbean vacation is incomplete without visiting at least one beach. Cable Beach is one of the best you'll find in Nassau! This beach has everything -- gorgeous white sand, crystal clear water, tons of water sports, and lots of shops, bars and restaurants nearby. While at Cable Beach, you’ll definitely want to try some water sports. Jet skiing is a great idea on this amazing beach, and you're bound to have the time of your life.

Want to find some more amazing beaches in Nassau? Beach hop at the 12 best beaches in Nassau, Bahamas!

19. Have a night out at the Bahamar Casino

Location: Cable Beach, Nassau

Cost: Varies

Bahamar Casino Bahamas Nassau

Image credit: Theodore P. Webb/

Even if you’re not an avid gambler, you’re bound to appreciate the fast-paced ambiance and the happy winning feeling that will surround you once you step into any one of the casinos in The Bahamas. Once inside, you might as well try your luck, especially if you’re at the Bahamar Casino, one of the Caribbean’s largest. At the Bahamar Casino, there are 119 table games, over 1000 slot machines, and various other things to do, all available 24/7.

18. Shop at Bahama Hand Prints

Location: East of Nassau

Cost: Varies

You’ll be miles ahead in tropical fashion after a trip to Bahama Hand Prints. Here you’ll find authentic and handmade interior design fabric, readymade napkins and placemats, clothes, accessories, and more. The items here are perfect souvenirs for any member of your family, and trendy enough to be used in real life! Ask about taking a personalized tour of the factory.

17. Have fun at Aquaventure Waterpark

Location: Nassau

Cost: Prices vary in the low and high seasons from $129 - $169 for adults, and $94 and $118 for children (in USD)

Aquaventure Water Park Nassau Bahamas

Image credit: xabi_kls/

The Aquaventure Waterpark is a 141-acre waterpark that features a range of waterslides, a mile-long river ride inclusive of rolling rapids and wave surges, a kids’ water-play fort, and 11 swimming pools. This waterpark has something to do for guests of all ages and it is also near the beach. While in Nassau, this is a cool place to spend the day with friends or family.

16. Go on a day trip to Blue Lagoon Island

Location: East of Nassau

Cost: Ranges from $45 USD (kids) to $69 USD (adults)

Blue Lagoon Nassau Bahamas

Image credit: Victor Maschek/

Heading to Blue Lagoon is another interesting trip you can embark on while in Nassau. This is a private island known for its eco-friendly appeal and gorgeous white sand beaches. It is not unusual to spot dolphins or even sea lions at this remote location, just about three miles from Nassau. While on Blue Lagoon Island, take advantage of the opportunity to swim with dolphins. You’ll get to chill with the friendly mammals for about 30 minutes as part of the tour.

15. Taste Nassau's craft beer at the Pirate Republic Brewery

Location: Downtown Nassau

Cost: $13.50 USD (adults), and $6.75 USD (children)

pirate republic nassau

The Bahamas was once known for having the greatest concentration of pirates of any Caribbean country. Knowing this, it isn’t strange at all how some of the local establishments play up that era of dominance of pirates by turning it into something marketable. This includes the Pirate Republic Brewery. This location offers some of the best craft beers in The Bahamas and it is the first craft brewery established in this territory as well. You can take a tour of the brewery while in Nassau.

14. Enjoy dinner at Café Matisse

Location: Nassau

Cost: About $100-$150 USD

Café Matisse is in the center of Nassau and is open for dinner from Tuesday to Saturday from 12 pm - 3 pm and 6 pm - 10 pm. There’s a range of appetizing dishes you can try here from soups and pasta to meat dishes, as well as fish and seafood. Pizza is also available. This is one of the more popular restaurants in Nassau and proof of vaccination is required if you want to dine indoors.

