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Real Wedding Stories

Just as every love story is uniquely its own, so is every destination wedding. From oceanside celebrations to golf course nuptials, these featured stories are sure to spark ideas for your Caribbean destination wedding.


Kayla & Brandon

Love, Beauty, and Romance

This intimate wedding at Sandals Dunn’s River exemplifies how one of Jamaica’s newest resorts makes good on the promise of “a celebration in paradise.”


Courtney & Matthew

beyond the blue

Full of breathtaking scenery and laid-back vibes, this big day held a special surprise at the end of an emerald aisle. A wedding story that captures the bond between a father and daughter in unexpected ways.


Shantoura & Nathan

love is patient

The notion that love can find us in the most unexpected of places is certainly true for Shantoura and Nathan. This decade-long friendship led to a day of love, romance, and the breathtaking beauty of Curaçao.


ale & clay

bound to paradise

Many couples decided to find love despite what was happening outside the walls of quarantine — Ale and Clay were no different. These seaside nuptials pair the elegant simplicity of the tropics with the vibrant flair of The Bahamas.