13. Snorkel at Clifton Heritage Park

Location: West of Nassau

Cost: $10 for adults, $3 for children 3-11 (in USD)

Clifton National Heritage Park

Image credit: photravel_ru/

You’ll find everything you’re looking for and more at the Clifton Heritage Park. Here, history and culture meet amazing views and stunning physical features. Once you arrive at this park, start by taking in the landscape, which includes wetlands, rocks, and white sand beaches, then progress to exploring the architecture of the Lucayan people who were the first inhabitants of The Bahamas.

12. Hike through the Primeval Forest National Park

Location: West of Nassau

Cost: $10 USD (entrance fee)

Primeval Forest National Park Nassau Bahamas

Image credit: Martin Pelanek/

Nature lovers will find their hearts at ease here – Primeval Forest National Park is away from the busy Nassau streets. If you let it, the lush, green Primeval Forrest will completely consume you in a world of serenity. You’ll find about 7.5 hectares of forest here, complete with tropical plants of all varieties, caverns, sinkholes, and other limestone formations. You can book a guided tour or walk around on your own as you explore the area that was officially named a national park in 2002.

11. Go on a buggy tour through Nassau

Location: West of Nassau

Cost: $129 USD per person

buggy tour bahamas

A Nassau buggy sightseeing tour is a great way to explore the city. The Island Routes version of this tour makes it possible to learn about the caves in The Bahamas, explore Clifton Heritage Park, and visit Johnstone Beach where you can take a refreshing dip, explore, and even race around in your buggy. This tour ends with a stop at Sapodilla Restaurant where you can indulge in some scrumptious Bahamian dishes.

10. Have a cocktail at Bon Vivants

Location: Nassau

Cost: $75-$100 USD

Bon Vivants is an artsy spot that happens to be the first cocktail bar in The Bahamas that is dedicated to the art and history of the craft cocktail. The term ‘bon vivant’ revolves around dedicating oneself to luxurious living. That is precisely what you’ll experience at this cocktail bar. The menu here is extensive and includes cocktails, mocktails, nibbles, and so much more.

9. Swim with dolphins

Location: Nassau

Cost: Around $128 USD per person

Swim Dolphins Island Route Bahamas Nassau

During your Bahamas vacation, it’ll be totally possible to swim with dolphins in Nassau. Island Routes offers a swimming with dolphins tour that includes a roundtrip ferry ride to and from Blue Lagoon Island. There, you’ll be able to interact with dolphins, enjoy the beach, and dive into a tasty buffet lunch. This tour is about 4 hours and 45 minutes long. Don't forget to get a photo with the adorable dolphins before you leave!

8. Explore the marine life and go on a scuba diving adventure

Location: West of Nassau

Cost: Depends on whether you have your own equipment or need to rent some out

Sandals Royal Bahamian Scuba Boat Bahamas

Overall, Nassau is great for scuba diving, whether you’re a pro or it’s your first time. There are lots of locations to choose from on the various islands, some even offering opportunities to swim with sharks in The Bahamas … if you’re brave (you may also need to be open water certified) that is! There are several companies offering open water scuba activities, while others offer SNUBA. You can also try wall diving, which can be done using underwater scooters.

Expert tip: If you aren’t already, you can get certified to scuba dive on vacation at Sandals, and dive for the rest of your vacation (up to 2 tanks per day) for free!

7. Have a good time at Love Beach

Location: West of Nassau

Cost: Free

Love Beach Nassau Bahamas

Who knew plane scoping could be romantic? It is in The Bahamas, particularly at the beach made for love. Love Beach is about 20 minutes from downtown Nassau, and it is away from the more crowded beaches in the city center. You can spend the day here taking in the natural ambiance, everything from natural jacuzzis to hammocks and cabanas. With a beer or cocktail in hand, you’ll have up-close views of some magnificent aircraft.

6. Charter a boat and go deep-sea fishing

Located: East of Nassau

Cost: Starts at about $600 USD (price varies depending on trip duration, size of the boat, etc.)

Deep Sea Fishing Bahamas

Deep-sea fishing is incredibly popular in The Bahamas. There are several annual competitions that make an event out of the sporting side of deep-sea fishing. While in Nassau, you can embark on a full or half-day fishing adventure where you can enjoy the popular pastime while taking in amazing coastline scenery. All you need to do is sign up for a deep-sea fishing tour, and once you’re ready, you’ll have an experienced crew on hand and bait and tackle ready to go!

5. Go on a thrilling shark dive

Location: Southwest of Nassau

Cost: $130-$440 USD per person

Caribbean Reef Shark underwater

Image credit: Tomas Kotouc/

There probably isn't a better way to have a memorable vacation in The Bahamas than to go shark diving. There are a few companies you can sign up to do this tour with while in the country. A variety of shark species can be spotted while diving in The Bahamas including hammerheads, tiger sharks, bull sharks, lemon sharks, Caribbean reef sharks, nurse sharks, and more. Nassau is an exciting place to go shark diving as is Grand Bahama.

Expert tip: Try two-tank professional shark diving in Nassau. This tour spans around 3 hours and includes the cost of a dive tank, weights, and shuttle for diving.

4. Go on a day trip to Rose Island

Cost: Ranges from $75 USD (kids) to $119 USD (adults)

Rose Island The Bahamas

Image credit: Brookgardener/

Experiencing the ‘Out Islands’ (islands other than New Providence) is a must while in The Bahamas. Nassau serves as the central point for the islands, which means you can take a boat or flight from there to get to most of the other islands in The Bahamas. Rose Island is a top choice for a day trip and can be accessed via speedboat. It is more or less a sandbar, but you’ll fall in love with its perfect tropical isolation. Some tours here include lunch, a welcome drink, and snorkeling. There’s also a beach bar here that can supply all your needs throughout the day.

3. Have fun at Baha Bay Waterpark

Location: Nassau

Cost: Adults $160 USD, children over 3 years old and under 48" tall $60 USD

With water slides, tipping buckets, and splash zones, the Baha Bay Waterpark offers a thrilling day of adventure for people of all ages. This water park includes body slides, rafting slides, and even free-fall slides. There’s a special area within this waterpark for smaller kids that includes pools that are a bit shallower. The Baha Bay Water Park is part of a resort and day passes can be purchased to enjoy this facility.

2. Nassau food tasting & cultural tour

Location: Downtown Nassau, east of Nassau, or west of Nassau

Cost: Between $69 USD and $79 USD

Conch Salad Beer Bahamas Nassau

Image credit: BlueOrange Studio/

Food lovers, this is your fix – a culinary tour in The Bahamas with just the right dose of entertainment! Try this tour with Tru Bahamian Food Tours, which includes stops at renowned bars and restaurants, as well as specialty food stores. You’ll get the best of history, culture, and Bahamian food as part of this exciting three-hour tour!

1. Hop on a powerboat and see the swimming pigs at Pig Beach

Location: East of Nassau

Cost: Around $219 USD per person

Pig Island Bahamas Overview

Image credit: BlueOrange Studio/

Whether you’ve been to The Bahamas or not, you’ve likely heard about the swimming pigs that have managed to charm many an audience, in and out of the region. You’ll need to take a boat from Nassau to the Exumas to meet them in person, which is quite the adventure in itself. Once you get there, you’ll find a family of pigs that swim out to meet you. Read more about the famous swimming pigs here!

It’s better in The Bahamas!

Sandals Royal Bahamian Aerial Reopening Logo
Pictured: Aerial view of Sandals Royal Bahamian.

Generally, you’ll find loads of interesting things to do in Nassau, and by extension The Bahamas. The islands and cays of this territory are vast in their offerings and you’re sure to find one of the 700 plus that you’ll absolutely love. While you’re deciding which activities you want to get up to in The Bahamas, take a look at the best romantic island getaways for couples living in the US!

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